Eau Claire:Explore Gorgeous Bike Trails Along the Chippewa Falls River and Discover Wisconsin’s Hidden Gems

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Eau Claire:Explore Gorgeous Bike Trails Along the Chippewa Falls River and Discover Wisconsin’s Hidden Gems

Eau Claire is part of Wisconsin, a state within the United States of America. This is the city where farm folks have grown up to be entrepreneurs and artists wiping off the notion that farm people cannot adapt to the big city way of life. Eau Claire also claims to be “the Indie Capital of the Midwest”. Eau Claire offers some amazing sightseeing opportunities in a place where originality is celebrated. These are some of the places worth having a look at:

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Eau Claire:Explore Gorgeous Bike Trails Along the Chippewa Falls River and Discover Wisconsin’s Hidden Gems

1. Carson Park

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Carson Park is a beautiful park worth visiting while in Eau Claire. This is an ideal sightseeing attraction as it offers an array of activities one can take part in. Apart from the usual hiking and picnicking, there is a new passage to the park for boats and one can take part in fishing activities. The park grounds are also famous for entertaining festival type activities with August being the highlighted month with a food and craft festival. If you are lucky, you will catch the carvers contest where different artists carve unique items out of tree trunk.

2. Eau Claire Children's Theatre

Eau Claire Children's Theatre is a beautiful place for children in Eau Claire below 10years to enjoy. The museum has some fascinating architecture such as a large structure of the digestive system where kids get to go around. The basement has a waterworks section that captivates both young and old. This children’s theatre hosts various events and festivals and kids are able to express themselves through the various plays and contests. Another bonus for the place is the presence of an eatery on the top floor.

3. Northwest Park Bike Trails

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Northwest Park Bike Trails is a hidden gem in Eau Claire, only known by the really curious lot. There are various trails offering different challenges, a steep hill with roots, rocks, and logs to jump over. Hikers and bikers get to enjoy these trails all year round. Tourists that come for sightseeing enjoy the park especially during winter and fall when the trees are turning colors all around. For those thrillseekers, this bike hike is everything they will need to get that adrenaline rush. For the ones looking for a quiet escape, dog walking can be an option.

4. Downtown Farmers Market

The Farmers Market is the heart of downtown Eau Claire. From this market, shoppers can find a variety of flowers and fresh farm vegetables and food. There are so many treasures one can take home. Aside from the fresh floral collection and delicious food, one can just stroll by and enjoy the views and learn more from the friendly vendors. If you get to the market early, you will be right on time to grab a to-go coffee and some sweet roll muffin. The venue also has some live music that shoppers can enjoy as they shop making it a lively experience.

5. Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum

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Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum is famous in Eau Claire as the center of the logging world. The museum introduces the visitor to the founding fathers of lumbering in the city such as Paul Bunyan and visitors can get up close to his room and see some of his personal items. Eau Claire is believed to have many sawmills since the mid-1800s hence the popularity in lumbering. The museum also displays logging tools and equipment used together with some of the work of logging trees. If interested to learn about the days of logging and how it sustained the lumberjacks for a living, this is the best place.

6. Chippewa Valley Museum

Chippewa Valley Museum is a beautiful captivating museum within Eau Claire. The museum is diverse offering beautifully preserved historic structures, displays of farm life and farming and a one-room schoolhouse. There is also an authentic log cabin over 150 years old with old furniture worth having a look at. There are some award-winning exhibits that can be found in the museum. There is also a 1500’s ice cream parlor that should be visited for ice cream when sightseeing the museum. A museum store is also on site to scoop some souvenirs.

7. Chaos Water Park

Chaos Water Park is a wild water theme park situated in Eau Claire. The water park is consists of some big slides together with some mini slides. The plus side of the park is that it fits both old and young. There is a place where one can shoot baskets in the pool and a hot tub area where one can just sit and enjoy the water. Other fun activities include going down the tube slide and land into the lazy river. Food is also available at a good price in-case visitors get hungry from all the activities.

8. Infinity Beverages Winery & Distillery

Infinity Beverages Winery & Distillery is a boozy stop over while at Eau Claire. With just $7 one can get to sample over 12 varieties of wine made from various ingredients. One of the most common samples is the mystique wine which is made from mulberries. The wine is light and sweet to taste. The tasting room in the winery is warm and inviting. Aside from wine tasting, there is a bar for purchasing drinks which makes the place ideal for getting some spirits. There are also various musical and special events held live at the winery keeping their customers entertained.

9. State Theater, The Eau Claire Regional Arts Center

State Theater, which is also known as The Eau Claire Regional Arts Center was once popular a Movie theatre in the 50’s.Still maintaining its initial charm, the theatre has been renovated into an entertainment theatre where plays, live music performances, and musicals take place. Art shows are also common at the venue as the theatre accomodates different kinds of art. Most tourists prefer sightseeing during the Christmas season because the place is usually beautifully decorated with a lot of festivities going on. Top-notch performers also come to showcase some of their amazing work.

10. Tower Ridge Recreational Area

Tower Ridge Recreation Area is the peaceful bargain for Eau Claire. The area is an ideal relaxing space that is well groomed with a nice warming house. There is a 36 hole disc golf course if one cared for a swing though very challenging with lots of trees and hills. There are trails suitable for horseback riding but only on specific seasons. The recreational area is more famous for Nordic skiing activities because of the well-groomed trails. The trails are also very convenient as they are well marked.

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It is evident that Eau Claire is not just a lumber city but an uprising city offering great sightseeing opportunities to the curious traveler. From the friendly people to the beautiful landscapes, there is enough to keep your to-do list full if you choose to visit Eau Claire.