Columbus (Ohio):A Tourist Attraction Site with World Most Substantial Inventions

Columbus (Ohio):A Tourist Attraction Site with World Most Substantial Inventions

Columbus city is the state capital and the most famous city in Ohio. It is ranked as the third favorite city in the United States due to its large population. Its named after its founder Christopher Columbus who was a remarkable explorer. It is proud as a home for the world’s most abundant inventions and productions such as jets and America Electric power. As a tourist destination, Columbus has gained popularity as a perfect destination for an internationally recognized zoo, top-ranked museum, galleries, best parks and famous football schools in North America. In Columbus, tourists have an array of things to pick when they are on sightseeing visit.

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Columbus (Ohio):A Tourist Attraction Site with World Most Substantial Inventions

1. Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

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Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Columbus city occupies 88 acres of well-landscaped grounds with colorful and perfectly maintained botanical flowers gardens. It is filled with gardens containing more than 400 species of exotic plants that are eye-catching and magnificent artwork sculptures. Take a stroll through a well-designed pathway to the fish pond and the amazing butterfly corner to thoroughly enjoy your sightseeing visit. With every season comes a new and unique plants attraction, example, during the winter, see thousands of aggressive pretty flower hued bulbs and during the winter experience an evergreen plant display. It is open throughout the year with different activities taking places such as gardening, fine arts, and yoga wellness.

2. Columbus Museum of Art

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An outstanding place situated in the downtown of Columbus city to connect and get great experience in art through paying a visit to the collection of arts to participate in art-making activities. The Columbus Museum of art has astonishing late nineteenth and early twentieth-century modern art works for America and European. Also, get to see the contemporary folk art, glass, and photography from the local artists such as Aminah Brenda, Lynn Robison, and Elijah Pierce. It has a specific room for kids (Wonder room) to enjoy, have fun and engage in hands-on activities to let kids learn artwork. You can go for sightseeing in this museum during open days on Tuesday to Sunday 10 to 5 pm.

3. Ohio Stadium

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The Ohio stadium also famously known as the “Horseshoe” is one of the famous facility in the history of the sport with a capacity of 104,944 seats. It has a superb double-decker horseshoe architectural design. You can enjoy the pleasing atmosphere and pageantry that surrounds all the games such as major football events. The admirable Ohio stadium is a place to go for sightseeing to experience a world-class entertainment such as football, hockey, Buckeye football, concerts and live performance from popular and talented personnel such Pink Floyd and the rolling stones. The stadium has a state-of-art graphic and statistical information making it more informing and interactive with spectators during games.

4. Ohio Expo Center and State Fair

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The Ohio Expo center occupies 100 acres of land making it a large venue in the Midwest. It has exceptional and unique historical houses, pavilions, modern livestock facilities and multi-purpose buildings that are excellent tourist attraction sites. Has a 10,000 seats space for tourist to relax as they watch events such as basketball, Columbus collection of the car show, Equine Affaire, and all-American Horse Congress. See exciting series of activities when you visit during sightseeing this place such as sporting competition, fin art shows, free entertainment performance, free pets’ zoo and helicopter rides. Also, enjoy horse rides shows and agricultural races accompanied with farm demonstrations.

5. Schiller Park

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The Schiller Park with 23.5 acres coverage was established in 1857 and the oldest park in the Columbus city. It has an attractive sculpture of Schiller who was famous German poet, and it decorates the middle of the park. It offers a serene environment with spectacular landscaped gardens for recreation, picnic areas, softball diamonds, fish pond and a stage for actors’ theatre performance. The walking trails are clean and welcoming to take a look at mesmerizing flower displays and get access to the well-maintained playground and pond. Watch basketball players in action at the basketball court at the end of the gardens.

6. Ohio Theater

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Ohio theatre popularly known as “palace for the average man” in Columbus city and was opened in 1928. It was designed by the Scottish-born architect with a capacity of 2779-seat making it the “official Theatre for the state of Ohio.” It hosts significant events such as a live performance from famous artists such as Milton Berle, Ray Bolger, and Cab Calloway. Equipped with beautiful art and finishing from Africa makes it a small space to connect with others during sightseeing visit. Ohio theatre is also famously known in Columbus as a home to extraordinary Symphony Orchestra, BalletMet, and the Broadway series. It is also placed to experience almost all music from the world singers starting from dance, comedy and children's’ entertainment.

7. Center of Science and Industry (COSI)

Center of Science and Industry (COSI) is a research center, and a science museum opened in 1964. It is popular tourist attraction site due to its more than 300 engaging exhibits throughout the exhibitions areas. COSI offers seven separate areas of exhibit collections – Ocean, Energy, Space, Progress, Gadgets, Life and Adventure. Some of the best areas are the ocean showing the shipwreck and submarines, and all that appertains the research into the sea. Also, the Gadgets section display all the hands-on skill equipment’s such as pulleys, tunnels, and light bulbs. Lastly, the Life area shows the optical and physical illusions and posable zoetrope. The museum is open all days apart from Monday and Tuesday when remains closed.

8. Scioto Mile

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A stunning place situated in the downtown Columbus featured a magnificent 15,00 feet square-foot engaging water fountain. It is rated as an urban oasis that occupies more than 175 acres of parkland. The pavement extends from the riverfront arena to the gorgeous Whittier Peninsula; it brings a fantastic connection from downtown to the Scioto River by making use of integrated systems of parks, boulevards, biking areas and well-designed pedestrians pathways. Enjoy the largest free outdoor climbing wall, watching birds of prey and the beauty of 120-acre Audubon. Also, participate in sporting activities such as ice skating, fishing, and boat riding in the River Scioto.

9. Whetstone Park / Park of Roses

A beautiful place established in 1953 and distinguished place to celebrate the Rose festival that is respected in the Ohio traditions. It has acquired many honors including being rated as the top 10 places to place to pick the best rose flower. It features separate and unique well-landscaped gardens filled with more than 350 different types of roses. It is made up of different gardens – the heritage garden showcasing the ancient roses, the earth-kind rose garden, the Herb Garden showing the roses which are used for medicinal purposes and Perennial garden displaying the seasonal roses that easily fall. You can come for picnicking, walking on the trails, flower picking, and butterfly watching. To get the best view visit during the full bloom in mid-June to mid-September. It welcomes all visitors daily from morning to evening, and it is free.

10. Sharon Woods Metro Park

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Sharon Woods Metro Park occupies a 27.5 acre of land all dedicated towards the conservation of natural parks. It contains 19 astonishing parks where one can discover and experience nature. Up to date, 11 million people have enjoyed the outdoor activities in this park. It features 7,000 acres of forest where one can go for hiking and wildlife watching. Walk through the green trails that are safe as you enjoy attractive scenic views of the lake region and forest ecosystem. There is watchtower within this park to see the steady water flow and some animals such as elephants and lion. The ridge within the parks in the base of the Appalachian Mountains offers great views of the lake and camping site for mountain climbers. Only children and adults above 65 years are allowed do fishing and swimming is prohibited.

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Columbus city in Ohio is a “wonder of the world” composed of great attraction sites of a kind such scientific museum, parks, stadium, and theatres. It offers the best places for sightseeing tour for all ages with most its sites ranked among the top ten in the world. If you are planning a holiday or trip, consider visiting this place.