Brazil:9 Reasons You Should Visit this Incredible South American Nation

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Brazil:9 Reasons You Should Visit this Incredible South American Nation

There's no culture on earth quite like Brazil, as you'll quickly discover once you pay a visit to the powerhouse of South America. Revered across the world for its bright and vibrant Carnival, Brazil also hosts a number of incredible landscapes and scenery from its golden beaches to the dense, wild rain forests of the Amazon. Here are some places well worth checking out on a visit to this fascinating country.

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Brazil:9 Reasons You Should Visit this Incredible South American Nation

1. Iguazu Falls (State of Parana)

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One of the most incredible waterfalls in the world, the Iguazu Falls really are a stunning sight to behold. Crossing the border of both Brazil and Argentina, they make up the largest waterfall system in the world and are equally as picturesque to see from both countries. To seen them in their most impressive state, time your visit during the rainy season from December to March, although the weather can be unpredictable the water volume of the falls is at its highest during this period.

2. Corcovado Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro)

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Seen as one of the new seven wonders of the world, this huge statue of Jesus Christ rises 38 meters over the peak of Mount Corcovado, offering awe-inspiring views over Rio de Janeiro and the Brazilian coast. The statue has become a landmark and symbol for the city and the scenery from its mountain is often rated as one of the best city views in the world.

3. Baia do Sancho (State of Pernambuco)

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When it comes to beaches, Brazil has some of the most impressive in the world. The Baia do Sancho is an expansive white sandy beach that stretches across the coast of Fernando de Noronha, a beautiful island in the South Atlantic. One of the most popular spots for diving in the region, its marine life includes the eye-catching hawksbill turtles, dolphins, parrotfish, reef sharks, and whales.

4. Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro)

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The Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro is considered one of the most significant theatres and an important historical landmark in the city of Rio. This exquisite theater has its walls inscribed with the names of the most influential artists of Brazil. The interior is equally admirable with its stunning Assyrian decor, sculptures, paintings, and a majestic drop curtain.

5. Dunas de Genipabu (State of Rio Grande do Norte)

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Another of Brazil's stunning, exotic beaches, the Dunas de Genipabu is unique for its vast sandy dunes that extend on from the beach. The dunes are used for a variety of activities such as riding a camel or driving a buggie, along with sandboarding which is popular among the locals of the area.

6. Salvador

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One of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas, Salvador was first founded by the Portuguese in 1549 and used as the first capital of Brazil. The old parts to the town contain a number of historical monuments and some beautiful examples of Portuguese colonial architecture. Apart from the historic significance to the city, Salvador has a number of picturesque golden beaches perfect for soaking in the sun and water sports.

7. The Botanical Garden of São Paulo

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Some of the most impressive gardens in the country, this vast expanse of greenery allows visitors to see jungle wildlife and flora in the midst of the city. The gardens stretch over 150 hectares and feature a huge number of unique and endangered tropical plants along its numerous walking trails.

8. Inhotim (Minas Gerais)

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One of the largest sightseeing outdoor art centers in Brazil and has the highest collection of the region, Inhotim boasts of two dozen state of the art pavilions with hundreds of pieces of artwork from Brazil and a three-thousand-acre eucalyptus forest with thousands of unique and rare plant species that are threatened with extinction.

9. Pantanal

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While most flock to places in the Amazon for an adventure into nature's palms, Pantanal is Brazil's well kept secret. A vast space of various different landscapes and environments in the Mato Grosso do Sul region, including the world's largest tropical wetland. The area is home to an incredible array of wildlife, often much easier to spot in the sprawling plains and marshland that covers most of Pantanal. Head here in the dry season which usually lasts from July to October for the best time to travel around the region.


Renowned around the world for the dense Amazon forests, tropical beaches, lively culture and stunning natural wonders of the world. If you have been itching to tour Brazil, there are an incredible amount of reasons to pack up and head to this heavenly country.