Springfield : 10 Things to Do in the Birthplace of Route 66

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Springfield is a city found at the Western side of Missouri. It is where Abraham Lincoln thrived in law and who the locals are obsessed about. Springfield offers its guest a city life adventure but still maintain the country home feel. There are plenty of sites that one can go sightseeing in Springfield. Some of the key places are highlighted below.

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Springfield : 10 Things to Do in the Birthplace of Route 66:table of contents

1. Fantastic Caverns

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Fantastic Caverns are among the unique four of its kind found across the world. These caverns are a natural beauty forming some of the earth’s rarest treasures. Visitors get to see giant columns that spread across the floor all the way to the ceiling. There are also soda straws that are glistered with minerals. The cave pearls are hidden under some crystal clear water creating a great natural outlook. A sightseeing adventure to these caverns will take you back to what was back in 1862. There are also great gift shops in the area that offer souvenirs at great prices.

2. Johnny Morris' Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium

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Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium is the largest in the world covering over 350,000 square feet of space. There is no other immersive wildlife attraction site such as this one. Over 35,000 live fish can be found at the aquarium that is surrounded by 1.5 gallons of water. The museum side is stacked with many stuffed animal trophies among other conservation collectibles which are part of the contributions by the sportsmen and sportswomen. The aquarium side provides natural habitats for the crabs, jellyfish, sharks among other forms of sea creatures.

3. Hammons Field

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Hammons Field is a beautiful ballpark in Springfield that hosts some of the greatest baseball matches that take place in the city. The park has been well laid out providing easy parking and access to all its guests. The atmosphere is always family friendly with the spectators having high spirits supporting their favorite teams. There are amazing snack treat you should sample such as the nachos served on a baseball hat. There are brawl nights that take place where entry is charged at $1 which is worth a try.

4. Dickerson Park Zoo

Dickerson Park Zoo is a great place to connect with some animals. The zoo hosts a variety of animal species from all the different continents. There are many fun sightseeing excursions to part take while at the zoo. An interesting run is the Titus Express miniature train which you can get to ride. Tourists can also get up close to some reptiles at the Amber diversity of life center. Another interesting you can do to pass time is feeding the giraffes at the observatory deck but at a small fee. The good thing to love about the zoo is the boardwalk that winds showing a clear path of the place.

5. Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park

Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park is a 112 acre botanical garden in Springfield that holds a variety of plant species as well as a beautiful Japanese stroll garden as well as a native butterfly house. There are other segments that are worth a look such as the Gray Campbell farmstead, South creek greenway and also picnic pavilions. The Botanical Center is open at specific timings depending on the day while the park is open from sunrise to sunset. The will enjoy access to amazing walking and bike trails as the little ones enjoy the playgrounds set aside for them. Also, get educated on some little Springfield history as you explore the nature building.

6. Springfield Conservation Nature Center

Springfield Conservation Nature Center is a butterfly house that is part of the Nathanael Greene memorial park. The butterfly house is home to a number of insects including butterflies, moths, and skippers. Guides who take you through the place are very informative and ready to answer any arising questions of the place. The center has been revamped a couple of times making it a conducive space for the insects to coexist in great environments. There is a simulation room that simulates a Center walk through the woods which is cool.

7. Pythian Castle

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Pythian castle is a premier events venue in Springfield that is a must visit for every visitor. There are history tours offered, murder mysteries to be uncovered, ghost tours among other holiday events taking place. Entry tickets are purchased through the website where you may find some discounts and it is needed upon entry. The paranormal activities that take place sharing the history of the place and the military that occupied the building. The architecture is also very interesting. For ghost tours, Tuesdays and Weekends are the primary days.

8. Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden

Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden is a beautiful garden hosting a great collection of flowers, koi, the tea house as well as green areas. The best time to visit is in April during the cherry blossom when the place is covered in colorful flora. Entrance to this attraction is priced at $3 per adult. There is the Japanese fall festival that takes place in September. The whole tour of the place can take an average of 30 minutes. The peace and quiet is a nice break from the bustle of the city.

9. The World's Largest Fork

The World's Largest Fork is a monument that you cannot miss while in Springfield. The fork is a landmark used as a photo backdrop by many tourists visiting the city. It is a huge stainless steel that is about 35 feet tall making it the largest in the world. It has been polished and well maintained to serve as an attraction. The location at which it is situated is ideal as it is right outside the food channel station. Since the attraction is free, it is a great pastime while strolling the streets of Springfield.

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Despite being a small country like city, Springfield has more adventures to offer tourist rather than Abraham Lincoln-themed attractions. There are plenty of natural spaces as well as museums and other exhibitions that thrive within Springfield. Anyone looking for a great vacation while in Missouri, Springfield should be the perfect destination.