7 Incredible and Highly Underrated Sights in Russia

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7 Incredible and Highly Underrated Sights in Russia

As the largest country in the world by far, it's no surprise that Russia is also home to some of the most incredible picture-perfect sights to see around the globe. However many of these places are rarely traveled to, with most visitors flocking to the major tourist spots like Moscow's Red Square and Saint Petersburg and missing out on some of the country's beautiful sights. These incredible feat of nature and architecture are well worth the extra effort to get to, we guarantee you'll have seen nothing like them.

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7 Incredible and Highly Underrated Sights in Russia

The Solovetsky Islands

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Also known as the Solovki Islands, these small islets in Russia's White Sea are known as the home of the impressive Solovetsky Monastery, a huge sprawling fortified Christian citadel on the largest of the islands. Adding to the monastery's beautiful appearance is its waterside location which is particularly picturesque during sunset.

Kamchatka Peninsula

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It’s no secret that Japan’s Mt Fuji is one of the world’s most beautiful peaks, however Kamchatka has not one but two stunning conical volcanoes. In fact the whole island is covered in conical peaks reminiscent of Japan’s revered mountain. This stark, vastly inhabited region of the Russian Far East is also known as the 'Land of Ice and Fire' due to its landscape of highly active volcanoes and blisteringly cold winters.

The tallest of two is a huge 4800 meters tall, 1000 meters higher than Fuji. While this area is not the easiest to get to, if you're looking to see some of the most incredible scenery on earth, you'll find it here.

Lena Pillars

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One of the most incredible rock formations in the world, the Lena Pillars tower over the Lena River in the far east of Siberia. With many of the natural stone structures rising up to a height of 300 meters, the scenery is impressive, especially when looking up towards them from a river cruise, allowing you to see the dramatic height in all its glory.


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Russia's mysterious 'City of the Dead' is an ancient necropolis set in a dramatic valley in North Ossetia-Alania built by the Alanian people. You'll find around a hundred of these unique stone crypts dotting the landscape here. During a period when a plague struck the region, it's said that those who were ill without any family members to bury them would just stay in the crypts until their death.

Yankicha Island

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In the Russian Far East territory of the Kuril Islands, Yankicha Island is a beautiful island formed by an incredible volcanic crater. With a number of unique and impressive islands along the chain of islands here, Yankicha stands out as one of the most stunning.


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Russia is known for its incredibly unique churches and holy buildings, but none quite as fascinating as the Church of the Transfiguration on Kizhi Island. While it's stunning enough in appearance alone, what's even more incredible is that the structure is built without using any nails. Instead it's built with wooden logs that interlock and fit in place.

Lake Baikal

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In the midst of Russia's Siberia region lies Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world and one of the largest. While the surrounding scenery of the lake is picturesque throughout most of the year, it's particularly popular to visit during winter when the lake freezes over. The lake's ice is unique being see through, allowing you to glimpse down into the depths below. Apart from coming down to ice-skate on the lake, in the colder months the lake turns into a road as cars and vans traverse across it's icy surface.

While its location in the sparse region of Siberia might seem off-putting, the lake is relatively easy to get to, with the main city of Irkutsk having an international airport and being a major stop along the famed 'Trans-Siberian Railway'.


Even with transportation to the remote corners of the world much easier and cheaper than ever before, Russia's breathtaking outdoor sights and landscapes are still highly underrated and undiscovered by most travelers.