Togo:A Country with Amazing Landscapes

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Togo:A Country with Amazing Landscapes

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Togo:A Country with Amazing Landscapes

Although insignificant in size, Togo is one of the finest silver in the West of Africa. It expands from the Atlantic Ocean to the great depths of Burkina Faso. Renowned to a culturally-rich place, Togo has many unexplored sightseeing places that make this place all the more fantastic. It can be described as a landscape full of mountains, swamps, roaring rivers & exotic countryside. When on a trip to Togo, one must visit.

1. Kpalime (Plateaux Region)

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Kpalime is a small town below the Plateaux Region. Here one can explore the German styled colonial relics covered with thick palm trees and mud-dressed paths. There are two famous waterfalls in Kpalime- Tomegbe and Kpoeta, considered as a prime sightseeing spot. If you are an adventure enthusiast, a hike to Mount Agou will be a lifetime experience. Shopping in Kpalime, Togo is equally amazing. One can buy Voodoo Wood Carvings, religious objects, ceramic creations, cocoa, tropical fruits and more. Here you can find one of the best coffee beans in the entire globe.

2. Tamberma Valley (Koutammakou)

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This valley is home to the Koutammakou UNESCO World Heritage site where Batamamariba people reside. What makes this place a world heritage site is the houses made of mud, covered with thatched straw roofs. These houses are usually two stories and round in shape which appears very attractive. People here practice traditional farming techniques for their living. A visit to Tamberma Valley offers you a chance to peek into the rural life Togo.

3. Lake Togo (Togoville / Sevagan etc.)

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The epicenter of Voodoo culture, the Lake Togo is a sightseeing place of religious importance. However, with time, the place has earned some economic importance and today there is a line of resorts along the banks of the Lake Togo. If you wish to explore the Voodoo culture or spend some time in the tranquil environ of the lake, you can find accommodation in one of these resorts. A visit to the nearby area gives you a fair idea about the importance of Voodoo culture for the local. You can also enjoy boating at the Voodoo Lake in Togo.

4. Lome (Togo)

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Lome is the capital of Togo and the gateway to the country. This is the only place that offers you some urban experience. Here you may explore the nightlife and indulge in some of the best native dishes. Being close to some spectacular beaches, Lome is a wonderful place to spend a night or two in Togo. Another sightseeing spot of great importance are the two museums in Lome, the National Museum of Togo and the International Museum of the Gulf of Guinea.

5. National Museum of Togo (Lome)

The National Museum of Togo is the most frequently visited sightseeing spot in Togo. In museum one can admire several objects of great artistic importance. The museum showcases a wide variety of artifacts ranging from recent to ancient cultural times. The artifacts include many musical instruments of historical significance and some textile object of great finesse.

6. Palace of the Governors (Togo)

The Palace of the Governors is considered as a prime national landmark by the locales. Built during the 19th century, the palace is a sightseeing spot of historic significance in Togo. The Directorate of Museums, Historical Sites and Monuments forwarded the name of this monument to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization for nomination as a World Heritage Site; however, the approval for the same is still pending.

7. Aneho (south of Togo)

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If you want to capture the true glimpses of the cultural richness of Togo, you must not skip visiting Aneho. Agglomeration Aného-Glidji is one of the most ancient cities of Togo established during the 16th century. The city was once the epicenter of the slave trade in the years 1886 to 1897 and 1914 to 1919. The main population here is Guin people who came here Glidji a part of the Foli Bebe Kingdom.

8. Agbodrafo (Togo)

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Experience a luxurious and exotic stay at a resort & have the best time sunbathing at a beach of Agbodrafo. This is again a great place for adventure seekers as the town is famous for many water sports activities. The tall palm trees, sparkling water, white sand and a bright sun above makes this place a dreamer’s paradise in Togo.

9. Nok and Mamproug Cave Dwellings (Tandjouaré Prefecture)

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You must not miss visiting the Nok and Mamproug Cave Dwellings in Togo. Located at the Tandjouaré Prefecture of the Savanes Region in the North of Togo, these caves are an intriguing sightseeing option. These caves were in use during the 17th to 19th century and can be observed as defensive shelters. There are a total of 300 structures within the caves- 70 in Bopak, 113 in Mamproug & 134 in Nok. Representing the creative sense of the architecture of the local people, these structures are very well preserved for the tourists to explore.

10. Fazao Malfakassa National Park (Togo)

Located in the heart of the city, the Fazao Malfakassa National Park is the largest national park in Togo. Spread in 2000 square meters the park is renowned for its thick forest area and riparian woodlands. The park was established in late 1970 with the sheer motive to protect the ultra-rare forest elephant. Sadly, due to illegal poaching, not many elephants left in the park. However, you can admire bushbucks, antelopes, bay duiker and kobs during a visit to this sightseeing spot.

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These are some of the famous sightseeing places in Togo that make is a complete vacation destination. For the best experience, you must visit this country during the months of November to February and make everlasting memories with family and friends.