Traverse City:The City of Cherries and Fun

Traverse City:The City of Cherries and Fun

The city of Traverse is another extraordinary fun place to be on any tourist's or traveler's bucket list. Traverse City offers beautiful sights and nature as it lies on the Grand Traverse Bay in the state of Michigan. The city's main attraction is the annual Cherry Festival which attracts many tourists from around everywhere. Traverse City excels in the travel industry offering many places to visit. The city's best seasons are the winter and summer seasons, however spring and fall can be fun as well. But what can you see in the city when it is not cherry season? Here are some of the best places in Traverse city to begin with.

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Traverse City:The City of Cherries and Fun

1. Grand Traverse Bay

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The thirty miles long and ten miles wide Grand Traverse Bay forms a part of the great lake of Lake Michigan. The water can be as deep as six hundred and twenty feet at some places. The bay was formed by the Leelanau Peninsula and now is a great attraction place for anyone especially in summer. Visitors can take a walk in the beautiful nature of Michigan and can have a relaxing picnic by the water. Water sports are encouraged such as sailing in case of a good wind or even fishing is possible, especially who would like to catch some smallmouth bass.

2. Traverse City State Park

The city's famous and attractive state park receives thousands of visitors from all over the place. The Traverse City State Park on it's official name is called the Keith J. Charters Traverse City State Park which lays on a forty seven acre land on the southern shore of the East Grand Traverse Bay. The park excels as a camping ground and a free time activity place. Visitors can access the beach of the park with endless water body and can enjoy the on site playground, grills and picnic tables. The Traverse City State Park is a great experience for those who like to spend their time freely in nature.

3. Dennos Museum Center

Dennos Museum Center originally opened in 1991 has three changing exhibits and galleries featuring a sculpture court and an Interactive Discovery Gallery for all interested ages. The museum has a special gallery as well, called the Inuit Gallery. The museum has a broad collection of over two thousand collections of works, many of them are Inuit sculptures or prints. These exhibits all showcase the museum's diversity and excellence in historical exhibitions. Besides these exhibitions the museum also showcases other artistic projects like paintings of all kind. The concert hall often hosts concerts and events where people can go and join in to activities and listen to music.

4. City Opera House

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Interested in watching entertaining shows or listen to quality music during your trip in Traverse city? The seven hundred seat opera house can give the finest experience for a lifetime. The Traverse City Opera House is influenced by the Victorian style which can be noticed through it's architecture and other features. Visitors can expect to watch funny or serious but entertaining plays or even comedy shows. The Opera House of course excels in concerts with great acoustics and other musical productions.

5. TART Trail

Traverse City is excellent in providing especially outdoor opportunities for visitors and locals as well. Officially called as the Traverse Area Recreational Trail visitors can enjoy being outside and inhaling the fresh Michigan air. The rail trail forms a part of the bicycle route number thirty five which can be accessed by bike taking the TART Trail first. The trail is a non-motorized recreational trail with a length of more than ten miles. People can enjoy a nice biking adventure on the trail which intersects other similar trails giving endless opportunities for bikers to explore.

6. Clinch Park

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Clinch Park is the city's most popular park. This particular park is a major hangout place because of it's special features where everyone can be free and secluded on the huge territory. The park is home to the beach with around one thousand and five hundred feet of sand. Visitors can enjoy the access to TART trail and other biking routes within the park. Picnic tales are provided along with snack bars and restrooms. The park is located downtown Traverse City which gives a great chance to tour and look around downtown as well and get to know the city a little bit better.

7. State Theatre

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Movies are now a major part of everyone's lives and travelers often get behind on the latest movies or recent shows. Traverse City's best movie theater is a great place to have a great movie night experience and to catch up on the latest movies. The acoustics and comfortable seatings are a plus to the great movie selection and the decor helps to set the mood for a great experience. The popcorn is said to be delicious and other concessions and drinks can be found as well to accompany the journey.

8. Boardman Lake Trail

One of the lakes in the area called Boardman Lake features a trail made out of heavy wood and is an extraordinary walking path. The two mile long path features paved paths and limestone paved paths along with the wooden paths and ridges. The Boardman Lake Trail takes visitors to a journey into the nature to relax and have a great time while enjoying the great nature of the state. Boardwalks make it easier for tourists who would like to bike for a change instead of strolling down the trail.

9. Great Lakes Children's Museum

The Great Lakes Children's Museum is a great place to visit. The museum is interactive for kids giving the opportunity to parents to truly relax. The museum aims to give the children a safe place where they can explore and experience everything that's around them in their own pace on their own time. Children can participate in group events or they can try out things offered by the museum. They can build, learn and experience through interactive games and exhibits.

10. Pirate's Cove Adventure Park

Traverse City is full of exciting places to visit. Yet another fun place to spend time with family while traveling is to visit the unique Pirate's Cove Adventure Park. Visitors of all ages can enjoy the park because of the variety of time passings they offer. People can enjoy a friendly golf adventure or can ride the zipline for more adrenalin. The park has go-carts where visitors can race with each other or just take a friendly ride. If you ever wondered how would it be to be a pirate you can be a part of the rope challenge or can play in the game room for further fun.

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The reason why Traverse City would be a great family friendly place to visit is all listed in the places above. Not only excels in fun places and kid friendly activities but it is a great adventure in nature which is the areas dominant feature. Along with paved or not paved paths and trails for bicycles and walking, the area is home for a state park which is accessible for everyone. Cherry lovers are going to be in heaven because Traverse City is the word's cherry capitol and visitors can wind up in the delicious flavors of the cherry orchards or the fun events of the Cherry Festivals.