Burbank:Where the Never Ending Fun Begins with Movies and Culure

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Burbank:Where the Never Ending Fun Begins with Movies and Culure

Are you planning a trip but can't decide which is the best location? You are at the right place! Burbank is a city where everyone will find something to do. You won't have any time to be bored. Burbank is located in California, Los Angeles County. It is said to be the capital of movies due to iconic studios that can be found in the city of Burbank. The city has a perfect weather for trips and visitors can find themselves wondering on a trail on the near mountain or admire a valley view when they are in need for some break of the city. If you were ever wondering what could you do in this colorful city, here are some great places to visit in Burbank!

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Burbank:Where the Never Ending Fun Begins with Movies and Culure

1. Warner Brothers Studios

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It is impossible to come to Burbank and not visit one of the most iconic places in the city. Located in West Riverside drive, the Warner Brothers Studios is one of the most attracted places. To visit the studio is a fun time for movie lovers and non movie lovers as well. Visitors can enjoy a tour in the studio where they will be taken to sets of some of the famous movies and will be taken behind the scenes. They can also visit the Warner Brothers Museum where famous costumes, props and scrips can be seen. Visitors can also be introduces to the history of the Warner Brothers Studio.

2. Brace Canyon Park

After the hustle and bustle of the the city it is good to relax and spend some time in nature. Brace Canyon Park is one of the most exciting green areas in Burbank. Located in a residential are, the park has access to fresh air from the surrounding mountains and has large trees planted which makes it a perfect place to escape from the California heat. In Brace Canyon Park everyone will find something to pass time with. People can play on the playgrounds, enjoy a friendly baseball game, play tennis or even zipline. Picnic is also a good idea in the shades in case of a hot summer day.

3. Burbank Town Center

Shopping cannot be left out from your holiday agenda, can it? Of course not! Located on Magnolia Bulevard, Burbank Town Center is one of the top quality shopping centers where you can find anything that you need! There is a movie theater as well so if you feel like watching a movie, you can easily do it at the Burbank Town Center. For adventurous souls the bungee jumping area is a great way to start out but visitors who desire less adrenalin rush can go and enjoy the cafe culture that Burbank has to offer.

4. Walt Disney Studios

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Another big iconic studio to visit is the Walt Disney Studios. If you have gone to the Warner Brothers Studios then the Walt Disney Studio is a must see, and vise versa. Located in Burbank, visitors of the Walt Disney Studios can enjoy learning about the history and famous movies of Disney. The Walt Disney Studio also offers guided tours and if you are a serious fan of Disney then you can choose to go on a private tour to the Walt Disney Archives. Throughout the tour visitors can see original song books, music sheets and other memorabilia objects meanwhile learning about the long and colorful history of ups and downs.

5. Starlight Bowl

Just like the Hollywood bowl, the Starlight Bowl is a perfect place for an intimate concert and great shows. Unlike the Hollywood Bowl, the Starlight Bowl is less crowded, which makes it more enjoyable for everyone. If you plan your visit in the summer time, then they host great fourth of July concerts and shows with a large after party every single year. The Starlight Bowl is also a great place to watch someone famous sing live because every year famous singers come and give concerts here. Don't forget to check the local listing before you come!

6. Los Angeles Equestrian Center

Do you like horses? Do you like to ride them too? Then the Los Angeles Equestrian Center is a perfect place to visit. When visiting the Equestrian center, you can experience Burbank from a different perspective. Visitors can ride horses, and the staff will take you on a tour around the area. If you choose a lucky time you might even have the chance to observe a movie shooting during your ride. You like horses but don't like riding them? No problem. Not everyone has to ride a horse to have a great time at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. The staff of the Equestrian Center puts on equestrian shows all year round so everyone can enjoy their stay.

7. Flappers Comedy Club

If you hear laughter while walking near Magnolia bulevard, than you are just on spot to watch a good comedy show and laugh your heart out. With over forty stand up comedy shows weakly, visitors can choose from a wide variety of shows. They hold shows for people with children as well. Many famous comedian has began their career in the Flappers Comedy Club and many celebrity seems to just drop by, so you never know who you might run into.

8. Burbank Aviation Museum

Known by locals on it's nickname "The Portal of Folded Wings", the Burbank Aviation Museum is a memorial museum established to showcase the notable aviation history of Burbank. In the museum visitors can admire some significant memorabilia collected by the museum. Take a tour in the museum to walk through the history of aviation in the Burbank area. If you love aircrafts then the Burbank Aviation Museum cannot be missed out during your visit to Burbank. The history you will find here is interesting and there are lots of opportunities to learn.

9. Gordon R. Howard Museum

Have you ever wondered about the past of Burbank? Why is Burbank the way you see it today? You can find answers to your questions at the Gordon R. Howard Museum. Located on Lomita street, the Gordon R. Howard Museum is run by the Burbank Historical Society. A visit to the museum will show you period pieces from Disney, antique cars, statues and old memorabilia from Burbank are. The tour you will take in the Gordon R. Howard Museum will walk you through and show you the history of Burbank, and how it became from a sleepy town to a movie capital.

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Burbank sounds fun, doesn't it? Well then let's get going! Everyone enjoys a place like Burbank City and it is guaranteed that joyful memories are going to be made here while you learn about your favorite movies and places. Burbank is close to other major attraction so if your time allows, you can check out other fun places in Los Angeles city. If someone is in need of some ocean water and sand you can go to famous beaches nearby and maybe bump into your favorite celebrity! The blue sky is the only limit around here!