Birmingham (United States):Get to Experience the Last Major Southern City in the Heart of Alabama

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Birmingham (United States):Get to Experience the Last Major Southern City in the Heart of Alabama

Birmingham is the most densely populated city in USA, Alabama state and the county seat of Jefferson county. According to 2010 USA census, Birmingham population was 212,237. The Elyton Land Company made of bankers, cotton planters and railroad entrepreneurs built this city. Birmingham city was established in 1871 in the period of Civil War Rebuilding. Birmingham is rated as one of the largest banking areas in USA. It is also a significant business area in the Southeast. This city has many sightseeing places for both foreigners and the locals. These major sightseeing places in Birmingham are as follows:

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Birmingham (United States):Get to Experience the Last Major Southern City in the Heart of Alabama

1. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

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The sightseeing city of Birmingham was one of the Civil Rights Movement hubs and the Civil Rights District. The Civil Rights Movement’s past events are filed in Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. This institute educates on civil and human rights internationally.This includes exhibits relating to Birmingham civil rights movement of the nineteen sixties and human rights encounters up to date. The institute presents permanent displays, directing visitors through the multiple events and encounters with multimedia presentations. It’s a great place to learn something new and make your trip memorable.

2. MacWane Science Center

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MacWane Science Center is an educational place to go for sightseeing. It is a nonprofit concern, a science museum and a research archive. It is an ideal place for sightseeing for several reasons. MacWane Science Center in Birmingham makes it possible for visitors to encounter the world at large through interactive exhibits and science experiences. In this center you are able explore dinosaurs, laser and light. Interactive displays present light, sound, motion and energy. In the lower level there is an interactive aquarium display that promotes habitat tanks of marine animals. Birmingham City has much to offer for tourists. This sightseeing place is suitable for both adults and children, however make sure you follow the safety measures in some of the sites especially with children under 5.

3. Birmingham Museum of Art

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The Birmingham Museum of Art does not only promote American and European arts but also Asian, Columbian, African and American Indian artifacts. On the display there is decorative arts, graphic arts, paintings and sculpture as well as European porcelain, silver, photos and glass. The sightseeing museum is located in downtown Birmingham. Visitors are offered free parking in the museum lot. In the galleries, no commercial photos are allowed to be taken. Get to see some of the most exclusive artifacts dated centuries ago in this one of a kind sightseeing place.

4. Vulcan Park

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The sightseeing Vulcan Park is one of the many tourist attractions in Birmingham City. There are many things to do in the Vulcan Park, for instance one can have a look at an art display, go for a picnic in the fields, view an art display at the Linn Henley Gallery and also enjoy Birmingham skyline. The Roman god of fire statue made of steel is also a sightseeing to admire. The statue signifies the city’s iron history.

5. Ruffner Mountain Nature Center

Ruffner Mountain Nature Center provides visitors with opportunities for hiking, learning, outdoor experiences, discoveries and bird watching. The nature center is a habitation for many animals such as frogs, turtles, snakes, mammals and salamanders. From 1880s to 1950s there was mining activities on this mountain in Birmingham. The landscape was covered by many iron ore mines. Mining tools, quarries and sites still remain on the Ruffner Mountain in Birmingham. This is a good place to go for sightseeing.

6. Birmingham Zoo

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The sightseeing Birmingham Zoo is the biggest zoo in Alabama, United States. It was established in 1955 and has become a habitation for nearly 800 animals of about 200 different species. These include several threatened species coming from six continents. The botanical display promotes more than 20 species of butterflies which are all indigenous in Birmingham. Inside Birmingham Zoo grounds there is a zoo known as Hugh Kaul Children’s Zoo which is devoted to children and both urban/rural animals in Alabama. There is much for sightseeing visitors to enjoy.

7. Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark

Sloss Furnaces is a national landmark and a museum in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A. It was run as a pig iron producing blast in the years 1882 to 1971. When it’s operations came to an end, it turned out to be one of the first industrial sites and the only blast furnace to be established and preserved for public use in 1981. Today the site runs as an illustrative and industrial museum and has a metal arts program that is nationally recognized. It is also known as a concert and festival site. This sightseeing landmark in Birmingham is enclosed by a park.

8. Alabama Sports Hall of Fame

The sightseeing Alabama Sports Hall of Fame in Birmingham is a state museum devoted to making known the state’s athletic history. The Museum features over 500 items linked to athletes born in Alabama or who credited the state by obtaining fame through athletics. Alabama Sports Hall of Fame present sports linked shows and films that emphasize memorable sports events.

9. Sixteenth Street Baptist Church

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This is a Baptist Church in Birmingham in United States of America. Most of the members are African Americans. Sixteenth Street Baptist Church is a sightseeing landmark and is still in operation up to date despite it’s bombing in 1963 by the Ku Klux Klan. The bomb killed three girls and in 1964, through donations from well wishers globally, it was rebuilt reopened. It is in record that the Church has hosted prominent visitors all through its lifetime. The Church is worth a sightseeing visit.

10. Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame

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Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame was established in 1978. This sightseeing place is located in Birmingham City in Alabama, United States of America. Some years later in 1993, a museum was opened. The museum was meant to boost, strengthen, inform and uphold the values of medium jazz music as recognized, native and exclusive art form that is indigenous to American. Jazz shows are planned for the months of March to November.

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Considering the above 10 sightseeing places in Birmingham, United States of America, it is very unlikely that tourists will miss out on enjoying and having fun in this city. You will experience a revival if not a rebirth. The city has everything to offer for both adults and children so you can visit with the whole family.