10 Fun Things to do in Brooklyn NYC

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10 Fun Things to do in Brooklyn NYC

New York is a fascinating city full of exhilarating adventures, delectable eats, a vibrant sports culture, and locations of historical importance. Amongst its four boroughs, Manhattan is undoubtedly the most popular with tourists. However, the last decade has seen Brooklyn come up as a diverse and distinct destination packed with eccentric attractions that give the lovable area an inimitable charm.

To help you get the very best of what Brooklyn has to offer, here are ten exciting things to do in New York's most up-and-coming district.

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10 Fun Things to do in Brooklyn NYC

Enjoy a Ride at Coney Island

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When it comes to entertainment for the entire family, nothing beats the wonders of Coney Island. There's the iconic Deno's Wonder Wheel, and the equally legendary Cyclone roller coaster to experience along with a host of rides and amusement opportunities at Luna Park. The island's beach is a hot favorite with the locals during summer and a stroll along the boardwalk, while licking off ice cream from a cone, is bound to be a memorable experience. The area is also famous for its street performers and the Mermaid Parade held in June every year.

Find Hidden Treasures at the Brooklyn Flea

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The Brooklyn Flea is not just about picking up a bargain but is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself into Brooklyn's bohemian vibe that flows through its multicultural population. The market takes place throughout the year in Williamsburg and Dumbo. Visitors to the Flea get to rummage through fashionable clothing as well as vintage products ranging from furniture and books to jewelry and more clothes. A part of the Brooklyn Flea is Smorgasburg, a food market where local producers can showcase and sell their artisanal products.

Be Amazed on the Brooklyn Bridge

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Romance, a healthy lifestyle, and the chance to capture something remarkable, all seem come together at the Brooklyn Bridge. Connecting Manhattan with Brooklyn, a walk on the suspension bridge can be quite the mood setter on a warm afternoon. Photography enthusiasts are in for a real treat on bright days as panoramic views of both the boroughs from the bridge are a sight for sore eyes. Crossing the bridge typically takes around 25 minutes to half an hour, depending on how long you stop in-between to admire the scenery.

Play Bocce at Brooklyn Bridge Park

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While admiring the structural brilliance of the century-old Brooklyn Bridge, it's worth making a pit stop at the nearby Brooklyn Bridge Park. More importantly, the park is where you can indulge in a game of bocce with the locals for free. Equipment for this family-friendly game that requires no prior knowledge or experience is available at the roller rink. The park has several covered bocce courts, making it an ideal activity for rainy days.

Explore the Secrets of the Sunshine Laundromat

For tourists who enjoy a bit of multi-tasking, Sunshine Laundromat is where you get to wash your clothes, play pinball on classic machines, and grab a drink, all at the same location. This unique establishment offers its customers an unmatched laid-back encounter where they can relax, mingle, drink and play to their heart's content. Sunshine Laundromat hosts several fun events throughout the year while doubling up as an 'art museum' from time to time. Visitors should note that while the laundry is operational from 7 am, the bar opens its doors from 4 pm.

Watch a Classic at the Spectacle Theater

Brooklyn, as well as New York in general, is an integral part of the film industry. Many classics have captured the essence of the city, the people who call it home, and its boroughs over the years. Film fans will appreciate the novelty and old-fashioned atmosphere of Spectacle Theater. The 'microcinema,' established in 2010, is a volunteer-run throwback to the good old days of film viewing, sans multiplexes. The theater showcases lesser-known films from the industry and also hosts live performances frequently.

Get Superpowers at Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

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Shopping in Brooklyn can lead you to some fantastic finds. The Superhero Supply Co. is very much an actual shop that attracts passersby with its unique storefront. Expect to buy bespoke capes, masks, toys, and books here along with a gallon of immortality, some doom, and 'authentic chutzpah.' In reality, though, and keeping up with the hidden nature of all things superhero, the shop is also a 'front for 826NYC,' a creative writing program for kids.

Walk Through the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

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Take a step away from the crowds to explore nature at its best, for a walk through the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is both calming to the mind as well as educational. Covering over 52 acres of land, the gardens came into existence in 1910. They now have a diverse collection of flora and fauna on show, for people to admire and study. Their Japanese and Shakespeare gardens are especially famous for having a unique set of plants. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens also holds child-friendly activities and various other exhibitions to highlight the diverse collection of flowers and trees on its property.

Discover NYC at the City Reliquary

History buffs will especially relish a visit to the City Reliquary, a volunteer-run museum featuring exhibits, temporary displays, and permanent artifacts from all the different boroughs of New York City. A chance to get an insight into the heritage, changing trends and present culture of the region, the City Reliquary has a neighborly appeal to it that makes it a light-hearted and informative diversion, well worth an hour or more of your time.

Get Fit at Industry City

An active zone brimming with talent and art, Industry City is fast becoming an area to mingle with like-minded people and work towards a healthy and creative life. The buildings of Industry City form the commercial backdrop to what is acres of open spaces that act as perfect spots for free public activities. Magic shows, musical concerts, yoga, and Christmas festivities, there is always something taking place here throughout the year.


Whether playing shuffleboard at the Royal Palms, a grave-spotting weekend tour through Green-Wood cemetery, or spending an evening at Wonderville, a place to play one-of-a-kind arcade games while sipping on beer and margaritas, Brooklyn is forever buzzing with unique happenings that are usually vibrant, over the top or alternative in nature.