Eugene : Open Your Soul to Gorgeous Hikes and Enriching Cultural Experiences

Eugene : Open Your Soul to Gorgeous Hikes and Enriching Cultural Experiences

The bubbly and happy city in Oregon is best known for its heart melting and soul feeding parks and landscapes. Within the hustle bustle of the city lies a rich history symbolized by presence of many museums. The lush green parks and sizable number of arboretums to gorgeous wildlife sanctuaries present in the lap of nature, it is a perfect city to stop for a vacation and drool in the essence of nature. Eugene also brings to you phenomenal landscapes in terms of amazing vineyards spread across acres of land around the city. Here are top 10 things to do while in Eugene:

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Eugene : Open Your Soul to Gorgeous Hikes and Enriching Cultural Experiences

1. Alton Baker Park

Photo by Rick Obst

The city of Eugene is neatly divided by the Willamette River from its neighboring city Springfield. The park is a delightful sight especially in the months of fall when it painted with shades of yellow and orange. The park along the bank of the river is the largest park in the city and offers many recreational facilities along with bicycle trails. There are neatly paved paths along the park for people to walk and enjoy the bliss of nature. It is one of the most relaxing places to be with well maintained and beautiful landscapes.

2. Hult Center of Performing Arts

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This is one of the most iconic landmarks in the city of Eugene that has witnessed and hosted number of prolific events and shows. It started its operation in 1982 located in the heart of the city and showcases amazing cultural shows and events. The shows run all throughout the year starting from jazz to opera. Some of the resident performances groups are the Eugene Concert Choir, Eugene Symphony, Eugene Ballet Company etc. There are number of amazing art collection inside the performing art building along with sculptures in the Silva Concert Hall.

3. Cascades Raptor Eugene Center

Photo by Chris Phan

This is a great place for wildlife lovers as they witnessed some of the best and specialized prey birds inside the natural and wildlife center. It is perched on the wooden hill side towards the south of the city and displays a number of birds. The center includes nearly 30 species of native birds that includes falcons, hawks, golden eagles, owls, bald etc. The center specializes in nursing the injured birds and there are many educational programs hosted by the center like guided tours, craft workshops and there are also volunteering options available.

4. Hendricks Park

Photo by Jamie Hooper/

The bliss and glory of the natural park has amassed millions of tourists every years and it is almost like a parallel world within the city. It is situated slightly away from the city on a hill and surrounded by tall timber trees. It is popular for the bloom of the gorgeous Rhododendrons that makes the park extremely vivid and colorful. It is spread across 80 acres of land which includes walking trails, native plant species and wide range of Fir trees. The Oak Knoll Trail within the park offers most stunning views and landscapes.

5. Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

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The museum is one of the best places to explore the treasures of the city as it displays collection of art from America, Europe, China, Korea and Japanese. The art collection is well protected inside the museum and it was opened in the year 1933 and has expanded considerably from that time. There is a range of permanent art collection but apart from that there are also pieces displayed and exhibited from many artists temporarily. The baroque building was designed by Ellis F Lawrence and displays exquisite craftsmanship through its iron grill-work and brick facade.

6. Eugene Saturday Market

Photo by Ellen Schauer

This market place is not like any other ordinary market but is filled with lot of hustle and bustle. The flea market is one of the best things to experience with lot of things to witness and purchase. There is so much of local experience per se. This Saturday market operates between April and mid-November and is one of the best places to interact with various communities. Located in the center of the Downtown, it gives a taste for the cultural weekend and displays a number of agricultural produce.

7. Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Photo by Mark Goebel

It is one of the most fascinating museums to visit in the city of Eugene with display of giant fossil and giving a detailed idea about the concept of evolution. It is popular for the display of multiple zoological, anthropological along with paleontological artifacts. It gives a beautiful overview of natural evolution through preserved fossil, wildlife and amazing photographs. One of the exclusive displays of the museum is pair of shoes that last back to around 9000 years back. There are number of camps and events organized in the museum.

8. Mount Pisgah Arboretum

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This is a stunning place for wilderness explorers and nature lovers as the arboretum is perched on Mount Pisgah covering around 209 acres of land. It is not like any ordinary arboretum but a wide and open one that displays number of local and international plant species. There are beautiful walking trails, viewpoints, gorgeous farmlands and riverbanks that make it a natural haven. It offers multiple hiking points and the annual Mushroom festival is also with around 300 species in display.

9. Lane Country Historical Museum

The Lane County Historical Museum gives a strong insight on the history of the Lane County area of Eugene and details of the pioneer works. There is so much to learn within the museum mostly about the Oregon Trail and history of the forests around Oregon. The museum has a Clerk’s Building from 1853 with spiral old staircases and a great collection of antique and classic transportation vehicle. There are number of events and programs that are hosted in the museum throughout the year that gives a professional edge to learning for the historical fanatics.

10. Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House

Photo by Rick Obst

The Victorian inspired architecture of the building will straight away take you into fairy-tales with its glorious beauty. The exotic and quaint house is nestled on the Skinner Butte slopes and was built in 1888. The interiors of the house are extremely elegant with priceless artifacts and antiques. The house now mostly serves as museum with historical artifacts, gorgeous furniture and a perfect place to dig into the history of the place. It is registered on the National Register of Historic Place and there are public tours available for the house.

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The city of Eugene is one of the most welcoming and beautiful countryside gems with rich history. The landscapes are stunning with acres of rolling hills that surrounds the city. There is so much cultural and native experiences for travelers within the city along with beautiful hikes and trails.