Castres : A Sightseeing Destination with Outstanding Historical Attractions

Castres : A Sightseeing Destination with Outstanding Historical Attractions

Castres is situated in Tarn, in the Midi-Pyrenees of southwest France. It is famous as the most industrialized city formerly known as the textile city. Tourists find it interesting due to its rich history that dates back two thousand years ago. The tourist destinations are stunning and magnificent for sightseeing tour such as parks, museum, historical mansions, iconic church, and adventures river. In this article, find the ten best places that will provide numerous enjoyable opportunities and rewarding visit.

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Castres : A Sightseeing Destination with Outstanding Historical Attractions

1. Goya Museum

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Goya Museum was opened in 1840 and has record tremendous increase of visitors yearly. It is situated along the old Bishop palace that is easily accessible from the Castres city. It favorite and exciting place to visit that boasts of a massive collection of paintings such as Spanish, significant works by Goya, Velázquez, Murillo, and Ribera. Enjoy exploring the well-designed gardens around that Goya museum located outside that has beautiful and stunning flowers of different varieties. It is open throughout the year with guided tours around different sections of this museum. Enjoy the interiors of the museum that are stunningly designed and pictures mounted on the walls.

2. Sidobre

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Sidobre is a fantastic place to visit that covers an area of ten kilometers wide and long. One can find this area south-west of the massif central. Visitors have an opportunity to see unique granite stones that are widespread all over in this plateau. Forest offers the beautiful scenic views and areas for hiking. The strange rocks are a must-see attraction in this area that has been given nicknames such as goose rock, three cheese, and the devil’s chair. Enjoy learning about the granite and how it has contributed to the economic progress of the Castres. Visitors are advised to wear closed and hardy shoes to avoid injuries.

3. Zoo des Trois vallées

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An intriguing tourist attraction destination with wildlife animals such as comprises tiger, elephant, lion, and giraffes. The scenic views of the landscape are a must-see attraction while on a sightseeing tour. Enjoy exploration at different points in the park as you interact with the animals and the ecosystem. The African plains allow for hiking and leisure walk together with the Tibetan valley that has attractive species of plants. Visitors enjoy the guided tours by the wildlife rangers to see most of the animals. Tourists are encouraged to following instruction such as when to alight from the vehicles to avoid accidents.

4. Castres Cathedral

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Castres Cathedral holds a lot of history since the 14th century which is evidenced by the building that features a magnificent structure of the Gothic styles. Also, the interiors of the church are attractive and depict the milestone the church has achieved since its opening. See the pictures of the Mary mother of Jesus and other prominent personalities in the bible. Enjoy the performance in the church done by the different groups on special occasions. The windows are large and illuminate the light coming inside creating a beautiful appearance inside the church. Castres Cathedral is recognized now as the Roman Catholic and is a favorable place to learn about the historical religious attractions.

5. Gourjade Park

The Gourjade Park occupies a 100-acre park near the geographical features such as river Agout, and it is easily accessed from Castres town at a distance of 2.5 kilometers. Enjoy a free ride by bus or a taxi during summer from the town-center. The park is fit for all age groups including children and families. It prides in some activities such as camping, hiking, swimming; leisure walks along the eye-catching scenes. Visitors enjoy dining in the various hotels that operate all the day and offers a variety of foods. Gourjade Park is a paradise for sports lovers with the collection to pick from such as golf, mountain biking, skating and picnic rides.

6. Centre national et musée Jean-Jaurès

Founded in the year 1954, Centre national et musée Jean-Jaurès is ranked as a must visit tourist attractions site that features numerous works, newspapers and magazines and photography chronologically arranged with a theme to discover and understand the life of the Castres people. This museum is named after and demonstrates the tribune of the brilliant young Jean-Jaurès who made tremendous steps as philosopher, journalist, teacher, and politician. See the temporary exhibitions that are accessible also by anyone with reduced mobility. This tourist attractions site is also great for the students and academicians due to the resources available from all over the world in this museum. It is open throughout the year and its free to explore.

7. CERAC – Archéopôle

CERAC – Archéopôle is the center of archaeological research and studies in Castres. It is has grown to an attractive tourist attraction site due to its collection of historical items displayed all over the place. Visitors interact, learn and see the old tools that the first man used for hunting and gathering food. Discover the whole archaeological site through the guide of the renowned archaeologist and features activities that fits all the individuals. There are galleries of the 18th century made up of Neolithic hand axes, medieval earthenware, and the artifacts. It opens throughout the year, and it has free entry.

8. Agout Riverside

Enjoy the ride around Agout Riverside with the old and iconic mansions hanging on the river. Tourist has fun taking spectacular photos on a leisure ride. Have a moment to see the scenes that illuminate from the houses that surround the Agout Riverside which possesses different colors and designs such as some painted in bright color, clay tiles and other spectacular windows. It is a unique attraction in Castres that has a river cutting between houses. Enjoy boat riding and other sports activities. You must see the open wooden galleries displayed at the end of the Agout Riverside.

9. The Borde Basse

The Borde Basse site is also known as the French farmhouse that offers excellent tourist activities in an area of 9 acres. Tourists enjoy some activities such as hiking, swimming, picnic and sports – bike riding and horse riding. Also, enjoy the view of the neighboring villages located on the lowest sides, leisure walks around the river bend, kayaking, and beautiful markets. The landscape is attractive and developed to welcome many explorations especially in areas that have different species of birds and gorgeous butterflies. It is open throughout the year and charges are pocket-friendly depending on the activities that one is interested in participating.

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Castres is ranked as one of the destinations to enjoy the historical and archaeological attractions that date back to an early life of a man. It has an extensive collection of things to offer that tourist can enjoy during the sightseeing tour that ranges from wildlife, fantastic views, museums and sports arena. Also, enjoy camping hiking in the parks alone or in a group. Next time you plan a vacation consider visiting this place.