6 Underrated Destinations You Have to Visit in Thailand

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6 Underrated Destinations You Have to Visit in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most coveted tourist destinations in the world, every year millions flock to the country's islands of paradise, heaven-like beaches and luxury resorts. For most people planning a trip to the Land of Smiles, they'll pick from popular places like Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui, which each have a long history of welcoming tourists. While there's no denying the beauty of these destinations, the throngs of holiday makers crowding them can take away some of the magic of your trip. Luckily there are countless incredible places to visit in Thailand, many of which the woes of tourism haven't reached yet.

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6 Underrated Destinations You Have to Visit in Thailand

Sukhothai Historical Park

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While most tourists flock to Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of the Sukhothai Kingdom often gets largely overlooked by tourists looking for an insight into the kingdom's fascinating history. Sukhothai is full of impressive ancient ruins and statues, many of which are more complete than similar structures in Ayutthaya, mainly due to invaders and looters damaging most of the latter.

At over 400 kilometers from Bangkok, it's a little difficult to get to, but well worth the extra effort. The easiest way is to take a direct bus from the capital (around 6-7 hours) or take a train to the nearby city of Phitsanulok and then take a bus to Sukhothai bus terminal. It also makes a great stopover for those venturing to places like Chiang Mai in North Thailand.

Ko Phayam

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One of the few islands in Thailand that hasn't been 'ruined' by over tourism or development, Ko Phayam is still a beautiful island of paradise that rarely gets busy with tourists. Like anywhere in Thailand, this stunning island has seen some development for tourism in recent years, but nothing on the scale of Samui or Phuket. For the most part, Ko Phayam has managed to retain its original culture and lifestyle however, with many visitors commenting it feels like Koh Samui was 20 or 30 years ago, before it was developed to allow large amounts of tourism.

As there's no airport on the island, to get there you'll need to take a speedboat from the port at Ranong which takes about 40 minutes.

Khao Sok National Park

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If you're looking for a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation, Thailand's Khao Sok National Park offers all that and more. Known for its uniquely stunning karst formations and thick, dense jungle scenery, the national park also features a man-made lake which hosts a number of floating bungalows where visitors can stay deep in the midst of nature. The park also hosts a hugely diverse range of wild animals including tigers, elephants, tapirs and many species of birds.

Ko Kut

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While most of Thailand's popular islands tend to be located towards the south of the country, Ko Kut or Ko Kood lies in the east, near the border with Cambodia. This little gem of an island is well off the beaten track and hardly sees many tourists even during the high season. Full of untamed greenery and waterfalls to explore inland, the coast is covered with hidden coves and beaches, perfect for those who need a bit of peace and quiet that you won't find on popular Thai islands.

Phu Kradueng

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Another exceptional example of why Thailand offers so much more than just its pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, Phu Kradueng is a national park in North-east Thailand that is ripe with breathtaking scenery and thick jungles teeming with exotic wildlife. Perfect for those looking for adventure and to immerse themselves into the arms of nature, Phu Kradueng rarely sees the blight of tourism, flying low under the radar for both visitors from abroad and local Thai people.

Mae Hong Son

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In Thailand's far north on the border with Myanmar, Mae Hong Son is full of ethnic villages that climb up the mountains and hills in this beautiful region. A fascinating side to Thailand that most people don't get to see, there are numerous hill tribes that call this area home, each with their own unique culture and traditions.


With so much development and the influx of tourists heading to Thailand in recent years, it can be hard to find places that are a little quieter and more 'authentic' nowadays. While Phuket and Samui might be great for those who just want to relax at a luxury resort and stick to beach and water activities, those who want to get a deeper insight into the culture and lifestyle of Thailand while enjoying the best this beautiful country has to offer will need to head out of the tourism hot spots and into parts like these that are much less explored.