Fascinating Museums in Tokyo to See Japanese Culture

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Fascinating Museums in Tokyo to See Japanese Culture

One of the biggest draws for tourists to travel to Japan is the unique culture that the country has long held onto even through modern reforms. Giving a unique insight into the culture and history of Japan, these museums are a must visit for those who want to get to know more about this fascinating country.

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Fascinating Museums in Tokyo to See Japanese Culture

Edo-Tokyo Museum

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A museum dedicated to the history, lifestyle and culture of Japan's capital, the Edo-Tokyo Museum showcases the city's transformation from a sleepy fishing village in 1457, to becoming the largest city in the world in 1721 and its modern history. Less of your standard pictures and text museum, the Edo-Tokyo Museum uses detailed miniature models and life-sized displays to showcase the architecture and lifestyle of Tokyo's history.

If miniatures don't quite satisfy you however, take a try out of the center to Koganei, where you'll find the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum. Here they're focused more on full-scale buildings, some of them that have been relocated from the city.

Japan Folk Crafts Museum

An emphasis on imperfect handmade goods, the Japan Folk Crafts Museum is a good place to try and understand the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, generally seen as the beauty of imperfection along with traditional designs.

Nezu Museum

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Opened in 1940 to display the vast collection of Nezu Kaichiro, the Japanese businessman was highly enthusiastic for the Japanese arts. Unlike most private collectors, Kaichiro's interests were quite varied, resulting in a collection encompassing a large range of Japanese arts and culture such as calligraphy, bamboo craft and archaeological artifacts.

Samurai Museum

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Dedicated to showcasing one of the most beloved parts of Japanese history, the samurai, this museum is perfect for all ages and anyone with an interest in Japanese history and culture. With a vast collection of impressive samurai armor, swords and other possessions the museum does a great job of teaching the history of these revered figures and their place in Japan's history.

Tokyo National Museum

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If you haven't visited the Tokyo National Museum yet, it's a must. The oldest and one of the largest museums in Japan, the museum has a huge collection of art and cultural artifacts from all over Asia but mostly from within the country.


Japanese culture is still prevalent in the daily lifestyle in Japan, but these museums showcase a side that's often unseen by tourism in the country.