For those who have known Scotland and all those things it stands for, they will fall in love with Inverness. Inverness is a Scottish city situated on its north-eastern coast and is the meeting point of the River Ness and the Moray Firth. This place is an especially favorite among holiday-goers because of it being the largest city and the cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands. Let’s have a look at ten places that one must visit at Inverness:

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1. Urquhart Castle

Experience the splendor of Scottish grandeur at what remains of the Urquhart Castle that was once said to be one of the largest castles of Scotland. The place saw a lot of tussle between the Scottish and English Forces at the time of the Wars of Independence. The castle also served as the Fortress in the medieval times. As you walk through the large estate surrounding the castle you will be mesmerized by the sheer beauty that envelops the place. Tour within the castle is also an experience to cherish with the artifacts that once belonged to the residents and also the prison that held some legendary inmates.

2. Cawdor Castle

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One must visit the castle in order to get the glimpse of how the Scottish Royalty lives today, because it is still home to the Cawdor family. The castle was built in the nineteenth century but as the records have it this castle is the one that was rebuilt again and not much remains of the older one. The castle has three immaculately kept gardens that are rich in flowers as well as natural beauty and large landscaping. The old servant’s quarter has now been transformed into the Courtyard Café that served hot and fresh refreshments for the visitors.

3. Chanonry Point


This is the place that is especially famous spotting Dolphins. One must confirm the occurrence of tides before planning to come here because that is what decides the movement of the dolphins. Chanonry point being the meeting point of the two rivers Ness and Beauly brings in a lot of feed in the form of Salmon that attracts the Dolphins into the area. There is also a golf course where you can enjoy the game against the scenic backdrop. One can also view Fort George and Inverness and Kessock Bridge from Chanonry Point.

4. Fall of Foyers

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This is a pretty waterfall cascading down from the elevation of 165 feet. It is a special favorite among tourists because of the lovely view, both from the top and from the bottom. There are a lot of steps that need to be crossed in order to reach the top, but thankfully, they are all broad that make it for an easy walk. Do not expect much noise and people out here other than that of the falls because it is very secluded stop. But be ready to be welcomed by the very warm and inviting Foyers café right at the top and treat yourself to scones with jam and cream.

5. Inverness Cathedral

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Located against the very scenic and clam backdrop of the Scottish Highlands, Inverness Cathedral is open on all days and to people from all walks of life. The Cathedral follows a pattern of daily prayer, evoking a connection with the Lord. The founding of the Cathedral began as early as 1853 right across the River Ness. It was only in 1862 the procedure for construction for the same began. It was not before 1869 that the Cathedral became open for public and stands as a major attraction for locals and tourists alike.

6. Inverness Museum and Art Gallery

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There is something unique about the culture and history of Inverness and that is what is reverently preserved in the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery. Along with the beautiful collection of artifacts that speak volumes about the bygone era of this very beautiful place, there is also contemporary art by the local and community artists. The gallery has some pieces of iconic art that have found a permanent place on the walls. Also there is temporary that is regularly rotated so as to keep up with the freshness and spirit of art in evolving times.

7. Plodda Falls

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Right in the midst of the forest of fir trees you will find this gorgeous waterfall that is nothing less than heavenly. As the waterfall cascades from the elevation of 151 feet you can feel fine mist caressing your face. With human settlement which is close to being non-existence, the beauty of this place that needs to be felt. The drive to the waterfall is also quite adventure with very narrow and treacherous driveway and one must be warned to stop and give way to other vehicles passing by. Fill yourself with food as you start from Tomich. Do not expect the cascade to offer anything other than natural beauty.

8. Beauly Priory

Watching something made by man that is centuries and centuries (1230 AD) old is an eerie feeling. But what is hard to miss is that even in those times the monks chose this serene spot to build a place of worship for them. Standing on the river front what remains mostly is the Abbey Church and the ruins of the once spectacular building. While praying there the monks of the Valliscaulian order has very strict ideals of maintaining, chastity and obedience. The Church even today houses some very fine funerary monuments.

9. Inverness Castle

Inverness Castle is seen as very prominent building on the coat of River Ness. It has been there for centuries and today it is used as the Court House and not meant for public visit. You can see numerous castles that are aplenty in the banks of the River Ness. The reason behind this is that Scottish clans of the Highlands were known for their warlike behavior in those times. So they had to ready with nothing than a castle to safeguard them from an unannounced attack. So treat yourself to wonderful castles that you read about in stories till now.

10. Whin Park

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This is a fun park meant for kids to enjoy the ride and for adults for paddle boating, rowing, walking and much more. Situated against the backdrop the Scottish Highlands this is pretty little spot right in the heart of Inverness. Perfect for a fun day out with family and friends. There are swings, slides and also a miniature train that will have your kids jumping with joy. One could also hire paddle boats or rowing boats and explore the pretty pond that sits in the middle of the park. Best part about the place is that it is open all the year round and that too with no admission fee!

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So, with all its glorious past and sceneries all around, Inverness is the place meant for you for your next holiday. A perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life! With so many activities and lovely places to visit you will fall in love with Inverness the moment you step in here!




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