Liverpool : A Vibrant City in England Where Music, Culture & Sports Are Very Alive

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Liverpool : A Vibrant City in England Where Music, Culture & Sports Are Very Alive

Liverpool is a major city that is located in Merseyside, England. It is widely known for its football teams, the birthplace of the Beatles, its culture, and its vibrant nightlife. Liverpool is also known for its sightseeing destinations where visitors explore every year. On this article, we are going to be identifying ten of the best places in Liverpool which are worth sightseeing.

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Liverpool : A Vibrant City in England Where Music, Culture & Sports Are Very Alive

1. Liverpool Cathedral

One of the most prominent sightseeing attractions in Liverpool is the Liverpool Cathedral. Built on St. James's Mount in Liverpool, the Liverpool Cathedral is the church of England of the Diocese of Liverpool. Also referred to as the Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool, the church is dedicated to Christ and his most glorious Resurrection. This cathedral is regarded as the largest religious structure in Britain. Due to its architecture and works of art ornated in various portions of the church, the Liverpool Cathedral a must go to sightseeing destination in Liverpool.

2. Anfield Stadium

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Another attraction worth sightseeing in Liverpool is the Anfield Stadium. This is a football stadium which has a seating capacity of 54,074. Because of such capacity, the Anfield Stadium has been recognized as the sixth largest football stadium in England. Since their formation in 1892, the stadium has been the home Liverpool F.C. ever since. The Anfield Stadium has four stands: the Main Stand, the Spion Kop, the Anfield Road, and the Kenny Dalglish Stand. You should go sightseeing on this stadium and watch a football game or two.

3. Liverpool Central Library

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The Liverpool Central Library is the most extensive library in Liverpool, England. Located in the heart of the city, the Liverpool Central Library could be found in several adjoining historic buildings on the William Brown Street of the city. This library is a beautifully remodeled structure with Wi-Fi access throughout the building. It consists of a vast collection of books, more than 100 computers, and a game area. When sightseeing at the library, you could see the famous collections of rare books that have been housed in the Hornby Library and Oak Room. You could also view the Picton Reading Room.

4. Merseyside Maritime Museum

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The Merseyside Maritime Museum is a museum that could be found in the city of Liverpool. Opened in 1980, the museum currently occupies the warehouse block D at the Albert dock along with the Piermaster's House. The collections that could be found when sightseeing around the museum reflects the international importance of Liverpool. These include the transatlantic slave trade and emigration, the RMS Titanic, and the merchant navy. The UK Border Agency National Museum could also be found in the basement gallery of the building. There are surely lots of things to be found when sightseeing at the museum.

5. Museum of Liverpool

The Museum of Liverpool is one of the most recent additions to the National Museums Liverpool group. It only opened in 2011 replacing what used to be the Museum of Liverpool Life. The museum houses various exhibits that tell the story of Liverpool through artifacts from costumes and decorative art, to objects representing the social and urban history of Liverpool. There are also entomological and botanical collections as well as archeological material and photographic archives that could be witnessed when sightseeing at the Museum of Liverpool. Overall, it would be an awesome sightseeing experience.

6. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King Liverpool

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King Liverpool, or simply the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, is the seat of the Archbishop of Liverpool. It is a Roman Catholic Church which was completed in 1967. When sightseeing outside the church, you could witness its unique architecture which was built in concrete, a Portland stone, and aluminum covering on the roof. The interior is also architecturally stunning, with focus on the altar which faces the main entrance. Its floor is made of marble in grey and white. The benches form a concentric structure.

7. The Beatles Story(Albert Dock)

The Beatles Story is a museum located in Liverpool that tells about the famous group the Beatles and their history. It could be found on the historic Albert Dock. The Beatles Story consists of recreations of several significant areas and venues such as The Cavern club, the Abbey Road Studios, and the Casbah Coffee Club. Historical Beatles items could also be found. These include the first guitar of George Harrison, the spectacles of John Lennon, and a detailed history of the British invasion and the solo careers of every member of the band.

8. 251 Menlove Avenue

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251 Menlove Avenue, also known as Mendips, is the childhood home of John Lennon, the famous singer, songwriter, and the member of the Beatles. Such house is a prime example of a 1950s semi-detached housing. When sightseeing inside and outside the house, you could observe that the house and garden still look like how it has been when John and other members of his family lived here. If you are a fan of John Lennon or the Beatles, or if you just want to know more about the group and Liverpool in general, you should visit this place.

9. Sefton Park

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The Sefton Park is a public park that could be found in the southern portion of Liverpool, England. The park is located in a district of the same name. The said park is a good place for sightseeing and relaxing. It is also known for its entertainment uses. The Sefton Park has been used for the summer pops season of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, the Africa Oye, and the Moscow State Circus. It also features sporting venues such as tennis courts, a bowling green, and a local league football court, among others.

10. 20 Forthlin Road

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20 Forthlin Road is another Beatles-related sightseeing attraction in Liverpool. It served as the house of the Beatles member Paul McCartney years before his rise to fame with the Fab Four. It is labeled by the National Trust as the birthplace of the Beatles. Additionally, it was also the home of Paul's brother Mike and the birthplace of his own group, the Scaffold. In 1995, the house has been owned by the National Trust because of its significance as the place where the group composed and rehearsed their earliest songs.

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Being a large and vibrant city, Liverpool does offer some of the best sightseeing attractions that you could find within the area. Hence, you should consider going to these places in Liverpool when you have a chance to visit this city.




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