The Top 7 Instagram Photo Spots in NYC

Photo by Stacie/Flickr

The Top 7 Instagram Photo Spots in NYC

From the bright flashing lights of Times Square to hipster cafes and street art of Brooklyn, New York City is full of perfect spots to snap a winner on Instagram. While there are countless opportunities for great photos all around the city, these are some of the best places where you're sure to get the perfect shot.

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The Top 7 Instagram Photo Spots in NYC


Photo by Armand Rochas/Shutterstock

Across the East River opposite Manhattan, Dumbo is the perfect place in Brooklyn to get a view of both the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and the towering skyline of Manhattan. Take a walk around Brooklyn Bridge Park and admire the riverside view and afterwards head to the intersection of Washington Street and Water Street. The Manhattan Bridge makes an appearance between two old-fashioned buildings here and is one of the most photographed locations in the city.

Washington Arch

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An impressive marble Roman triumphal arc built back in 1892, the structure itself makes for a great backdrop, but is also possible to see the Empire State Building through the archway if you line it up correctly. Washington Square Park which surrounds the arch is also full of amazing photo opportunities as locals take a break from the busy city pace.

Bethesda Terrace

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Central Park is full of incredible photo opportunities and could easily take up a whole day to explore its vast boundaries of greenery. However if you're short on time, head straight to Bethesda Terrace for some of the best backgrounds in the park.

Flatiron Building

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One of New York's most recognizable structures, the Flatiron Building's triangular shape makes for a unique sight when viewed from the corner. Finished in 1902, it's also one of the city's first skyscrapers and has long been an icon of NYC. The tall slim frame of the building makes for the perfect accompaniment to stand next, portrait style.

The Bushwick Collective

Photo by Franck Michel/Flickr

New York is famous for the street art and murals that cover many of the city's buildings, offering a vibrant splatter of color that makes you stop and gaze. You'll find street art all over the city, but some of the biggest and most numerous are at The Bushwick Collective at 427 Troutman Street in Brooklyn.

Panna II Garden

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Although it's not so renowned for the food, this Indian restaurant probably has the most Instagrammable interior in the city. The walls and ceilings at Panna II are filled with hundreds of Christmas lights that sparkle in the background all year long. The backdrop is absolutely stunning and will light up anyone's Instagram feed.

Grand Central Station

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The largest train station in the world by number of platforms since its completion over a hundred years ago, Grand Central offers plenty of beautiful photo locations. Make sure to head over to the ledge that overlooks the main floor for a beautiful overview of the inside.


There's no place quite like New York City, North America's most popular city is full of beautiful spots to check out and take that perfect Instagram photo.