Kiev:Ukraine’s Capital Is an Electrifying Cityscape with a Raucous Nightlife and Is Known for Its Religious Architecture

Kiev:Ukraine’s Capital Is an Electrifying Cityscape with a Raucous Nightlife and Is Known for Its Religious Architecture

Kiev is Ukraine’s capital. The city is well-known for its secular monuments, religious architecture and history museums. Kiev has rebelled against what the world expects it to be and has shown cultural revolution. A creative wave has swept over Kiev which is evident in its urban art, 24-hour parties, and vintage cafes. These are some of the touristy destinations that will have you enjoying this new wave of hip culture:

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Kiev:Ukraine’s Capital Is an Electrifying Cityscape with a Raucous Nightlife and Is Known for Its Religious Architecture

1. Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Kiev Pechersk Lavra has been a preeminent center of Eastern Orthodox since 1051. It was built by the monks in Kiev and is considered to be a holy place in Ukraine. The caves within the Kiev Pechersk Lavra serve as burial grounds for the monks. This sightseeing site will give you an uttermost experience due to the level of devotion put to the place. You will feel its significance as a religious site around also due to the strict dress codes laid out for the tourists visiting. The Kiev Pechersk Lavra is huge and will offer many sightseeing opportunities with the microminiature museum being the highlight. Inside the museum, you can expect to find amazing frescoes, gold work, and art. The catacomb selection is also fascinating. If you wish to take some photography within the monastery, a permit is required.

2. Andriyivski Uzviz

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Andriyivsky Uzviz is a historic descent connecting the commercial Podil neighborhood to Kiev's Upper Town. This major tourist attraction is commonly advertised by tour guides as the "Montmartre of Kiev". One can get lovely views of Kiev from the descent. The Andriyivsky Uzviz is the perfect sightseeing escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The place is filled with remnants from the past but still continues to be a popular marketplace. This is typically an ideal place to coup up some souvenirs while in Kiev because you can find anything you may desire. There are also great local restaurants and cafes worth trying out.

3. Rodina Mat (Motherland)

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Rodina Mat, commonly referred to as 'Brezhnev's Daughter' is a 62-meter tall stainless steel monument of a woman in Kiev. Not only is Rodina Mat the tallest statue in Europe, it also stands as the tallest statue of a woman in the world. The monument is an important part of the Museum of The History of Ukraine because of its essence in World War II as it was built to honor the heroes of the soviet union who took part in the battle of Stalingrad. Anyone visiting Kiev should not miss out on seeing the mother monument of Kiev that soars its skylines.

4. Golden Gate

The Golden Gates of Kiev borrowed its name from the Golden Gate of Constantinople. This golden gate dates back to 1037 which is a long trip back in time. It is the perfect historical mark of Kiev because it was once a medieval gateway to Ukraine’s capital city. Getting inside the gate and taking the climb up will give you great scenic views of Kiev. One can find rich information about its history and the history of Kiev at the place. Locals are also known to enjoy the surrounding park which is usually popular during the summer season.

5. Saint Sophia Cathedral

Saint Sophia Cathedral is an outstanding architectural monument depicting the Kievan Rus. It is also the first heritage site to be inscribed on the world heritage in Ukraine. This is one of those landmarks you ought not to miss when sightseeing in Kiev. This cathedral was built over 900 years ago embracing Byzantine and Ukrainian Baroque architecture. Its interior decor composes of some ancient frescoes and mosaics that are spectacular. The bell tower is an added bonus because you get panoramic views of Kiev. Since the cathedral is part of a complex, some permit is required for entry.

6. The House with Chimeras

House with Chimaeras is an art nouveau building and the weirdest structures located in Lypky, Kiev. Hunting trophies belonging to the architect Władysław Horodecki can be found there. There are many prototypes of stuffed antelopes, rhinos, crocodiles among other animals in the building's architecture. Tours are booked prior because it serves as the official residence of the presidential administration and has been since 2005. You can tell that it is restricted because of the armed guards that stand on the front entry. It can also be visited on a specific day of the week. The place is rich in history worth discovering.

7. Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square)

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Maidan Nezalezhnosti is the heart and central square of Ukraine’s capital city Kiev. This square is situated on Khreshchatyk Street in the Shevchenko Raion and is considered to be of great importance to the people of Kiev. The phrase "Freedom is our religion" recalls all struggles to cope with the intimidations and threats and all conflicts to reach human rights. The place is best with a guided tour to understand the surrounding buildings and their history especially walking along Maidan street. There are great places to enjoy a cup of coffee along the square.

8. National Opera House of Ukraine

Photo by Jorge Láscar

National Opera House of Ukraine established in 1867 is the third oldest opera house in Kiev. It is an amazing theatre where you can see some interesting performances. Most of the orchestras that showcase at the theatre are extremely talented depicting the artful richness of the Kievan people. Another interesting thing about this theatre is the cost to watch a show. One only pays a fraction of the price they would pay elsewhere for a magnificent seating. A small refreshment stand is available within incase one needs some drinks and snacks.

9. Kiev Funicular

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The Kiev Funicular is a cable car system in Kiev that cuts through the steep Volodymyrska Hill overseeing the Dnieper River. The rails are connected from the historic upper town to the lower commercial Podil neighborhood which is about 200 meters long. The cable car ride costs about 4UAH and is a perfect way to get to the St. Michael’s cathedral if avoiding the steep walk uphill. It is also time efficient as it only takes 3 minutes avoiding the 30-minute walk. It is also a great way to appreciate the scenery around.

10. Khreshchatyk

Khreshchatyk is said to be the shortest and widest road in the world. Khreshchatyk is also called the heart and soul of Kiev because there are a number of major tourist sightseeing attractions that can be found on this street. Due to the presence of commercial centers along the street, it can be quite busy during the day. There are many exploiting merchants that tourists need to be aware of. Since the street is the heart of Kiev, some great events can be found hosted there especially during the weekends.

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It is an ideal paradox city because of the great number of religious architecture but still hosts a number of secular monuments. This hip city will have you wandering through its rich historical remnants as you enjoy the buzz of its evolution. An ecstatic experience is what one is to expect when sightseeing this electric city.