Bandung : Indonesia’s Third Largest City by Population and the Administrative Capital of West Java Province

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Also dubbed the Paris of Java and located to the South East of Java. Bandung is a vast city where adventure merges with urbanization. It is both a city and a place blessed with a plethora of sightseeing, adventures and touring opportunities. It is a river basin enclosed by volcanic mountain, making it an eye candy present straight from Mother Nature. Generally cool temperatures all year round makes the place exude with some cool air that is refreshing to the body. Some of the places worth visiting in Bandung city are:

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Bandung : Indonesia’s Third Largest City by Population and the Administrative Capital of West Java Province:table of contents

1. Bandung Off-road

Bandung City is blessed with countryside tea farms panning out through long stretches of slopes that simulate ocean waves. In these highlands there exist muddy valleys, thanks to the city's generally rainy climate. These trenches form the perfect spots for traversing the countryside with an adventurous and expeditious spirit in vintage, 4 X 4 Land Rovers. The thrill is turned up a notch higher when it is raining, realizing the true muddy experience for such a sightseeing hike. One gets to peak the mountain slopes on a Land rover. Prior to the journey completion, you explore the landscape in its rawest form and get to see the forests with ethereal tall trees.

2. Tangkuban Perahu Live Crater

It is an active volcano in the north of Bandung City. One can start by hiking to the mountaintop. Once at the top, enjoy the scenic beauty tantamount to using sightseeing to complement the hike. The mountaintop forms a good sightseeing spot: a panoramic view of the crater, it's hot water springs and the white fumes soaring into the sky. Street food vendors selling local cuisines cheaply offer good opportunities to sample West Java's traditional cuisines. To mark the moment as a beautiful memory, souvenirs and handicrafts are sold at the mountaintop.

3. Grand Mercure Bandung Setiabudi

This is a luxurious hotel located at a nigh center point of all the attractions, forming a good boarding and departing point. The hotel itself is a beautiful sight. Rooms are decked with local arts, a place where traditional meets westernization. There is also an outdoor pool with clear waters scintillating in both the sun and moonlight. The pool vividly reflects the night skies, giving a close-up view of the constellations coming out at night. Native dishes, as well as other major international foods, are on offer, hence perfect opportunities to peak the nights with an awesome dining experience. Also offered are spa services and babysitting. Many prominent sightseeing spots in Bandung city surround the hotel.

4. Tebing Gunung Hawu

This is another mountain site but with many different things on offer. By default, it forms a good sightseeing spot, especially the sunset and sunrise. Adrenaline is up for pumping due to the hammocks on the cliff sides hanged precariously, forming a good resting spot. Away from the hustle and bustle of Bandung city, get to enjoy surreal tranquility and the cool breezes to remind you that Mother Nature may be deemed as borderline paradise. A hole in the mountain is also a remarkable sight once the sun is up.

5. Cimahi Waterfall

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An hour's drive from Bandung city, Cimahi waterfalls, a place to remind you that nature's landscaping is a jaw-dropping sight in places where water touches vegetation. Food and beverage stalls are close by, making it easy to turn a sightseeing plan into a picnic. Remember to bring along swimming costumes, as the foot of the waterfall is an awesome swimming spot. Frequently, a rainbow can be seen in the waterfall forming a picture-perfect spot fit for a photographer's gallery. A walk to the top of the waterfall is also a good hiking experience. The origin of the waterfall forms a good sightseeing spot.

6. Saung Angklung Udjo Show

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Angklung is a traditional Sundanese musical instrument made through side by side stringing of hollow bamboo tubes. The tubes create various pitches when vibrated rhythmically. The Udjo show is a great way to wind up, away from the city life. Children who have mastered the instruments making it an awesome musical instrument do performances. Accompanying these musicals are dancers whose choreography is based on local culture. After the performances, visitors can also get to learn how to play the instrument, bringing out individual musical sides. Puppet shows are also available making it a worthy visit for kids.

7. Kawah Putihs

Close to two hours away from Bandung city, this is another great sightseeing spot. It is also known as The White Crater. On the mountaintop is a crater lake. The stench of sulfur makes it hard for fauna to thrive and face-masks are availed at the point of entry. The absence of animals is not a major drawback though since the place is a good site for photography with various angles available for taking scenic views. Warm clothing is a must- carry; the temperatures here are pretty cold.

8. Masjid Agung Trans Studio Bandung

Bandung city is a metropolitan city and it is therefore expected to house a variety of religions. This is a beautiful mosque. Not only is it a place of worship, but also a good educational center on the Islamic religion. The mosque has its décor in ancient Arabic art designs. To make the educational experience better, the sound system is ambient giving listeners a good experience. The mosque is never highly visited save for Fridays and other Islamic holidays, making it a good spot to visit most times of the year.

9. Kampung Daun Dinner

It is located at the foot of a cliff also having a waterfall, and only twenty minutes’ drive from Bandung City. The place offers a great spot to sample foods which are also available at fair prices and great taste. The dining experience is more personal and private, thanks to gazebos that are available. The gazebos are candle-lit at night and enclose a stage for local dance and music performances. The gazebos are beautifully decorated with local arts, giving the dining booths a more cultural and indigenous feel.

10. Dusun Bambu Retreat Centre

This offers a great sightseeing and camping experience. At Dusun Bambu, camping meets glamorous, coining the word glamping. The camping sites is almost an eco-retreat centre made of spacious bamboo cabins in the midst of beautiful surroundings. The glamping site is kept distant from the main site that can be accessed through either a nature walk or shuttle. Also present is a leisure park that may form a great place for sightseeing and photography. You also get to exploit the waterways through boarding doughnut floats. Dusun Bambu is an expansive area that takes hours to fully get around, forming a good spot to visit on a very free day and also a perfect place for sightseeing un-obscured stretches of land, unlike city plans.

◎ Closing

Bandung city is a place where urbanization meets nature. With a variety of places to visit, the aforementioned just being a few of the plethora of the sightseeing spots. Bandung city forms a good getaway and holiday spot for folks of all ages and cultures. The experience will be an unforgettable one away from the tiresome city life.