Bandung: 10 Things to Do in the Paris of Java

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Bandung: 10 Things to Do in the Paris of Java

Often dubbed as the Paris of Java, Bandung is a major city in West Java that offers a sense of adventure along with being a center of modernization on the island. Blessed with a plethora of sites to visit, adventures to take and touring opportunities, Bandung offers a much more tourist friendly side to Indonesia that's often missing in its busy capital of Jakarta. The city sits in a river basin enclosed by volcanic mountains, offering some incredible sights and places to get a good view of the metropolitan area.

Thanks to its location up in the highlands at 768 meters, the temperature stays a little cooler than other cities in Java, although still quite hot at the height of the day you'll find evenings to be nice and cool, usually in the low 20s.

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Bandung: 10 Things to Do in the Paris of Java

1. Bandung Off-Road

Bandung is surrounded by highlands with slopping tea farms and rice paddies that make for some particularly beautiful scenery. The roads that traverse the mountains and valleys around the city often see a lot of rainfall which can make for some particularly muddy tracks, perfect for exploring in off-road vehicles for those looking for a little adventure. Traversing up hilly peaks and mountain tracks is an experience like no other that's highly recommended if you're visiting the area.

2. Tangkuban Perahu Live Crater

An active volcano to the north of Bandung City, start by hiking to the mountain top to get a panoramic view of the crater and the white fumes steaming up from the hot spring there. As you walk around the crater and the surrounding area you'll get beautiful views over the scenery found there. You'll also find street vendors selling local cuisine along with eggs that you can boil in the hot springs there.

3. Grand Mercure Bandung Setiabudi

This luxurious hotel is located at a center point of all the attractions, forming a good boarding and departing point. The hotel itself is a beautiful sight. Rooms are decked with local arts, a place where the traditional meets westernization. There is also an outdoor pool with clear waters scintillating in both the sun and moonlight. The pool vividly reflects the night skies, giving a close-up view of the constellations coming out at night. Native dishes, as well as other major international foods, are on offer, hence perfect opportunities to peak the nights with an awesome dining experience. Also offered are spa services and babysitting. You'll also find a number of prominent sightseeing spots in Bandung city that surround the hotel.

4. Tebing Gunung Hawu

Another spot that showcases the beautiful mountain scenery on offer around the city, Tebing Gunung Hawu is a popular spot to head to for sunset and sunrises as the sun lights up the incredible landscape. It's also famous for the hammocks which hang precariously from the cliff face, perfect for the adrenaline junkies looking for something a little different to experience. The mountain is also known for having a huge hole with forms a natural arch in the landscape which looks stunning if you manage to catch a glimpse of the sunlight filtering through the hole.

5. Cimahi Waterfall

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An hour's drive from Bandung city, Cimahi Waterfall is a place to remind you that nature's landscaping is a jaw-dropping sight where water touches the flourishing green vegetation. Food and beverage stalls are close by, making it a great spot for having a picnic. Make sure to bring a swimming costume with you, as the foot of the waterfall is the perfect spot for having a paddle. You'll often be able to see a rainbow in the waterfall forming a picture-perfect spot for a photographer's gallery. A walk to the top of the waterfall also makes for a great hiking experience around the hills and mountains here.

6. Saung Angklung Udjo Show

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An Angklung is a traditional Sundanese musical instrument made from stringing hollow bamboo tubes at different lengths and placing them side by side so that they each make a different sound when struck. The Udjo show is a great way to wind down, away from the busy city and get a glimpse into the traditional side of Indonesia. Children who have mastered the instruments offer various performances that are well worth taking the time to watch. Traditional dance performances also accompany the musical shows and after watching visitors can even learn how to play the instrument or learn to dance. They also have traditional Indonesian puppet shows there too which are often popular with children.

7. Kawah Putih

Close to two hours away from Bandung city is one of the region's most popular attractions, Kawah Putih or also known as The White Crater. On the mountaintop is a crater lake that has beautiful light shade of blue caused by the minerals in the water. The lake's unique and somewhat vibrant colorscape offers the perfect opportunity for photography. Warm clothing is a must here, unlike most of the island, the temperatures here are pretty cold.

8. Masjid Agung Trans Studio Bandung

Bandung city is a metropolitan city and houses a variety of different religions which make for a fascinating insight into the local culture. Masjid Agung is a beautiful mosque that not only acts as a place of worship but also as an educational center showcasing the Islamic religion. The mosque has some beautiful décor showcasing ancient Arabic art designs. To make the educational experience better, the sound system is ambient enhancing the amazing experience you'll get here. The mosque is also not so crowded during ever visited save for Fridays and other Islamic holidays, making it a good spot to visit most times of the year.

9. Kampung Daun Dinner

Located at the foot of a cliff with a beautiful waterfall, and only twenty minutes’ drive from Bandung City, this place offers a great spot to sample Indonesian cuisine with a stunning view. Kampung Daun Dinner's dining experience is more personal and private, thanks to the gazebos that are available there. The gazebos are candle-lit at night and enclose a stage for local dances and music performances. The gazebos are also beautifully decorated by local artists, giving each dining spot more of a cultural and indigenous feel to them.

10. Dusun Bambu Retreat Centre

The perfect spot for those who want to get in touch with nature, without forsaking comforts and roughing it out by camping, Dusun Bambu offers visitors the chance to try out glamping, the recent popular trend of glamorous camping. This eco-retreat center is set up in spacious bamboo cabins in the midst of the beautiful Javanese natural scenery. Apart from just enjoying the scenery, there's a range of different things to do here including water sports such as rafting and canoeing along with hiking trails to discover the local area.


A city where urbanization meets nature, Bandung provides some beautiful scenery With a variety of places to visit, the aforementioned just being a few of the many spots that are well worth visiting. Bandung city forms a good getaway and holiday spot for folks of all ages and cultures. The experience will be an unforgettable one away from the tiresome city life.