Yellowknife : The City of Stars and Northern Lights

Yellowknife : The City of Stars and Northern Lights

The one and only Yellowknife of Canada is located on the northern shore of the Great Slave Lake. The city lays on the west side of the Yellowknife Bay and near the outlet of the Yellowknife river. The city is the capital city and the only city in the Northwest Territories in Canada. Yellowknife and the water bodies around were named after an indian tribe who lived there and worked near the Arctic Coast. The city's settlement is considered to be founded after gold was found on the territory. Yellowknife is filled with history and amazing places to see. What are some of the bet sights to visit? Let's go and discover!

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Yellowknife : The City of Stars and Northern Lights

1. Great Slave Lake

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The next destination for a real experience in Yellowknife is The Great Slave Lake. Being the second largest lake in the Northwest Territories the Great Slave Lake is a very popular attraction among travelers. The lake's depth reaches six hundred and fourteen meters and is also the deepest lake in North America. The lake also has a vide range of sizes, measuring four hundred and sixty nine kilometers in length and twenty to two hundred and three kilometers in width. Visitors will be able to enjoy fishing on a different level and they will have the chance to see the unbelievable aurora.

2. Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre

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The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre is also the Government of the Northwest Territories' museum and archives. Visitors will be able to enter a big museum with lots of space in it and tour among the many cultural exhibits. The museum focuses on displaying objects that reflect the rich heritage of the Northwest Territories. People will be able to see documents and archives during the tours while soaking up the distinct culture and obtaining interesting informations about the area as well.

3. Ragged Ass Road

Attracting many many tourists the Ragged Ass Road is the next stop to check out in Yellowknife. Located in the old town section of the city the funny named road is a small unpaved residential road. It sounds like nothing interesting in particular but this street gets so many visitors just because of the cheesy name. Ragged Ass Road got it's name after a group of people who have bean rich but then suddenly had to live on a small income. The other residents called it "Ragged ass broke" and this is how the street got the name. Many famous people visit the street and there have been songs named after the street.

4. Northern Arts and Cultural Centre

It is always a wonderful experience to spend a day admiring art or watching a play. The one and only Northern Arts and Cultural Centre is the only performing arts center in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Being the only performing arts center in the area it is unique and attracts many visitors and locals as well. Visitors will be able to enjoy great and interesting shows which are performed here in the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre. The center opened in 1984 and has currently three hundred and thirteen seats available for visitors.

5. Ahmic Air

For an experience of a lifetime visit Ahmic Air. Visitors will be able to experience Yellowknife from a view like never before. This exciting air tour will open up your eyes and will take you to a journey that you will never forget. People interested in seeing Yellowknife from a bird's eye view will be able to choose from a vide range of air tours. During the tour the pilot will enrich the already exciting tour with interesting information. However what is really cool about taking a tour with Ahmic Air is that visitors have the chance to take a self customized tour with stops and even picnics.

6. Museum Cafe

If you visit the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center then the Museum Cafe should not be missed out at all. Located right inside the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center this airy and spacious cafe will satisfy your hunger. The cafe serves delicious lunch for everyone who visit the center or who would like to eat something yummy. The Museum cafe focuses to serve regional goodies making it possible for travelers to get a full experience at the best place in the area.

7. Giant Mine

Located right next to the city of Yellowknife the Giant Mine used to be a gold mine. People can visit Kam Group which is a part of the Yellowknife greenstone belt. Visitors will be taken back to a time when mining was still in works here and will experience the life of the miners through the beautiful scenery and cool equipments. The Giant Mine already sounds exciting but this is not all of it. The main reason to travel to Yellowknife is to see the northern lights and from the Giant Mine it is possible to have the greatest experience.

8. Gallery of the Midnight Sun

Another great way to spend a day in the inspiring Yellowknife is to visit a unique gallery. The Gallery of Midnight Sun opened it's doors to the public in 1989. The building that today is a museum used to be trading building for traders and locals as well. Visitors will be able to see the wooden paneled once trading building meanwhile entering the world of the arts. The art gallery displays various art pieces and many other crafts as well. Visitors will not have to return home without gifts either because the gallery houses a very well equipped gift shop too.

9. Bush Pilots Monument

A very attracted tourist attraction is a monument called the Bush Pilot Monument. This monument attracts travelers and locals as well to see the natural beauty of the area. However the monument is a very popular sight that is not the only thing you get to see once you are up there. From the monument you get to see an incredible sight if not the best glimpse of the area and the waters surrounding the area. Sunrises and sunsets are said to be the perfect visiting times because of the beautiful colors and the jaw-dropping aurora.

10. Aurora Village

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Last but not least the world famous and breathtaking Aurora Village. There are no words to describe this experience you have to go and experience it for yourself otherwise you might not be able to comprehend it. The aurora village has the best view of the northern lights providing an outstanding experience to see the spectacular aurora. People will be able to take tours as well as enjoy their quiet time to discover the place for themselves. The Aurora Village will be an experience for a lifetime.

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Yellowknife being the only city in the area brings out the unique features in it. There are other smaller locations as well around the city but to see the Northern Lights you definitely would want to visit Yellowknife. It must seem cold but all that freezing will go away instantly as you get swallowed up by the beauty of the area and of course the aurora. The places mentioned above are only a few places that you can go to and visit while you enjoy your time in the beautiful northwest. Visiting Yellowstone will definitely be a trip to remember while standing below the Northern Lights.