6 Amazing Things to Do in Tomsk, Russia

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6 Amazing Things to Do in Tomsk, Russia

One of Siberia's oldest cities, Tomsk was founded in 1604 and prospered as a major transport hub for those traveling through Russia to other parts of Asia. Full of history, preserved in its quaint wooden merchant houses and mansions, Tomsk is not only a gateway to the region of Siberia, but a charming city with a strong cultural presence.

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6 Amazing Things to Do in Tomsk, Russia

Find the Monuments of Tomsk

Monument in Tomsk, Russia

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The city of Tomsk has some unique monuments and statues found all over its streets, from war heroes to monuments of slippers and the oddly named 'Chekhov through the Eyes of a Drunk Man Lying in a Pit Who Never Read Kashtanka Monument'. The monument is a tongue-in-cheek remark to Chekhov, a famous Russian writer who notoriously complained that Tomsk and its residents were 'dull'.

Wooden Buildings of Tomsk

Old Wooden building of Tomsk

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Famous for the city's numerous ornate wooden buildings, Tomsk has a number of unique houses, showcasing early Russian and Siberian architecture that are often painted in striking colors.

Walking around the town you'll see a number of the beautiful houses, however two of the most famous and impressive are called the House with Firebirds and the House with Dragons. Some of the older buildings date back to as far as the 17th century, when the city was founded.

Voskresenskaya Hill and Tomsk History Museum

Voskresenskaya Hill view of Tomsk

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One of the best views of Tomsk, the observation tower above Tomsk History Museum on Voskresenskaya Hill offers stunning vistas across the small city and its surroundings. Built next to the site of the first structure of Tomsk, the history museum is small but full of interesting exhibits on Russian history and life in Tomsk.

Try the Local Food

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With the city's location thousands of kilometers from the nearest sea, dining on seafood while in Tomsk might not be a high priority. However Reka 827 is the city's most famous restaurant for good reason, the food here is delicious and always beautiful prepared, with a emphasis on seafood. A culinary institute of Tomsk,

Another popular restaurant offering local Russian classics, Kukhterin is also located in the central area of the city and well worth checking out.

The First Museum of Slavic Mythology

For something a little different, Slavic mythology is a fascinating topic you'll hardly hear about outside of Russia and even inside the country it's become a rare line of knowledge. Tomsk's First Museum of Slavic Mythology is the first of its kind in Russia, full of beautiful paintings and exhibits describing Russian history, religion and mythology before the introduction of Christianity.

Siberian Botanical Gardens

Siberian Botanic Garden Tomsk

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For those with a love for greenery, or just wanting an escape to nature, the Siberian Botanical Gardens is a welcome respite with plants from all over the world growing here. The greenhouses keep a number of tropical plants growing despite Tomsk often seeing temperatures of -20° and lower during the winter.