Los Angeles:The Vibrant Center of Entertainment in the USA

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Los Angeles:The Vibrant Center of Entertainment in the USA

An important capital of the entertainment and film industry in the US, Los Angeles has long been a mecca of tourism on the country's west coast. Chock-a-block full of museums, entertainment venues and some of the best beaches in the country, LA is a beautiful, diverse, sprawling metropolis well worth braving the notorious traffic jams for. Here are some of the best places you have to visit on a trip to the City of Angels.

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Los Angeles:The Vibrant Center of Entertainment in the USA

1. Universal Studios Hollywood

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Self-dubbed as the 'Entertainment Capital of LA', Universal Studios Hollywood is an unmissable stop while visiting Los Angeles. One of the oldest and most famous of the Hollywood film studios still in use, the area was turned into a full-blown theme park back in the 1960's, the beginning of one of the biggest and most popular entertainment franchises in the world. Like most universal parks, the theme park contains a number of movie-based rides and worlds along with famous characters that walk around the park posing for photos.

2. Griffith Observatory

Easily the best place to get a view of the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, Griffith Observatory is located at the top of Mt Hollywood. The observatory is free to visit and opens from 10 a.m till 10 p.m, it also features a planetarium, telescopes for public use, a museum and a cafe. Along with the stunning views of the city, you can also get a nice view of the famous Hollywood sign from here. To hike to the sign from the observatory it takes just over an hour.

3. The Broad

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Featuring an impressive collection of modern art with numerous thought-provoking and mind-tricking exhibitions. Particularly famed for its highly photogenic Infinity Mirrored Room, a mix of colored lights and mirrors that makes you feel like you're staring at millions of stars from around the universe. The museum is extremely popular and only allows a certain number of people at a time so expect to have to queue for a short while to get in, however it is free entry.

4. California Science Center

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Containing a wealth of interactive and educational science exhibits along with holding the retired NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour which completed a number of various missions into space. The center is usually highly popular with kids thanks to the numerous interactive and hands-on experience like its famous hurricane simulator that lets you experience what it feels like to be in a hurricane.

5. Walt Disney Concert Hall

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Walt Disney Concert Hall has an eye-catching architectural design from the outside making it hard to miss when walking the streets of Los Angeles. The concert hall is home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The acoustics of this place is amazing that is why it is considered to be the most acoustically sophisticated in the world. There is so many details on the sound as its rich and resonates more with the lovely golden wood that fills the place.

6. Venice Beach

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With its strategic location straddling the Pacific Ocean, it'd be a shame to visit Los Angeles and not hit up one of the various beaches that line the Californian coastline here. Always a hive of activity, Venice is a seaside resort town in the west of the city known for its beach and lively promenade with performers, vendors, artists and more. Various canals were built in the neighborhood in the early 20th century in order to create a similar appearance and feel to Venice in Italy, the reason behind its name.

7. The Nethercutt Collection

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Anyone with a shred of interest in classic cars and vehicles should make sure to head to the Nethercutt Collection, a museum known for its huge collection of automobiles most of which date back to the early 20th century. Apart from its car collection, the museum also hosts a range of other antique objects such as musical instruments and timepieces. Best of all, the museum is completely free to visit.

8. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

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With a huge range of fascinating dinosaur skeletons and fossils to marvel at, the Natural History Museum lets you get close and personal with these once colossal beasts. The museum is famed for having the world's only Tyrannosaurus Rex growth series with a 2-year-old baby and 17-year-old standing next to an adult T-Rex.

9. Battleship USS Iowa BB-61

One of the most historic battleships in the US arsenal, the USS Iowa is famed for carrying President Roosevelt across the Atlantic during World War II. The ship was turned into a museum in 2011 and offers a fascinating insight into the military splendor of the US navy.

10. Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Often the first port of call for anyone visiting the magical city of Los Angeles, the Walk of Fame is emblazoned with over 2,000 stars dedicated to those achieving success in the entertainment industry. LA itself is a beautiful city on the coast of California and visiting the famous spots of Hollywood is a must for anyone interested in America's vibrant film industry.


As one of the most diverse cities in a country known for its mix of vibrant cultures, Los Angeles offers a wealth of entertainment beyond its famous sites. Be sure to try some of huge range of world cuisine on offer in this cultural melting-pot which you can find in popular neighborhoods like Korea town and Little Tokyo.