Moncton : All Time a Perfect Direction for Spending a Complete and a Satisfying Rest and Relaxing Time

Photo by Brian Burke

Moncton : All Time a Perfect Direction for Spending a Complete and a Satisfying Rest and Relaxing Time

Moncton is an astonishing city located in New Brunswick, in Canada and Moncton is the largest city in this area. It is pretty easy to get around Moncton, since there are two main streets that come into the city. Moncton is always full of tourists in any part of the year and it offers varieties of sightseeing.

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Moncton : All Time a Perfect Direction for Spending a Complete and a Satisfying Rest and Relaxing Time

1. Irishtown Nature Park

Photo by Rob Durdle

Irishtown Nature Park is a natural beauty located in Moncton and it is popular among the locals of Moncton. The park is a lovely and nice spot and it is very easy to get there. As the parking space is large enough near this sightseeing, the visitors hardly meet the problem of stopping their car nearby. Thus, it is very convenient to arrive here with the kids and spend a great time together. The spot is ideal for visiting in any part of the year. This is a perfect choice for enjoying the unique beauty of Moncton.

2. Centennial Park

Photo by Michel Rathwell

Another wonderful spot that can you can stop by while being in Moncton is Centennial Park. This amazing spot is a favorite area also for the locals of Moncton and it provides the visitors with lovely atmosphere and fresh air. The whole area is clean and very pleasant for having a nice walk. Be sure to arrive here with your kids and enjoy watching them to play in the area. This is a great park in Moncton with beautiful trails and a perfect sightseeing also for the lovers who like to walk together. Moreover, when the weather is fine, you will enjoy this sightseeing completely.

3. Magnetic Hill Winery

If you are fond of drinking or tasting drinks from different countries, Magnetic Hill Winery will be an impressive experience for your tour to Moncton. This special spot offers variety of wine, suitable for any taste. The wines are in many different tastes and the visitors always find the one that goes with their tastes. First of all, the atmosphere itself is very lovely and pleasant. Second, the welcoming and warm attitude of the staff will attract you at once. And then, you will also be introduced some information about this nice winery of Moncton.

4. Magnetic Hill Zoo

As Moncton is a place where everyone will find the sightseeing matching his or her interests, Moncton offers variety of sightseeing for kids, too. One of these sightseeing is Magnetic Hill Zoo – a very popular and favorite spot in Moncton. Of course, here you can spend a whole day having a pleasant day full of endless joy and entertainments. The zoo offers variety of activities for children and opens amazing scenery of very different animals and birds. This will be a valuable experience for the kids having their tour in Moncton.

5. Magic Mountain

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Moncton will become the dream travel destination for your kids due to one more sightseeing it has, which is Magic Mountain. This spot will be a real fairy-tale for your children, since there is absolutely everything to provide your kid with the best impressions. This is a real water park and this is the only one in its type in Moncton. There are so many activities that have to do with water, such as water slides, and your kid will spend the most astonishing time ever. This sightseeing is absolutely one of the best ones in Moncton for the kids.

6. TreeGO - Moncton

Continuing the list of highly rated spots in Moncton we come to a very fascinating spot, which is TreeGO – Moncton. Now this is the time for adults. If you are an extreme lover and enjoy taking slightly risky activities this sightseeing will impress you deeply. There is so much to do in this amazing site, starting from walking and taking photos to enjoying all the activities it offers. This will be a real workout for you and your body, as well. All the activities are highly organized and are absolutely safe.

7. Mapleton Park

Photo by James Mann

Another natural heritage that you will highly enjoy in Moncton is Mapleton Park, located in a very picturesque part of Moncton. This is a great place with nice trails and wonderful views. As the park is always full of foreigners and locals, it has numbers of benches for them to sit and enjoy their time totally. This sightseeing is a good place for visiting with a whole family and to spend a great time together. To make everything more impressive, take your camera and take some incredible photos.

8. Marche De Dieppe Market

Marche De Dieppe Market is a little market in Moncton, including all the necessary objects and products for an everyday usage, as well as for general usage. This sightseeing is suitable for every day visit, since here you will find lots of fresh products like fruits and vegetables and other delicious food. The market is always full of shoppers, as people living in Moncton and those who are guests in Moncton visit this spot to do their shopping. To avoid the queue for the ATM machines, we would advise you to take cash.

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Due to the diversity of its attractive and gorgeous sightseeing, Moncton is all time a perfect direction for a complete and satisfying rest and relaxing. Since Moncton includes numbers of worth to visit sightseeing, the visitors always find the ways to spend their time in the way they like the best.