Ibiza: An Island of Glistening Beauty in the Mediterranean

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Ibiza, officially known as Eivissa, is one of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea specifically off the coast of Spain. For years it has been a center of tourism among the younger population of Europe for its vibrant nightlife and electronic music scene that originated on the island. Even if you're not going there to party however, the island's idyllic Mediterranean beauty is well worth making the trip to see.

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Ibiza: An Island of Glistening Beauty in the Mediterranean:table of contents

1. Es Vedra

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This small rocky island sits off the southwestern coast of Ibiza. Part of the Cala d'Hort nature reserve, this rock towers 413 meters above the sea, popular for its unique appearance jutting out of the ocean. The island is part of numerous myths and legends and some believe it to be a gateway to Atlantis, the ancient 'lost' underwater city.

2. Dalt Vila

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Ibiza's beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dalt Vila is an attractive old town with quaint narrow streets and crumbling old houses that perfectly captures the historic charm of island. The town has some impressive fortified walls and was once one of the most important coastal cities in the Mediterranean. Navigate around the winding streets and browse some of the local shops, art galleries and restaurants you'll find in the buildings around there.

3. Cala Comte

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No visit to this Mediterranean paradise is complete without relaxing on a sandy beach and dipping your toes in the ocean. Ibiza is home to a number of beautiful beaches with one of the most stunning being Cala Comte, towards the southwest of the island. Golden powdery sand and calm turquoise waters, this beach has everything you could need for an afternoon spent soaking up the sun.

4. Cala Saladeta

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Another of the island's idyllic beaches further up the coast from Comte, Cala Saledeta is a popular spot for snorkeling due to the crystal clear turquoise ocean around the coast there. You won't find restaurants or cafes around the beach so make sure to bring food with if you're planning to stay for a while. The picturesque setting of the coastal spot makes it ideal for bringing a picnic while you watch the gentle waves lap at the golden sand.

5. Necropolis of Puig des Molins

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Veering away from the beaches of Ibiza, we arrive at a stunning and distinct sightseeing destination with a historic past. The Necropolis of Puig des Molins is a medieval rural property where we could see archaeological wonders such as an ancient cemetery that dates back to 600 BCE. Set up by the Phonecians at the end of the seventh century, this necropolis houses up to 4,000 tombs from all over the Mediterranean area. A part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ibiza, this is regarded as the largest necropolis in the world.

6. Cala de Sant Vicent

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The Cala de Sant Vicent is a beach resort village that could be found in the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritija in Ibiza. It stretches 18.9 miles northeast of Ibiza. Such resort could be reached along the designated roads. It is noted for being relatively quiet and child-friendly with a wide sandy beach. The bay area is further noted for being enclosed by steep cliffs. Sightseeing tourists remark the waters of the beach as clean, clear, and shallow. It would be amazing to be sightseeing in this area.

7. Puig de Missa

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Sitting on the top of a hill, this fortified church overlooks the town of Santa Eulalia on the eastern coast of the island. Apart from the incredible views over the coastal scenery and towns below, the church itself has a charm to it with beautiful white washed walls, that shouldn't be missed out when visiting the island. One of the main religious points on the island, Puig de Missa was built in the 16th century and is often used for festivals and other similar occasions.

8. Santa Gertrudis

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A beautiful cluster of white-washed houses, historic churches and quaint plazas, Santa Gertrudis is a small village in the central region of Ibiza. It is filled with a wide range of bars and restaurants which offer everything from local bars to gourmet cuisine. It is also noted for its main square houses and its whitewashed church. In the agricultural area of the village, sightseeing tourists could see live animals all around including sheep, goats, and dairy cows. Santa Gertrudis is also noted for being the home to a great art community.

9. Ibiza Cathedral

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The Ibiza Cathedral, officially called the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows or Catedral de Nuestra Senora de las Nieves, is a Roman Catholic Cathedral and the principal church of the city of Ibiza. Construction began in 1234, although it wasn't completely finished until the 15th century. The Ibiza Cathedral is noted for its many works of beautiful art, many of which are a Gothic monstrance of golden silver which was made by Francesc Marti in 1399, Gothic panels of Saint Anthony and Saint Tecla and another set of panels of Saint Matthew and Saint James.

10. Cala Benniras

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Our last sightseeing destination on our list is the Cala Benniras or the Benirras Beach. It is popular due to its remarkable hippie drumming Sundays and picturesque sunsets. The beach offers various facilities including parasols, showers, loungers, public toilets, and lifeguards. It is also filled with bars and restaurants if you ever want to satisfy your cravings on local cuisines. Because of the amenities and the things you could do while sightseeing on this beach, the Cala Benniras is regarded as a key beach in the northern portion of Ibiza.


Being a popular sightseeing destination, it cannot be denied that going to Ibiza would be an enjoyable journey. Be sure to plan your itinerary ahead so that you will not miss out on the things that Ibiza has to offer.