Bilbao : Biscay Province’s Largest City with Amazing Architecture and Breathtaking Landscapes

Bilbao : Biscay Province’s Largest City with Amazing Architecture and Breathtaking Landscapes

Bilbao city is the headquarters of the Basque Country. It is an urban paradise in the midst of two low lying mountain ranges. The city is also surrounded by wave-like stretches of vegetative hills and a stunning coastline close to its city centre. Below are some of the places worth sightseeing and touring visits in this city:

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Bilbao : Biscay Province’s Largest City with Amazing Architecture and Breathtaking Landscapes

1. Basilica de Begona

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Situated on the eye-catching hilltop of Casco Viejo is this beautiful church. The church is an architectural masterpiece besides being a vantage sightseeing zone of the city beneath. Built in the 1700s, the church’s design is mainly the Medieval and Neoclassical style. The image of the city’s philanthropy, the Virgin of Begona, is etched in stained glass. The interior is also highly decorated with colourful frescoes and reliefs on the marble pillars converging into a brightly painted dom having images depicting angels and major biblical scenes.

2. Euskal Museoa Bilbao

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Bilbao city has gone a long way to preserve its culture. Aspects of distinct cultural lifestyles of the Basque region people are found in this museum. The museum itself is a sight to behold, a Baroque style building. The museum is divided into three major sections. The history section showcases the city’s maritime events. The archaeological section displays prehistoric findings such as stone implements and sculptures. The ethnography section is the tradition hotbed. On display here are the art products. Carvings depicting aspects that are Basque’s signatures are also on display.

3. Plaza Nueva

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The Plaza Nueva is located on one of the city’s earliest streets. Currently, it is a monument filled square designed in classical architectural styles. The square is turned into a flea market on Sundays, a collector’s delight thanks to the variety of souvenirs and collectables on sale. The square also hosts various cultural pride functions throughout the year such as concerts, demonstrations and festivals. The plaza is lined all through with restaurants and cafes offering excellent and splendid opportunities for visitors to sample the city’s cuisines and beverages.

4. Azkuna Zentroa

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Away from the usual sightseeing and historical themed tours, the Azkuna Zentroa serves recreational interests. It is a building designed with modern architectural designs, making it have a futuristic feel. Its forty-three pillars are highly embellished with artistic carvings and reliefs on their marble surfaces. The Zentroa has an indoor swimming pool next to a rooftop terrace overlooking the city, thus a good sightseeing platform. The building is a renovated winery currently housing cafes, theatres, cinemas and open-air exhibitions. The Azkuna Zentroa can be likened to a shopping mall with a touch of entertainment.

5. Parque Dona Casilda de Iturinza

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This park is located in the heart of the city as if to serve as a reminder that the city is a civilization in the midst of a jungle. It is a nature trail made of walkways lined with palm trees and extensive coverage of colourful flowers. The gardens are landscaped n ways that simulate Roman styles. Neoclassical statues and water fountains dot the park. For recreation within the park merry-go-rounds, animated fountains and open-air theatres are present. Benches are found in the shady areas for that intent on extending their sightseeing stay.

6. Catedral de Bilbao

This is a religious sanctuary found at the centre of Casco Viejo, the city’s old town. It is a 1600s structure, with prominent Gothic designs. The church has a pair of foyers, on designed in Renaissance style and the other in the neoclassical style. The church is made of spike-shaped pillars with reliefs from the old testament. Large rose windows that are glass stained with biblical figures while admitting illumination into the church are also worth sightseeing, and some are picture-worthy. The Cathedral is still mint, despite being among the city’ oldest cathedrals.

7. Mount Artxanda

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This is the best sightseeing platform of the entire city and the neighbouring stretch of Atlantic Ocean’s waters. It is atop the low lying Mount Artxanda, approximately one thousand two hundred feet above the sea level. It is accessed by a cable system, a to and fro journey that is breathtaking as the climax itself. Restaurants are found atop this vista, making it a good way to pass time once atop the mountain. Walkways are also found along the park, offering perfect hiking zones in Bilbao.

8. Museo Bellas Artes

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Bilbao is a city that strives to keep and preserve all of its prominent art pieces in good conditions, regardless of their ages. This museum host a large collection of connoisseur styled artworks from the 1300s to the modern eras and recent millennia. It is located in the city’s park, a stone throw away from the city centre. Works housed here are classical art pieces from prominent artists such as Bacon Francis, Eduardo Chillida, Gauguin Paul and Goya among others. The museum deserves a spot in the itinerary that is away from sightseeing.

9. Guggenheim Museum

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This museum is a classical architectural building that stands out from all sightseeing spots overlooking it. It features an attractive ship shaped steel exterior. Also found on the exterior is a large spider structure made from bronze. A floral work shaped into a giant dog also adds to the variety of sightseeing landmarks in the exterior. The museum is home to approximately eight thousand exhibits, some as old as the 12th century. Special exhibitions from major artists are also found here, such as galleries of Warhols and Rothkos.

10. Casco Viejo

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Though Bilbao is a city plunging into modernism, it does not do so blindly. The Casco Viejo is the spot for the Old Town, where Bilbao’s city centre originally stood. The centre includes narrow meandering streets and colourful pillars lined with various restaurants, salons and shops. The Casco Viejo is also home to various landmarks such as the Plaza Nueva, The San Nicolas and San Antón, the Santiago Cathedral and an archaeological museum. Tinned fish is on sale along the streets as well as men’s apparel.

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The city of Bilbao is rewarding for visitors and tourists of various tastes. Be it sightseeing, shopping, historical or nature inspired visits, each is assured a rewarding experience worth the money and time. Surrounded by hills, the city has a variety of angles for sightseeing and photography of its skyline as well as the neighbouring Atlantic ocean.