Malaga : The Pearl of Andalusia

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Malaga : The Pearl of Andalusia

The city of Malaga was founded by the Phoenicians and ruled by the Romans. Then, it was ruled by the Muslims for 800 years. This historic city is located in southern Spain on the coast of Costa del Sol. It is considered one of the most famous tourist places in Spain due to its historical and cultural richness and its moderate climate. It is also considered the second most important port on the sea after Barcelona.

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Malaga : The Pearl of Andalusia

1. Alcazaba

Alcazaba is a huge fortress located in the Spanish city of Malaga built by Beni Hammoud in the early 11th century, one of the most important tourist attractions in Spain. Malaga is located on a high hill like the city center, surrounded by an incessant wall from various sides, interspersed with a number of defensive towers used by soldiers for military purposes such as shooting and surveillance. The Alcazaba has only two internal walls and it includes the city museum and represents the Islamic era in most parts of the museum. The inner fort is located behind the outer fortress and can be entered only through one gate located in the west, and inside this fort is located the main palace and next to some housing.

2. The Cathedral of Málaga

The Cathedral of Málaga is one of the Renaissance-built cathedrals of southern Spain, one of the most important tourist attractions in Malaga. It is now located on the border between the medieval walls of the Maghreb and the fortress of Gibraltar, about 200 meters from the center of Malaga. The northern tower is about 84 meters tall, the second tallest building in Spain after Seville's Giralda. The Cathedral is a tourist, historical and religious center of Spain's tourist attractions, offering tourists the chance to explore the Gothic and classical art scene in and out of this magnificent edifice.

3. The Roman Theater (El Teatro Romano)

The Roman Theater (El Teatro Romano) is the oldest landmark in the city of Malaga in Spain, and is the largest cultural heart of the city of Malaga and is situated at the foot of the famous fortress of Alcazaba. This museum is one of the oldest tourist sites in Spain, one of the oldest monuments of Malaga left after the bombing of the Italian army during the war on the city, and one of the remaining Roman ruins in Andalusia after years and long periods of long wars. On 15 September 2011, the Roman Theater was opened in Malacca to the public. The first art show was held in Italy with reviewers Andres Merida, Daniel Casares and Carlos Alvarez. The theater is now open to visitors throughout the year.

4. Nerja

Nerja is a small, quiet coastal town 50 km east of Malaga. The most famous attraction of Nerja Town is the Nerja Caves in the north of the town on a hill overlooking the coast. The Nerja Caves in Malacca is a series of underground caverns that stretch for about 5 kilometers and have the largest group of calcareous rocks in the world. These caves were accidentally discovered on January 12, 1959 by a group of young locals who decided to go on a tour to see the bats coming out of the rock holes. As they hunt down those bats, they find themselves in a huge cave containing a number of skeletons as well as sculptures and statues.

5. Castilla de Gibralfaro

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Castilla de Gibralfaro is the highest peak of Mount Manara in the northeast of the ancient city of Malaga. The fortress of Manara Mount Málaga was built in the 10th century by order of the Caliph Muslim (Abdulrahman III). Today, it is considered one of the tourist places in Spain. The castle of Mount Manara is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Malaga, which was built on the remains of an ancient Phoenician lighthouse.

6. Botanical Garden of Malaga

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The Botanical Garden of Malaga is one of the famous tourist destinations in Spain, which has a collection of trees and plants. You can see near the entrance a collection of aquatic plants, another of "prehistoric plants", "the rock of biodiversity", a greenhouse with insectivores, bromeliads, and orchids; a collection of African plants and another of bamboo plants. To the north you can visit the route "Around the world in 80 trees"; the collection of palm trees, which enriches the existing one in the historic garden; a collection of Malaga grape varieties and another one of olive trees in the area of "The plants of our land". The upper strip of the historic garden is covered by the forest route and the viewpoints, both with native plants. In the part more to the south, the collection of cactáceas and succulents is located, one of the subtropical fruit trees and the historical limonar.

7. Picasso Museum

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Picasso Museum is one of the famous museums in the city of Malaga, which named after the famous artist Pablo Picasso who was born in Malaga. The museum was opened in 2003. The museum contains great works by Picasso, and it contains a collection of oil paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics and graphic works.

8. Malaga Museum

The Museum of Malaga is one of the famous sites in Malaga, managed by the Junta de Andalucía. It has more than 15,000 archeology funds and an extensive art collection of 2,000 works from the 15th century to contemporary art. It is one of the largest provincial museums in Spain and Andalusia. Its headquarters is the Palacio de la Aduana, a neoclassical building designed in 1788, recalling the Italian Renaissance palaces, with four bays around a central arcaded courtyard. In addition to Maritime Customs, it was a tobacco factory and administrative headquarters, housing the Sub-delegation of the Government of the Province.

9. Pompidou Centre Museum

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The Pompidou Centre Museum is one of the famous tourist attractions in the city of Malaga, the only branch of the museum located outside France. The structure of the museum has a unique design, which makes the museum one of the most visited places in Malaga.

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Malaga, the magnificent city in southern Spain, that has wonderful attractions is one of the most visited destinations around the world. The city of Malaga houses many wonderful attractions that attract their visitors from the first sight.