The Top Things to Do in Taichung, Taiwan

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The Top Things to Do in Taichung, Taiwan

As the second largest city in Taiwan, there are plenty of great reasons to take a trip to Taichung. From vivid outside art displays, the island's best night markets and beautiful scenic wilderness, here are some of the best things to do in and around Taichung.

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The Top Things to Do in Taichung, Taiwan

Feng Chia Night Market

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One of the largest and most impressive night markets in Taiwan, Feng Chia Night Market is reason enough to make a stop in Taichung. A short walk from the main train station at the heart of the city center, Feng Chia is street after street filled with night market food stalls.

There's plenty of street food here, but here are some of the best things to eat at Feng Chia Night Market.

Taichung Rainbow Village

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Created as a last attempt to save a small residential area from being demolished, Taichung's Rainbow Village is covered in colorful murals and paintings that gave the place its name. The village in Nantun District was painted starting in 2010 by Huang Yung-Fu, a retired army veteran and one of the only remaining people living there. Now it's being preserved by the government for its cultural significance and turned into a tourist attraction, with help from local students. The Rainbow Village in Taichung is one of Taiwan's most popular photo locations and for good reason, this huge vivid art display is stunning.

Day Trip to Sun Moon Lake

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One of Taiwan's most beautiful scenic areas, Sun Moon Lake is an easy day trip from Taichung. From stunning mountain hikes, boating and cycling around the lake to seeing Taiwanese aboriginal culture and sampling Taiwanese tea there's plenty of things to do around Sun Moon Lake.

Hop Over to Changhua

The main door at Longshan Temple in Lukang Township, Taiwan.

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For a journey back in time, head to Lukang in Changhua, an old city that was once the second largest city in Taiwan, after the old capital of Tainan. The narrow winding streets of the old town are a testimony to the past, dotted with age-old temples and shops selling snacks and delicacies.

Changhua is also well-known as the birthplace as one a favorite food of many Taiwanese, Bawan or often called Taiwanese meatballs. More akin to a giant dumpling, they're made with tapioca starch dough and filled with pork, mushrooms and sometimes bamboo shoots.

Drink Bubble Tea at its Birthplace

Bubble milk tea has become popular all around the world in recent years, but it all first started at a tea house in Taichung. Chun Shui Tang is said to have invented this iconic beverage in the late 1980s after figuring out ways to sell tea better during hot summers. While there are branches of Chun Shui Tang all over Taiwan and even abroad, the original tea house in Taichung is where it all started, a must-visit for any bubble tea or boba fan.

Guguan Hot Spring

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Taiwan is home to a number of hot springs and resort towns built around them such as Guguan Hot Spring near Taichung. Located deep in a mountain valley in central Taiwan, it's the perfect 'get away from the city and relax' destination. The town was severely damaged by the Jiji earthquake in 1999, but has since made a full recovery.

For a luxury stay, consider booking an overnight stay at Hoshinoya Guguan, a Japanese resort chain that's known for beautiful aesthetics and high-quality service.

The hot spring town is next to Basianshan National Forest Recreation Area and there are plenty of hiking trails to explore around the area.

Wuling Farm

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Further into the mountains from Guguan, Wuling Farm is a picturesque nature retreat where visitors can stay in mountain lodges and explore expansive scenery.

It's also the site of one of the most beautiful cherry blossom spots in Taiwan, with around 21,000 cherry trees gracing the slopes around there. The viewing period usually starts around mid February. In the autumn, there are a number of places with beautiful maple trees and fall colors.

Consider also visiting the picturesque Sqoyaw Village, an aboriginal settlement in the mountains near to Wuling Farm.

Taichung Park

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The oldest and most scenic parks in the city, Taichung Park was built by the Japanese when the island was governed by Japan. A picturesque place to explore in the center of the city, the park is full of ornate bridges, pavilions and walkways along with a beautiful lake.