Concepcion : A Beautiful City in Chile with Stunning Attractions

Concepcion : A Beautiful City in Chile with Stunning Attractions

Concepcion is a beautiful city that could be found in Chile. With a population of over 900,000 (2002), Concepcion is recognized as the second largest city in the country. It is worth noting that Concepcion has a lot of remarkable sightseeing destinations. On this article, we are going to be identifying ten of the best destinations in Concepcion which are worth sightseeing.

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Concepcion : A Beautiful City in Chile with Stunning Attractions

1. Universidad de Concepcion

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The first sightseeing destination which you could go to in Concepcion is the Universidad de Concepcion or the University of Concepcion. It is a traditional private university which was established in 1919. Noted as the third oldest university in Chile, the Universidad de Concepcion was the first university which was created in the center-south zone of Chile. When you are sightseeing around the campus, you will be able to witness its stunning architecture and its breathtaking art pieces such as murals and reliefs. One of the most prominent murals is entitled Presencia de America Latina which was made b Jorge Gonzalez Camarena.

2. Parque Ecuador

The Parque Ecuador is another sightseeing destination which could be found in Concepcion. It a park that is situated at the foot of Cerro Caracol. Close to the heart of the city, the Parque Ecuador corresponds to an extensive recreational area of more than one kilometer in length. When sightseeing around the park, you will be able to see several landmarks with cultural, social, and historical importance. Since 2015, the Parque Ecuador has included features to become an inclusive accessibility park for the children and adults who have different abilities.

3. Campanile

When you are sightseeing in Concepcion, specifically at the University of Concepcion, there is a great chance that you will encounter the Campanile. This is a towering structure that cuts through the dark pine trees at the university. It is said to be the symbol part excellence university and a sign of righteousness. Its arrow is said to be pointing up to where the clouds are to achieve clarity. It might seem to be a simple bell tower, but if you look closely into its history, you will be surprised as to how relevant it is to the students and employees of the university.

4. Museo de Historia Natural

The Museo de Historia Natural, known in English as the Museum of Natural History of Concepcion, is a stellar museum that could be found at the city of Concepcion. Because of its large collection that displays the history of Concepcion, it has become one of the most significant museums in the city and in the whole of Chile. There are permanent exhibitions that could be found inside the museum. These are entitled, "The Collectors," which tell the history of the museum, "World of Fossils," which show various specimens, "Presence of Coal," which shows the history of the minerals, and "Regional Space."

5. Concepción Zoo

The Concepción Zoo, also known as the Parque Zoo Concepcion or simply Zoo Concepcion, is another excellent sightseeing destination that could be found in Concepcion. It is a great place in Concepcion to bring your children who want to see various species of animals who are living and breathing. At present, there are around 290 species of animals thriving here - from mammals and birds to herbivores and carnivores. By interacting with some of the animals, you will surely have an awesome sightseeing experience at the Concepcion Zoo.

6. UCSC Museum of Religious Art

If you are fond of museums, Concepcion has a lot of them. One of the best museums that you could go for sightseeing is the UCSC Museum of Religious Art. This is an extensive museum in Concepcion which houses more than 200 art pieces - most of which are religious in nature. These artifacts are taken from the popular Quito school of the colonial and republican period. It would really be entertaining to be marveling and sightseeing around the said museum.

7. Parque Pedro del Rio Zanartu

The Parque Pedro del Rio Zanartu is a recreational and historical place that could be found in Concepcion. It is home to various museums, mausoleums, and camping places, among others. The park was named after Pedro del Rio Zanartu, a businessman, and writer who hailed from Concepcion. The different artifacts that are contained inside the museum were collected by Pedro del Rio himself. At present, the park depends on the government of the province of Concepcion. If you come to the park, you will surely learn more about the history of Concepcion.

8. Plaza Acevedo

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The Plaza Acevedo is a great attraction in Concepcion which is worth sightseeing. The park is dedicated to Luis Acevedo who pioneered aviation in Chile. When sightseeing inside the square, you will be able to see the Museum of Natural History of Concepcion, a small theme park called the Jurassic Park, among other others. The Jurassic Park, in particular, comprises of attractions and games which are related to dinosaurs which once thrives the planet Earth. Bring your children to Plaza Acevedo and expect that they will have a lot of fun sightseeing around it.

9. Catedral de la Santisima Concepcion

The Catedral de la Santisima Concepcion, known in English as the Cathedral of the Most Holy Conception, is a Roman Catholic Church that could be found in the city of Concepcion. Like any other Cathedrals, this church is noted for its distinct architecture and its antique statues, sculptures, and paintings that could be found inside the church. The Catedral de la Santisima Concepcion is a popular place of worship among the Catholics, but for sightseeing tourists, it is also a place that is worth visiting.

10. Galeria de la Historia de Concepcion

Our final sightseeing destination on this list is the Galeria de la Historia de Concepcion which is known in English as the Gallery of the History of Concepcion. It consists of an exhibition hall and a permanent exhibition of dioramas which were made by Rodolfo Gutierrez, otherwise known as Zerreitug. These dioramas present the history of Concepcion and of the Biobio region, and of the conurbation of the Great Conception. There are also exhibitions which show the crafts, clothing, utensils, and instruments which were part of the Mapuche culture.

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It should be noted that Concepcion's beauty comes not only from its environment and the people living on it but also on its sightseeing destinations. For a memorable trip to Concepcion, be sure to check out each of the sightseeing attractions which were mentioned above.