Chile:Home to Some of the Most Beautiful Landscape in South America

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Chile:Home to Some of the Most Beautiful Landscape in South America

Chile stretches across most of the west coast of South America, with a number of beautiful national parks and unique landscapes the country offers numerous incredible escapes to nature. In the center of the long strip you'll find the modern metropolis of Santiago, the capital, with a vibrant nightlife scene and mash of South American cultures. Here's ten places and landscapes you should definitely check out when visiting Chile.

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Chile:Home to Some of the Most Beautiful Landscape in South America

1. Los Pinguinos Natural Monument (Punta Arenas)

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At the tip of Chile's southern end on Magdalena Island is one of Chile's most important colony of penguins, with an estimated 60,000 pairs of the Magellanic penguin calling it home. The area is open to tourists from October to March and makes for an easy day trip for those staying in the main settlement of Punta Arenas.

2. Atacama Desert (Atacama)

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Known to be the driest place on earth, the Atacama Desert's vast stretch of land includes some incredible landscapes along with a surprising amount of wildlife and settlements for such an apparently barren area. Most visitors head to San Pedro de Atacama, a historic Chilean town in the desert not far from the incredible Andes mountain range. From here it's easy to explore some of the stunning surrounding scenery such as the Valle de la Luna and Salar de Atacama. The desert is also a popular area for conducting astronomical observations with the weather commonly allowing for clear skies, lit up by hundreds of stars at night.

3. Parque Nacional Torres del Paine (Puerto Natales)

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Offering some of the most incredible scenery in Chile's sparsely populated Patagonia, Torres Del Paine National Park is full of picturesque mountains, glaciers and lakes. The park is perfect for hiking with numerous well-marked trails perfect for beginners and the more advanced hikers. The most notable feature is the unique peaks of the three Towers of Paine, three rocky peaks that rise dramatically over the surrounding area.

4. Valparaiso (Valparaíso)

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A beautiful city located on the Chilean coast, Valparaiso is famous for its brightly colored houses and architecture of the historic quarter. The hilly terrain of the city makes for some picturesque views over the coastline and out over the Pacific Ocean. Apart from soaking in the seaside atmosphere, the town is a popular spot for Chileans to getaway and relax on the stunning golden beaches dotted around the nearby coastline.

5. Cerro San Cristobal (San Pedro)

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Cerro San Cristobal is a hill in the north of the capital of Santiago, offering beautiful views over the main area of the city. The area is particularly famous for its huge statue of the Virgin Mary that towers over the top of the hill. You'll also find a number of pools where you can chill out as you enjoy the incredible view, along with a number of romantic restaurants, gardens and even a zoo.

6. Metropolitan Cathedral (Santiago)

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One of the oldest churches in the country, the Chile Metropolitan Cathedral is the headquarters of the Catholic Archdiocese of Santiago. First constructed in the 18th century, the building is a perfect example of some of the stunning architecture found in the city's historic square, the Plaza de Armas. The ceiling of the cathedral is particularly ornate with huge stunning chandeliers and beautifully-decorated frescoes.

7. Miscanti Lake (San Pedro)

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A beautiful natural landscape in the north of the country, Miscanti Lake is located high up in the mountains near the Atacama desert area. Along with the lake itself there are also a series of beautiful lagoons nearby, along with a number of hikes around the surrounding mountains. The region is known for hosting a wide variety of wildlife including Andean flamingos, the Culpeo fox and much more.

8. Valle de la Luna (San Pedro)

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A must-visit place for anyone visiting the incredible Atacama Desert, the Valle de la Luna is a vast rocky expanse that's often compared to the landscape on the moon. A photographer's dream, the area is home to some of Chile's most stunning scenery with its colorful landscape and fascinating rock formations. It's particularly famous as a spot for watching the sunset as in the sun's final moments the color of the landscape changes from a reddish pink to purple.

9. Gran Torre Santiago (Santiago)

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The tallest building in Latin America, Gran Torre Santiago towers over the Chilean capital of Santiago, with beautifully picturesque views over the city and out towards the snowy peaks of the Andes. A perfect representation of the modernization of Chile's capital, Gran Torre Santiago rises 300 meters with its observation deck Sky Costanera on the 62nd floor offering 360° views over the city.


With some of the most incredible natural landscape in South America, a wide array of exotic wildlife and one of the most developed cities on the continent, Chile offers a little something for everyone.