Auckland: 10 Things to Do in the City of Sails

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Auckland: 10 Things to Do in the City of Sails

Auckland is a stunning gem of a city that is known for its lively harbors and vibrant coastline. The country's biggest city, you'll find a unique charm to its animated culture and incredible sights to check out here. Also known as the 'City of Sails', Auckland is an iconic destination in New Zealand that'll captivate you with the beautiful surrounding landscape and enchanting vibe of the city. Centered around two large harbors, Auckland is located on the north side of New Zealand's North Island. Here are some of the places you need to check out if you're visiting the city.

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Auckland: 10 Things to Do in the City of Sails

1. Auckland Sky Tower

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The best place to go in the city to get some stunning views of the urban area, this needle like tower is the most prominent landmark in the city, towering over the area at 328 meters high. You'll find an observation deck at the top perfecting for snapping some gorgeous views of the city. It's a 60-story tower that features a revolving restaurant and even offers bungee jumping for those feeling a little more adventurous. It offers a 360 degree view of the city from the top and the visitors can walk the 192-meter high exterior sky walk platform if you're in need of an adrenaline rush.

2. Auckland War Memorial Museum

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The neo-classical architecture of the war memorial museum is one of the most important museums of the city. You'll find a huge collection of things from the history of New Zealand, spanning from natural history to military history. The exhibition for the museum collection started showcasing in 1852 and the building was officially opened to the public in 1929. There are cenotaphs and consecrated grounds located in front of the museum to serve as a war memorial. The memorial was erected to remember the soldiers from New Zealand who lost their lives in World War I.

3. Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium

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The gigantic aquarium gives you an almost realistic feeling of being under water. The public aquarium was opened in 1985, established and started by archaeologist Kelly Tarlton. It was proposed in 1983 in unused sewage tanks and the acrylic tanks open you to a number of different fishes. It has series of huge aquariums which can be seen through the tunnel walkways. You'll find a number of marine creatures like sharks, sting rays and tropical fishes there too. It also has an Antarctic encounter gallery with a snow-filled penguin enclosure.

4. Waitemata Harbour

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The Waitemata Harbor divides the city neatly into two and is one of the most gorgeous and beautiful landmarks of the city. The harbor makes things easy for Auckland through the waterway communication and led it into becoming the capital of New Zealand in 1840, before it was later changed to Wellington. The Auckland Harbor Bridge adds double the attraction and was completed in the year 1959. The bridge is around one kilometer long and measures 43 meters high. The bridge connects the city to a number of beaches located across the bay.

5. One Tree Hill

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One of the most prominent landmarks in Auckland and one of the symbolic representations of Auckland. The hill is 182-meter and is present amidst the lush green Cornwall Park. There are number of flower beds and trees along with a gorgeous walking trail around it. The slopes contain remains and remnants of a fortified village called Maori Pa. The village was founded in the pre-European Era and the one tree hill marks the obelisk, built over grave of Sir John Logan Campbell.

6. Waiheke Island

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Waiheke Island is one of the most popular of the islands around Auckland with a number of art galleries and beautiful cafes around the island that makes it an attractive place for locals and visitors to escape to for the day. The coastal part of the island also has number of white sand beaches perfect for a spot of relaxation. It is a phenomenal place for hikers and trekkers with an abundance of natural, green trails.

7. Viaduct Harbor

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The harbor is one of the most iconic and beautiful views of Auckland. Once known for hosting the America’s Cup yachting regatta which snowballed the area into becoming one of the most popular areas of the city. You'll find a flower market there every Sunday that entertains crowds with live music and street food as one of the main events of the neighborhood.

8. Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Islands

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For the perfect escape to nature, head to Hauraki Gulf Marine Park with its gorgeously lush green areas spread out among a number of islands. There are a number of activities you can try out here such as hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and much more. The park also has a dormant volcano on Rangitoto Island with a large number of pohutukawa trees making it the largest forest of its kind. Head to Tiritiri Matangi Island for the wildlife sanctuary where you can spot a number of different endangered species.

9. Albert Park

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Albert Park is located in the heart of the city and is known for its elaborate Victorian styled fountain. It has number of flower beds and is perfect to visit with family and friends. Albert Park House contains a number of eclectic attractions in the form of ceramics, clocks along with a beautiful floral clock dating back to 1953. It also houses the largest Meteorological Observatory that has provided weather news since 1909.

10. Kaipara Coast Sculptures Gardens

The fascinating structure is a major attraction of the city and a great way to explore the countryside aura of the surrounding city. The beautiful and well manicured garden trail has a number of exotic flora and fauna. It hosts an array of ever changing sculptural art by some of the most prominent artists in the country. It is a huge gallery that features nearly 50 sculptures bringing out the best contemporary art. The garden has huge number of pine forest, native bush and typical farmland, with waterfalls and streams in a beautiful forests.


Auckland is a gorgeous coastal city that is divided through its mesmerizing harbors. With so many natural trails, wilderness and white sand beaches, the city is ever charming and a perfect countryside gem to explore and experience.