Nassau : A City Surrounded by Paradise in the Bahamas

Nassau : A City Surrounded by Paradise in the Bahamas

Nassau is the capital city of the Bahamas located in the northeast coast of the New Providence island. It is the economic hub with well thriving economic activities. It is one of the famous cruise ship ports harbors in the Caribbean. Get to experience the natural and urban attractions in the Nassau island as you see the fantastic traffic of the ship as they dock in large harbor such as George Wharf.

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Nassau : A City Surrounded by Paradise in the Bahamas

1. Paradise Island

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It was popularly known as Hog Island; it is home to tourist with many beautiful and unique Atlantis resorts and also a collection of hotels, private rooms, and extensive golf course. It has a harbor that is formed from the connection by the two mainland bridges from the edge of the New Providence Island. One can take a walk along the bridge as you see the beautiful water from the Caribbean ocean. The best must-visit sight that one must visit include the Marina village that is one stop attractive shopping place with shops, restaurants, and big yachts. Experience its peaceful Versailles garden that is free to enter and enjoy the great moments.

2. Blue Lagoon Island

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The Blue Lagoon Island is located three miles from Nassau’s historic harbor. It is a place to visit as it offers astonishing attractions that make the sightseeing tour amazing and memorable. It is officially popular as the Salt cay that has extensive beaches, a collection of water and land-based activities that fits all ages. The Blue Lagoon Island in Nassau ha everything one can look in a tropical habitat such as swaying palm trees, mesmerizing white sandy beaches, and sky blue clear waters. It does not compromise with wild animals such as birds making a paradise for birdwatchers in colorful vegetation. Tourists can engage in various activities such as water sports and also interact with dolphins.

3. Aquaventure Water Park

The Aquaventure Water Park at Atlantis Paradise Island covers an extensive area of more than 100 acres featuring attractions activities and sites such as outstanding rides, destined adventures and jaw breaking fun activities. Tourists can slide on a high-speed water tower deep to any of the 11 swimming pools and also roll in the one-mile long river with rolling rapids. Children as well can enjoy water-play and swim in twenty different locations. Inside this park find the iconic Mayan temple and the Power tower where all the fun water activities begin. This amusement has been rated as one of the best in the world.

4. Ardastra Gardens

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It was found in 1973 and named after the Jamaican horticulturalist popularly known as the Hedley Vivian. It is famous since it was the first Bahamas zoo and currently prides itself and the hub for more 200 animals. It is situated at the heart of Nassau and covers an area of more than four acres of gardens that is home to a collection of a wild variety of mammals, reptiles and bird species such as the tall pink flamingos of Caribbean. Enjoy a wildlife watching tour to interact with endangered Bahamas flamingos as you enjoy the natural habitat and the beautiful sceneries.

5. Clifton Heritage National Park

The Clifton Heritage National Park is public tourist attraction site that was opened in 2004 in an area of 208 acres. It showcases the historical and cultural heritage related to Lucayans, the loyalist, and the African civilizations. It owns an astonishing collection of natural landscapes that are composed of coastal wetland, sandy beaches, and ancient dunes. It is known to offer an outstanding outdoors activity one can enjoy liking hiking and walking, wildlife and bird-watching, boat riding, fishing, and swimming. The park has notable historical sites that are worth visiting such as the buildings, historical stones, and the Great house.

6. The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas

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The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas was a living place for the Villa Doyle built in the 1860s. It is home to the national art gallery of the Bahamas. A tourist enjoys the most spectacular collection of the art that is focused on the Bahamian artists that date back to the late 20th century. This collection is composed of the display of sculptures, ceramics, paintings, photography and other media exhibits. The permanent exhibitions are housed in the ground floor while the upper floors showcase the history of Bahamian culture. Enjoy the educative programs, arts, and free public library.

7. Pirates of Nassau Museum

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The Pirates of Nassau Museum is located in the port harbor and is an exciting place to learn about the piracy in the Bahamas. The museum is welcoming with a poster of the famous pirate ship famously known as the “revenge.” Get to experience how the ships look like as you interact with the parts of a ship such as a cannon and swinging hammocks. Come face to face with the tarnished pirates such as the Anne Bonny and Mary Read in the beachside shantytown. See the impressive gallery of the historic ship and the beautiful carvings that are worth seeing during the sightseeing tour in Nassau.

8. Lukka Kairi

The Lukka Kairi is a place found at the harbor, and it is active sea eatery that offers Bahamian cuisine. It is a place to find unusual and best flavors of the Bahama’s island ready on the table. Get to sample the different foods from great chefs such as Monica Hutchinson that is authentic and trending. Get to be served with an array of colorful cocktails that match with your selection. The most exciting thing about this place visitors chose to be served with old treasured dishes from different places in the world. This place open throughout the year for a sightseeing tour.

9. Parliament Square

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The Parliament Square was built in 1815 and is a stunning colonial plaza that houses the government’s house of assembly, the supreme court and the leader of the government opposition. See the state of the art iconic building that surrounds the square and model to be attractive like those in the North Carolina and Queen Victoria. Get to walk in the various section of the building as you get mesmerized by the powerful leadership in hosted in this multi-story building. One is allowed to visit on the planned date, and there are guided tour of all places in this fantastic building.

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Nassau in the Bahamas is an amazing place with a lot of tourist attraction that is worth visiting and ranges from natural parks with wildlife animals and endangered species. Relax as you swim in the vast and astonishing sand beaches, get to learn the history of the Bahamas in the iconic museum that contains an array of exhibits and gallery.