Cebu : The Queen City of the South in the Philippines

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Cebu : The Queen City of the South in the Philippines

Cebu is the capital city of the island province of the same which could be found in the Central Visayas region in the Philippines. Due to its commercial potential and its stunning attractions, Cebu has been regarded as the Queen City of the South. When sightseeing around Cebu, you will be amazed to witness a lot of sightseeing destinations. On this article, we are going to identify ten of the best destinations in Cebu which are worth sightseeing.

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Cebu : The Queen City of the South in the Philippines

1. Basilica del Santo Nino

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Our first sightseeing destination in the Philippines is the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino de Cebu, which is known in English as the Minor Basilica of the Holy Child of Cebu. Founded by Fray Andres de Urdaneta, OSA and Fray Diego de Herrera OSA in 1565, the Basilica is the regarded as the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines. The church was built on the place where the image of the Santo Niño de Cebu was found during Miguel Lopez de Legazpi's expedition. The same image presented by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521.

2. Yap Sandiego Ancestral House

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If you are keen on knowing the rich heritage of Cebu, you may want to stop by the Yap Sandiego Ancestral House. Known to be one of the oldest houses in the Philippines, this ancestral house is said to have been constructed in the seventeenth century. It served as the house of Don Juan Yap and Doña Maria Florido together with their three children. Such ancestral has stayed in its original state even though several portions of the house has already been weather-beaten in time. There are a lot of things to see when you are sightseeing on this place so make sure to stop by the Yap Sandiego Ancestral House.

3. Museo Sugbo

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Located in the former Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Museo Sugbo is the provincial museum of Cebu. Designed in 1869 by Domingo de Escondrilla, Museo Sugbo once housed the provincial jail of Cebu called as Carcel de Cebu. Since its establishment in 2008, the museum has showcased the local heritage of Cebu through its galleries. When sightseeing inside this museum, you will be able to see various collections including the Spanish Colonial Gallery, the Katipunan Revolution and the American Colonial Gallery, the National Museum Gallery, and the Cebu Journalism and Journalist Gallery, among others.

4. Cebu Heritage Monument

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The Cebu Heritage Monument is an excellent attraction that you could visit when you are sightseeing in Cebu. This is a tableau of sculptures that portray the rich history of Cebu. Built by Eduardo Castrillo, the monument began construction in 1997 and was finished in 2000. The scenes depicted in the monument include the baptism of Rajah Humabon, the procession of Santo Niño, the Battle of Mactan between Ferdinand Magellan and Lapu-Lapu, and a Roman Catholic mass. The Cebu Heritage Monument is built with concrete, bronze, steel, and brass.

5. 1730 Jesuit House

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The 1730 Jesuit House, also known as the Museo de Parian, is one of the oldest house in the Philippines. The house is home to various artifacts which show the rich culture and tradition of Cebu. Many of these collections date back 1730, but others may date back further. It has a relief plaque which bears the date on the wall inside the entrance door of the man house. It was said that this used to be the residence of the second highest official of the Jesuits in the Philippines.

6. Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

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The Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, known officially as the Metropolitan Cathedral and Parish of Saint Vitalis and of the Guardian Angels, is a Roman Catholic Church and the seat of the Archdiocese of Cebu which is located at the heart of Cebu City. It was established as a diocese in 1595. It follows a Spanish colonial architectural style, following the fact that Cebu was indeed colonized by the Spanish regime. A place of worship and sightseeing, the church is dedicated to Vitalis of Milan and the Holy Guardian Angels.

7. Casa Gorordo Museum

The Casa Gorordo Museum served as the home of Juan Gorodo, the first Filipino Bishop of Cebu. As a matter of fact, four generations of Gorodo family have stayed in this home. Located in Lopez Jaena Street in Cebu, such museum is worthy of sightseeing due to the collections it houses. Casa Gorordo Museum is home to various ancient relics which depict the lifestyle of the Filipinos during the 1860s to the 1920s. Such relics include paintings, old furniture, among others. Its courtyard is also worthy of sightseeing.

8. Mountain View Nature Park

Aside from being rich in heritage, Cebu is also abounded with natural wonders which are worth sightseeing. One of which is the Mountain View Nature Park. This is a popular resort in Busay, a beautiful spot in Cebu. There are a lot of things which you could do in this nature park. Its facilities include a campsite, a view deck which shows you the beauty of Cebu, a rope course challenge, and a restaurant. There is also an infinity pool for those who want to dive into the waters after a long day of sightseeing.

9. Taoist Temple

The Taoist Temple is a temple that could be found in Cebu City. Build by the Chinese community of the city in 1972, the Taoist Temple is towering and multi-tiered, with multi-colored attractions which could be accessed by three separate routes. This temple is open for worshippers and those who are sightseeing. For devotees, the place is a great place to hold a ritual where they could pray to the gods for wishes. The entrance of the Taoist Temple is a replica of the Great Wall of China.

10. Magellan's Cross

When you are in Cebu, you should stop by Magellan's Cross, a Catholic cross planted by explorers under the leadership of Ferdinand Magellan upon arriving in Cebu in 1521. At present, the cross is housed in a chapel that is adjacent to the Basilica Minode del Santo Niño. Just below the cross, a sign could be found describing the original cross as encased inside the wooden cross. When sightseeing in Cebu, be sure to visit this relic.

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When sightseeing around Cebu City, you will be able to experience several attractions which display the rich heritage of the city. Do not forget to visit the places mentioned above so that you will have an exciting trip to Cebu City.




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