Clermont-Ferrand : Auvergne’s Industrial Capital Distinctive with a Skyline That Has a Moodily Gothic Ambiance

Clermont-Ferrand : Auvergne’s Industrial Capital Distinctive with a Skyline That Has a Moodily Gothic Ambiance

Clermont-Ferrand is Auvergne’s industrial capital that is distinctive with a skyline that has a moodily gothic ambiance. This is due to the dark volcanic stone that brings a different hue. As much as it thrives as an industrial city, it is also grand when it comes to cuisine with the many restaurants serving local delicacies. The arts are also not left out with plenty of fizzling art and live music scenes. Below are some of the thrilling sightseeing options Clermont-Ferrand has to offer.

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Clermont-Ferrand : Auvergne’s Industrial Capital Distinctive with a Skyline That Has a Moodily Gothic Ambiance

1. Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral

This is a very gothic and grand church in Clermont-Ferrand. It stands out to be very unique as it was built using volcanic stones giving it its dark gothic shade. Many with a taste of architecture and photography love sightseeing this church as it is rich in character. Its ornate glass windows are also stained and lined with biblical stories that make it interesting. Since this church stands tall among its surrounding buildings, you can take the opportunity of going up the stairs for some panoramic picture perfect views.

2. L'Aventure Michelin

L’Aventure Michelin is a great mobility museum that has modernized the world of bicycle and motor transport. The place was once a regular workshop that was renovated into what it is today. There are various exhibits rich in history about the first detachable tyres among other things covering the motor industry in Clermont-Ferrand. Since the place is huge, covering about 2000 square meters, you are bound to enjoy more than you think. Most sightseeing the venue appreciate the Bibendum who is the legendary Michelin man. The museum has its displays laid out in English making it convenient but also has a handy app to go along with it making your tour pleasant.

3. Jardin Lecoq

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Jardin Lecoq is a beautiful oasis located around downtown Clermont-Ferrand. It is referred to as the center of Clermont-Ferrand since it is well connected by the transit system. The place is nothing short of breathtaking. A Beautiful park with lots of flora and animals. One gets to admire the rose gardens and French styled flower beds. There is also a pond where swans and ducks are in plenty. If you take a stroll around the park, you will land on some very interesting trees some of which are labeled as rare. This is the ideal place to relax and enjoy nature free of charge.

4. Panoramique des Domes

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Panoramique des Domes is an investment that cost 85 million euros. This provides sightseeing tourists with the opportunity to go uphill to the Puy de Dome via a special train with large windows allowing views. The selling point of this uphill ride are the views tourists get to encounter. One gets to see the changing color landscapes of Clermont-Ferrand as well as amazing features such as the crater lakes which would take days to explore. The whole trip tries to sum up some of the volcanic chain wonders. While going uphill, it is advisable to sit on the left then while going downhill, to sit on the right.

5. Vulcania

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Vulcania is both a volcano themed park and an educational volcano museum. It is the perfect place in Clermont-Ferrand to discover all you need to know about volcanoes. This site was inaugurated in the year 2002 and has since been used to create awareness among the young and old alike. During your visit, you will get to understand some of the beauty behind natural forces as well as have fun with the various interactive exhibits. There are 5D films showcased on giant screens, different galleries on display, get the live experience of both earthquakes and tsunamis as well as riding down a lava flow. The park is also common for school children who frequent it for field trips. A tour around this place can take up a full day since there is so much sightseeing to do. Tickets sold at the venue cost slightly more than ordering online.

6. Musee d'Art Roger Quilliot

Musee d'Art Roger Quilliot is one of the most convenient museums you are bound to find in Clermont-Ferrand since it has its own tram stop. The museum houses both permanent and temporary exhibits. The permanent exhibits are mostly paintings along with other items such as stuff from the Roman and medieval period, Gaulles among others. The museum gives off a French flavor despite not many paintings carrying local names. Despite its general size, one can get lost in the rich history making them spend more time than intended.

7. Place de Jaude

Place de Jaude is the core of Clermont-Ferrand. This is where most of the magic happens around the town. It was once an open grassy space that has been turned into an oasis through the planting of trees and gardens. Surrounding it are many malls, bars, and restaurants. It is the most pedestrian cobbled streets with many of the locals going about their everyday lives. If you hear of any city event, these are the most suitable grounds to peep as it is common for such.

8. Puy-de-Dome

Puy-de-Dome is a striking blue dome among the mountains that is used as a symbol of Clermont-Ferrand. It creates a moonlike landscape that cuts across the volcanoes. It is the main highlight of the Puy-de-chan. Getting to the top, you can either take a train at 15 euros or decide to walk up. There are busses that can take you downhill for 1.5 euros. If you decide to walk, you will get to have many tops for resting as benches are availed. Aside from enjoying this beautiful landmark, you can use the same opportunity to indulge in some paragliding.

9. Basilica of Notre-Dame du Port

Basilica of Notre-Dame du Port takes the title of the most intriguing Romanesque churches in the country. Its interiors are subtle giving a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The design is also minimalist aside from the crafted capitals at the pillars. The outside, however, is blessed with hundreds of details which makes it very captivating for anyone passing by. Great detail views can be obtained from the church’s belvedere balcony that is situated across the apsis. Just like most buildings in Clermont-Ferrand, it is a product of volcanic stones.

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Clermont-Ferrand definitely prides in its rich volcanic history that lingers in its landscapes. Tourists traveling to this city will enjoy its external beauty as well as its internal beauty as it shines both ways. With the plethora of sightseeing activities available, you will have some much to carry from a single trip. This city should be somewhere on your top visit places.