Beziers : Small Town in Languedoc That Is Full of Character

Beziers : Small Town in Languedoc That Is Full of Character

Beziers is a small town in Languedoc that is full of character. It is one of the most underrated parts of southern France. Despite being a small place, it has a rich history as it was founded by the Romans. This town was also razed during the Albigensian Crusade. When you visit Beziers, expect to be amazed by all it has going on. From its picturesque streets lined with magnificent buildings to great squares. Some of the sightseeing marvels of Beziers are cited below.

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Beziers : Small Town in Languedoc That Is Full of Character

1. The Nine Locks of Fonserannes

The nine Locks of Fonserannes is a wonderful wonder to see flights of nine locks that were built in 1669. These locks are found on the famous midi du canal and can be accessed via boat. However, on the first lock, one needs to catch the lines and wrap ropes around the bollards. There are many tourists who come visiting this place. There is a lock keeper present although his main duty is to mand the area and not give tours. At the top of the locks is a nice restaurant which is ideal for lunch or dinner. Another thing to be keen on is ensuring all latches are well closed while in the locks as the water pressure is too strong.

2. Béziers Cathedral

Béziers Cathedral is a 13 century Roman Catholic church in Beziers. It is an interesting place to visit due to the history and architecture. Its edifice gates were restored to their original state after their destruction. Like most cathedrals, it has stained glass windows and is absolutely stunning and peaceful. The organ is very impressive adding detail to this cathedral. The sightseeing can take you some few minutes but is definitely worth it. From this building, you can also get views across the river Orb.

3. Beziers Adventure

Beziers Adventure is an extensive adventure park that incorporates a bunch of outdoor sports and fun activities. The grounds is a park with many trees and spaces facilitating these activities. You will find some ropes too. All these challenges vary in the extent that you start from the less difficult to the more strenuous activity. Some of the challenges include zip lines and high ropes. Some climbs may seem challenging especially for the kids but there are guides to see you through. Even if you are not familiar with such, the staff gives lessons through your first course making it easier for you.

4. Plateau des poètes

Plateau des poètes is a beautiful chill park in Beziers. Tourists spend one to two hours just strolling this amazing park. It is one of those city parks that provides a perfect escape from the bustle of the busy city life. It also favors children by offering open play areas for them to interact. Aside from the peaceful escape, you can take some time to go sightseeing at the war memorial situated at the lower entrance of the park. Visiting this park during summer adds more color as most flowers are out.

5. Orb Aqueduct (Pont Vieux)

Pont Vieux is an old bridge linking Beziers to the old town. It raises above the Orb river carrying the Canal du Midi. Tourists are able to walk across it to get better views of the bridge and its surrounding but are required to take caution as the bridge is in use by motorists. Getting to the bridge is not as complicated as you can connect the road down the cathedral. The winding road on the side is super steep and narrow. It is also prone to accidents and if not careful, you might get hurt.

6. Abbaye de Fontcaude

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Abbaye de Fontcaude is a restored abbey that remains to be a hidden gem thriving amidst vineyards in a small village. It is considered to be a jewel of the Romanesque art. Some of the key features of Abbaye de Fontcaude include an Abbey church, foundry of bells, oil mill and a museum of sculptures. The abbey is also home to many concerts of the Gregorian chants and you will be lucky to experience one. The surrounding village adds to the charm of the place as it boasts a tranquil escape.

7. Musee du Biterrois

Musee du Biterrois is a nicely-curated museum in Beziers. It houses carious collection from local archeology, geology, paintings, sculptures among other remnants of the Roman and Medieval era. The museum has tried to do a commendable job of laying our the collections in a chronological order covering some from modern times too. One can also gather up some information on Napoleon 3 too. Despite descriptions being in French, you are able to enjoy the experience. The museum offers re-entry so you are able to take a break from sightseeing and still go back to wind up on your visit.

8. Brasserie Artisanale Alaryk

Brasserie Artisanale Alaryk is a craft brewery that offers organic and local craft beers. It is not far from canal du midi so there is no reason why you should not visit this beautiful brewery. The patrons are very welcoming making you feel like part of the family. The brewery also offers a wide variety of beer flavors that you can sample. It is the perfect stop if you wish to hold a big celebration as you will be spoilt for choice with the various variants they have. Some of the known variants include white, amber, IPA among others. You are sure to leave the brewery with some goodies as a token of appreciation.

9. Musee Fayet

Musee Fayet was once a mansion belonging to the Fayet family, the wine bourgeoisie of Beziers.
This mansion was converted to a cultural museum in 1966 after it was sold to the town. The building itself is breathtaking with outstanding features. The many fireplaces and mirrors speak volume about this prestigious family that once occupied this space. The displays available are exemplary as they also house temporary exhibits on their second floor. Entrance is charged at 3 euros per person but this also allows free admission to Musee Fabrega.

10. Chateau de Raissac

Chateau de Raissac is a magnificent estate of the Viennet family in Beziers. The estate is surrounded by vineyards and old gardens. The rooms of the estate are very beautiful making it stand out as a luxurious spot. Cuisines served at the residence is that of Mediterranean origin. There are reception rooms which can be rented out for private events too. The stables area has been converted to a mini-museum where you can view some of Jean Viennet’s amazing paintings. The hosts welcome you to their humble abode and take you through the various aspects of the estate. Every one of them seems to be talented in some form of art.

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Beziers should not be overlooked when touring southern France. It has plenty of nice things to offer in a small town. This hilly escape is the ideal splendor during the month of August because it is when the bullfighting season commences. It will be one of your most memorable sightseeing experiences!