Rennes : A Vibrant Capital with Medieval Elements and Lively Entertainment Spots

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Rennes : A Vibrant Capital with Medieval Elements and Lively Entertainment Spots

Rennes is a vibrant city in Brittany that has a medieval atmosphere. It has been a crossroads rising since Roman times but still continues to thrive. During the night time, it turns into a lively zoo full of youths enjoying the various entertainment spots. As stern as it may appear to be, Rennes actually provides some great sightseeing spots that will have any visitor glued to its territory. These are some of the places you should visit when in Rennes.

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Rennes : A Vibrant Capital with Medieval Elements and Lively Entertainment Spots

1. Parc du Thabor

Parc du Thabor is a landscaped park in Rennes that has been serving the people since the 18th century. It is famous for the aviary where sightseeing guests get to see different species of birds such as sparrows and peacocks. You can also get the opportunity to feed them. The natural landscape of the park is appealing to the eye with various flora surrounding the vicinity. There are a lot of trees and rose flowers around the area. The lawns are great for picnics as you watch the waters oozing from the fountains around.

2. Museum of Fine Arts of Rennes

The Museum of Fine Arts is an important 18th-century contemporary art museum in Rennes. When going sightseeing, expect to see some various Celtic and Greek antiques that are over 500 years old. You will also get to see work from Picasso among other great collections. The place is a gem for any art lover as the collection is vast covering both the ground and top floors. The walls are not left out and some great pieces are on display in most areas. Admission to this fine museum is charged at 6 euros per person.

3. Espace des Sciences

Espace des Sciences is a great itinerary if you wish to get geeked out while in Rennes. The center is a composition of a large science center that also has a planetarium. The venue attracts a large number of people for sightseeing however, most are children who enjoy the various exhibitions. At the center, you learn more about science, technology, and industries. The place is also famous for the Festival of Sciences together with the publication of the science magazine, Ouest. There is also a lab that is worth checking out for some crazy experiments.

4. Marche des Lices

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Marche des Lices is an outdoor market in the city of Rennes. The market is so large that covers an area of 3 acres. The market consists of food products mostly fresh farm produce of vegetables and fruits. Many people. The main building that serves as a symbol for this market is also used during the Saturday market sale. The building is full of history believed to be over 300 years old. If you are sightseeing in Rennes and wish to get the best vegetables the city has to offer, a stroll through this market on Saturday is the best place.

5. Basilique Saint-Sauveur de Rennes

Rennes Cathedral is one of the most important roman catholic churches found in Rennes. The church dates back to 1906 and has been a historical monument ever since. The church is used as a symbol of our lady and the sculpture of the Virgin Mary and child stands out as a beautiful feature. Many devotees are seen going to this particular church to pray and join in mass. Since the place is not open daily, it is good to get a sneak peak during one of the masses. You will get an opportunity to listen to the choir sing in melodious voices and see the beautifully gilded wood lectern.

6. Parc des Gayeulles

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Parc des Gayeulles is a beautiful park with well-marked trails in Rennes. There are many recreational activities that take place in the park including hiking, picnicking, swimming among other activities. For those into sports, the trails are ideal for biking and jogging. There is also a table tennis area set aside for the people. Everything around the park seems to be well-maintained. As an extra feature, sightseeing tourists get to explore a small farm within the park too! This is the perfect spot in Rennes if you are having a lazy afternoon.

7. Parlement de Bretagne

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Parlement de Bretagne is the parliamentary building of Rennes. The building itself has so much to offer with breathtaking colorful architecture. The decor inside is very precise with an amazing layout. Inside it, you will learn many great stories and history of the city and judicial system. Tours are not for everyone hence a thorough background check will be done on you before you are allowed to access the premises. Tickets for entry can only be purchased at the tourism office. You will get a guided tour too both in French and English.

8. Train Marin

Train Marin is a train truck that takes you around the town center to the sandy beaches of Rennes. It is one of the most memorable rides you can get on while sightseeing this city. The train marin usually come accompanied by a guide that takes you through the whole stretch. Despite it being in French, you can get sheets in English too. A two-hour ride on board will expose you to some of the amazing adventures. When at the beach, tourists on board are given the opportunity to sample the mussel beds. A small fishing session also takes place offering a great experience.

9. Roazhon Park

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Roazhon Park is the grand stadium of Rennes. Named after its own city, the soccer stadium is home to the league one football team hence the color themes of red and black. It has hosted some great teams including the French national team. Due to the ideal location, many sports enthusiasts around the city flock this 30k sitting capacity stadium. It may not stand out architecturally but the atmosphere is what keeps the place going. If you are lucky enough, you will able to catch an ongoing match while sightseeing.

10. Frac Bretagne

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Frac Bretagne is a contemporary modern art museum in Rennes that houses over 5,000 works of art. It has drawn many young people around Rennes towards the world of art even making a policy that allows those under 26 years to enter free. The exhibitions are very beautiful and well laid out. The museum also has a park area with a beautiful setting that allows a great venue for Sunday brunch The place is great to visit especially during lunch hour when you can sample some fresh seafood from the nearby restaurants.


Sitting at junction linking France northwestern major city, Rennes has been able to fuse a different diversity of cities into one big ball of independence. It provides a variety of activities that will have you occupied throughout the whole trip. Whether traveling as an individual, group or family, Rennes is able to cater to all your needs.