Murmansk : Get to Know More about Russian Naval History and More

Murmansk : Get to Know More about Russian Naval History and More

Murmansk is located towards the North-western side of Russia along the bay off the Barents Sea. The city is surrounded by spectacular landscapes and amazing culture that gives the visitor a beautiful perspective of the city. It is an exciting city with a lot of fun stuff to do and delights the visitors with its cultural per se. The city is famous for some of the best historical monuments, natural landscapes, adventures and a vibrant lifestyle. Here are the top ten places to visit, places that you must no miss.

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Murmansk : Get to Know More about Russian Naval History and More

1. Lenin Icebreaker

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The Lenin Icebreaker is a nuclear powered icebreaker that was launched in the year 1957. The history of the vessel is interesting as it is the world’s first nuclear powered ship on surface and civilian vessel. There are organized tours that help you explore the nuclear powered ship. It started its operation in 1959 and has worked in clearing sea routes in Russia’s Northern coast for the cargo ships. The ship was decommissioned in 1980 and since then it was converted into a museum ship. It is an impressive design with winding oak staircases and has so far have been visited by many popular personalities.

2. Alyosha Monument

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The Alyosha Monument was built as a tribute to the Defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the Great Patriotic War. It is a tribute for the Soviet soldiers, sailors and airmen who participated during World War II. It is a statue of a soldier with rifle slung over his soldier and is the second largest statue in the country. There is an eternal flame on natural black stone in front of the monument. There is a sloping triangular pyramid that represents a flag as a sign of mourning for the soldiers who lost their lives.

3. Lake Semyonovskoye

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It is a freshwater lake which is located on the Kola Peninsula that is spread vast expanse. It is an interesting place to visit with family and friends and the lake is named after fisherman Semen Korzhov. The fishermen lived on the shore of the Kola Bay Cape Verde. There is an amusement park and boat station on the lake that enables families and kids to indulge in recreational activities. It is definitely one of the best places for kids to enjoy and have fun.

4. Museum of the Northern Fleet

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The museum is the ultimate naval museum that was opened in the year 1946 and is everything that you want to know about the naval history of Russia. The turquoise building has number of interesting exhibits that displays the naval events and history of Russia and sequence of events that led to founding of Russia’s first navy in Arkhangelsk. The first navy led an expedition to Arctic in the 17th and 18th century. The museum displays huge collection of Soviet naval equipment that is perfect for historians to explore.

5. Monument to Waiting Woman

The monument represents a waiting woman for her sailor and was opened in the year 2012. The monument history can be traced back to 1970s and the idea was conceptualized by poet Viktor Timofeev. The monument is dedicated to all the women who expect their loved ones to return from the sea. The monument overseas the Kola Bay and it has nice observation deck that offers stunning view of the Kola Bay. The sculpture is of a girl with a scarf looking at the direction of the Kola Bay that weighs around 600 kg.

6. Murmansk Oceanarium

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The Oceanarium started in the year 1984n and was established initially for the study of marine mammals. It started as fundamental research laboratory and majorly dealt with use of seals of the Arctic as human assistant. In 1992, the first open air water circus was established and now it stands as famous water circus establishment. It is one of the few organization or study center that studies about the Arctic seal and has also maintained an aquarium complex for the Arctic seals.

7. Church of the Saviors on Waters

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It is a beautiful baroque church that was built in the year and is also a part of the memorial that was dedicated to the Murmansk’s seamen. It is gorgeous architecture that reflects through its white façade and golden dome. The church has a lighthouse monument just below it and the submarine Kursk just next to it where a crew of 118-man perished during naval processing in Barents Sea in the year 2000. It is a blissful Orthodox church that is located above the harbor and takes you on a tour and to know more about people who lost their lives in the sea.

8. Regional Puppet Theatre

If you are travelling to Murmansk with your family and kids, this place is something that you definitely might want to check out. The theater has been running puppet shows for ages and has comfortable seating for enjoying the show. The puppets are extremely exquisite and the props are amazing that adds to the best of it. There are different types of puppet shows that are organized time to time by experts and artists. The tickets for the same can be purchased online without any hassle.

9. All Saints Church

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The All Saints Church was consecrated in the year 2010 and is indeed a beautiful church constructed in red. It is a small and quaint church that attracts tourists for its vibrant and vivid construction and design. The baroque design is impressive with red color façade and the vibe is further with two golden domes along with cross sign on it. It is a simple and beautiful church that was renovated in 2015 and now opens for the visitors.

10. Murmansk Shipping Company Museum

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The museum has versatile and interesting collection from the Russian shipping company. It was one of the major shipping companies that operated in Arctic Russia and north Europe and has nearly 303 vessels. The museum was established in the year 1977 and has huge collection of various artifacts that is associated with the Russian naval history. Some of the displays in the museum include shipping vessels, ship bells, photos of polar captains, marine equipment and others. It is an interesting place to visit to known a little about Russian shipping and naval history.

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The city of Murmansk gives an elaborate picture of the naval events and history of Russia with number of museums and centers. There are many interesting things to explore in the city that holds a very strong historical significance.