Solomon Islands:A World of Underwater Beauties

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Solomon Islands:A World of Underwater Beauties

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Solomon Islands:A World of Underwater Beauties

Solomon Islands consist of three main and 900 small islands. They occupy about 28,400 square kilometers. The capital city of the country is Honiara, with lots of amazing sightseeing and attractions. Solomon Islands are famous tourist destination due to their beautiful and worth visiting sights and spot. The climate in these islands is generally humid and the coolest part of the year in Solomon Islands is from June to August. For getting to Solomon Islands, you need to get either a plane or a boat. In case of the most popular sightseeing, we offer you to follow the list below.

1. Bonegi I and II (Honiara)

Bonegi I and II are located in Honiara, on Solomon Islands. This attractive sightseeing is especially popular among those who are fond of underwater attractions and beauties. Here you can have a diving or snorkeling. Get introduced with the fantastic marine world and the underwater plants and fish; enjoy the warm weather and the clean area. This sightseeing is definitely one of the most awesome and worth visiting places in Solomon Islands.

2. Honiara Central Market (Honiara)

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Honiara Central Market is a famous market on Solomon Islands, offering fish, fruit, vegetable, clothing, flower, as well as products for body, hair, etc. It is important to know, that if you choose Honiara, the capital city of Solomon Islands, as your travel destination, this market can provide you with fresh food and high-quality products. This colorful and busy market will become one of your most favorite spots in Solomon Islands, since you will find here anything you will need during your tour.

3. Vilu War Museum (Honiara)

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After doing your necessary shopping from the market, pay your visit to Vilu War Museum, which is located not far from Honiara (about one hour drive). This remarkable sightseeing is located behind a forest, and the scenery is really amazing around it. Vilu War Museum is considered to be one of the most visited sites in Solomon Islands, because it is of a great importance. It introduces lovely gardens, numbers of guns, pieces of plans and other old war equipments. This will be an informative and historical experience for your vacation time in Solomon Islands.

4. Marovo Lagoon (Uepi)

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This saltwater lagoon, which is part of the Solomon Islands, is a protected sightseeing popular among tourists. This lagoon contains numbers of islands. Some of them are inhabited with people who mostly live by agriculture and are good at fishing. The things you can do here, include walking around the sightseeing areas, enjoy diving and get introduced with the lifestyle of the locals. This site is wonderful, suiet, warm, calm and pleasant for pastime.

5. Mbonege Beach (Honiara)

Mbonege Beach is a jaw dropping and fantastic sightseeing on Solomon Islands, ideal for a family vacation. You can take your time here by swimming, eating local food, having a picnic, admire the fish visible under the water and see the wreck of a Japanese ship. If you take a guide, you will be told about the interesting history of the wrecking. There are also benches and tables here, so you can just seat and enjoy the amazing scenery of this sightseeing. The entrance requires a fee per person, so you need to pay if want to go to the beach.

6. Solomon Islands Memorial Garden (Honiara)

You can visit Solomon Islands Memorial Garden right at the airport in Solomon Islands. This is a site where you can visit right after your arrival to Solomon Islands, walk around inside there, get the reflection of what happened during World War II and pay a respect. There you will see a well kept garden with a few trees, which is carefully taken cared by locals. This site will be a good start four your tour to Solomon Islands.

7. Tenaru Falls (Honiara)

Tenaru Falls is definitely one of the must do visit sightseeing in Solomon Islands. This amazing natural beauty is a real worth visiting site if you are fond of natural spots. Walk around there, take pictures hike and enjoy an adventurous tour. Take a guide before arriving to Tenaru Falls, because it will make your tour more informative and impressive. This sightseeing is not far from Huniara, so if you get to the capital city of Solomon Islands, be sure to provide time Tenaru Falls. It will not make you regret.

8. Roviana Lagoon (Munda)

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Roviana Lagoon, which is located on the coast of New Georgia Islands, is spot with welcoming and friendly inhabitants, historical background and sites, amazing views and traditional lifestyle. This sightseeing is a wonderful place to have a restful, calm and quiet pastime. Sometimes the mornings are so still, that you can easily watch the underwater animals from the coast. You cannot help taking photos of this amazing spot of Solomon Islands, because you will need to watch the photos over and over and remember the great time you spent there.

9. Kennedy Island

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Kennedy Island is a small island located in Solomon Islands. This sightseeing is inhabited and the name comes from John F. Kennedy. The island had an important role in the history of Solomon Islands, thus it is visited not only by tourists, but also by the locals. If you want to visit this spot, too, you will need to go there by boat. You will like the scenery right the moment you get there. Take your time by taking a walk, snorkeling or just taking photos of the most incredible places there.

10. Honiara Botanical Gardens (Honiara)

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Honiara Botanical Gardens, the last sightseeing of Solomon Islands on our top list, is an amazing spot by the water, with nice plants, birds and awesome views. You will also like the natural pond, orchids and greenhouses there. Your tour will be much more interesting if someone accompanies you. In this way you will share your impressions and expectations and will enjoy a nice walk at the same time.

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Solomon Islands are a nice destination for a real holiday makers. It offers beautiful and amazing sights and incredible views anywhere. Being surrounded by waters, it is rich in underwater miracles and creatures, so all these will provide your great time spent in Solomon Islands.




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