Moldova:A Country Rich with Historical and Cultural Attractions for Sightseeing

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Moldova:A Country Rich with Historical and Cultural Attractions for Sightseeing

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Moldova:A Country Rich with Historical and Cultural Attractions for Sightseeing

Moldova is a beautiful country located in Eastern Europe. It is well endowed with rolling steppes which gradually slope towards the Black Sea. Moldova is home to a variety of cultural attractions which could be worth your time when you are sightseeing in the country. Here are several destinations which are recommended when sightseeing around Moldova.

1. Stefan cel Mare Central Park (Chisinau)

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Stefan cel Mare Central Park is the main park in Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova. Spanning about 17 acres in central Chisinau, the park is regarded as the oldest park in Moldova. Due to its popularity as a gathering place for couples, Stefan cel Mare Central Park is recognized as the Park of the Lovers. The park also houses around 50 species of trees, from acacias to mulberries. Due to its welcoming ambiance and its relaxing environment, the park is an excellent place for sightseeing and unwinding.

2. Mileștii Mici Winery (Mileștii Mici)

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Moldova is also known for producing some of the best wines in the world. If you wish to visit a famous winery, you should go sightseeing at Milestii Mici. The wines which are produced in such winery are made from grapes including Traminer, Riesling, and Pinot. These wines have been stored through the years, starting 1969. When sightseeing around Milestii Mici, you could avail of an underground tour to witness several scenes including fountains and wine cellars.

3. Dendrarium Park (Chisinau)

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The Dendrarium Park is a beautiful park situated in the western portion of Chisinau, Moldova. Originally founded in 1973, the park now houses several extensive areas with many flowers like roses, lilies, and others. Moreover, an excellent collection of coniferous trees could be found in the park. It also has lakes and ponds with ducks and water lilies. Due to its beautiful attractions, the park is a recommended place for sightseeing and relaxing. Families could hold picnics and gatherings in the park.

4. Victory Memorial and Eternal Flame (Chisinau)

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Victory Memorial and Eternal Flame is a historical landmark found at the heart of Chisinau, Moldova. The attraction features five red pillars which are thrust upwards, forming an inverted cone. It represents the five years of involvement of Moldova during the World War II. The monument also serves as a tribute to those who have fallen battle. Aside from being an excellent place for sightseeing, the landmark could also help you learn about the history of Moldova.

5. Catedrala Nasterea Domnului (Chisinau)

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The Catedrala Nasterea Domnului, or the Cathedral of Christ's Nativity, is an Orthodox Church situated in Chisinau, Moldova. Built in 1830, the Cathedral is constructed with a Neoclassical design. It underwent several restorations due to the fact that it was destroyed by separate events including the World War II. At present, its interior is painted with pure orthodox style paintings. When sightseeing around Moldova, you should consider visiting this towering cathedral.

6. Old Orhei (Orhei)

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Located in the northeastern portion of Chisinau, the Old Orhei is another historical landmark found in Moldova. It is an ancient city which features a distinct historical and natural complex amid an open air. When sightseeing around the attraction, tourists could witness several archeological excavations which could trace the ancient civilizations that thrived in the area. Old Orhei has traces of the rests of ancient fortresses including the Golden Horde and the Geto-Dacian fortress. Additionally, the site also contains a natural landscape which serves as an excellent avenue for sightseeing.

7. Muzeul National de Etnografie si Istorie Naturala (Chisinau)

The Muzeul National de Etnografie si Istorie Naturala, known in English as the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, is the oldest museum in Moldova. It exhibits several collections that showcase the natural history, the evolution of human society, and the traditional culture of Moldova. It reflects the heritage of the country with about 135 thousand pieces of artifacts. Aside from its museum, tourists can also go sightseeing around its botanical garden where they could witness several species of plants and trees. A vivarium could also be seen which houses exotic animals including birds and reptiles.

8. Soroca Fortress (Soroca)

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The Soroca Fortress is a historical building located in Soroca, Moldova. It was built by Stephen the Great starting 1499. The architecture of the fortress displays the most elaborate features of medieval forts. Its structure construction could have been developed by an expert from Western Europe or Transylvanian people who brought such design back in Moldova. Due to its immense size and distinct architecture, the Soroca Fortress should not be missed when sightseeing around Moldova.

9. Valea Morilor (Chisinau)

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Situated in the Buiucani sector in Chisinau, Moldova, the Valea Morilor park could be found on the shores of the Valea Morilor Lake. It was built under the leadership of Robert Kurz. an architect. Trees including acacia, maple, and wild chestnut grow abundantly around the park. Its waterfall staircase is also a stellar attraction in the park. When sightseeing around the park, tourists could also avail of several activities including canoeing and fishing. In the winter, tourists could also skate through the lake's ice.

10. Muzeul Național de Istorie a Moldovei (Chisinau)

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The Muzeul Național de Istorie a Moldovei, or the National History Museum of Moldova, is a historical museum located in Chisinau, Moldova. It houses several collections of archeological and historical artifacts from the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Roman Age, among others. A collection of weapons and armors from various cultures, a collection of various coins issued from different countries, and photographs from multiple generations are also displayed in the museum. Indeed, the museum is one of the places worth sightseeing when in Moldova.

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Sightseeing around different landmarks in Moldova would surely allow one to learn about the rich history and culture of the place. While sightseeing around these fascinating attractions, you also get to immerse yourself in the tradition and lifestyle of Moldova. That would be an excellent and worthwhile experience.