Rwanda:A Country in the Heart of Africa Attracting Tourists with Natural Beauty

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Rwanda:A Country in the Heart of Africa Attracting Tourists with Natural Beauty

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Rwanda:A Country in the Heart of Africa Attracting Tourists with Natural Beauty

Rwanda is a country located in central-eastern Africa. Rwanda has a lot to offer to tourists interested in sightseeing a destination that is off-the-beaten-track, but full of unexplored potential. Read on for our pick of the best ten sightseeing destinations to visit while on a sightseeing holiday in beautiful Rwanda.

1. Volcanoes National Park (Ruhengeri)

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Volcanoes National Park is a stunning national park located in the Virunga Mountains on the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. The Volcanoes National Park is a recommended sightseeing destination for its outstanding natural beauty and for the possibility of seeing wild gorillas in their natural habitat. A popular tourist activity in the park is to go on a multi-day sightseeing gorilla trekking expedition. Tourists are advised that to participate they need to obtain a Mountain Gorilla Tracking Permit, which costs 1500 US dollars, around 3 to 6 months prior to sightseeing in the Volcanoes National Park. For those looking for a less expensive trekking experience, we recommend the Golden Monkey trekking expeditions, for which permits cost 100 US dollars.

2. Kakira Imigongo Cooperative (Nyakarambi)

When sightseeing in Rwanda, usually tourists might try to avoid cow dung, but not here at this top place to see. This is a fantastic location to purchase souvenirs of your Rwanda sightseeing trip. All the artwork sold here is created in the traditional Imiongongo style from Rwanda, using cow dung. The building is very colourful and is also decorated with paintings in the Imiongongo style. Kakira Imiongongo Cooperative is located only a short distance from the main Nyakarambi bus station, and along the road there are many other fascinating workshops to sightsee too.

3. Kigali Genocide Memorial (Kigali)

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The Kigali Genocide Memorial commemorates the horrific slaughter of the Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994. It is probably the most popular sightseeing destination in the whole of Rwanda. There is a mass grave for more than 250,000 victims of the genocide at the memorial site. There are also exhibitions with information about the genocide. Sightseeing tours of the memorial are available, often led by survivors of the genocide in Rwanda. You should be especially respectful and considerate if you do choose to sightsee at the memorial since many people are buried here and it deals with a very troubling part of Rwanda’s history.

4. Rukari King’s Palace Museum (Nyanza)

Any tourist sightseeing in Rwanda will want to visit the fascinating King’s Palace Museum on a hilltop just 2km out of Nyanza. It is a fascinating place to sightsee, as the museum building is representative of the traditional palace building style of Rwanda and is modelled after the King’s palace, which has been the home of the ancient kings of Rwanda for many centuries. It is a fascinating place for sightseeing tourists to visit. There is also the original colonial palace built by Belgium in 1931. Both parts of this museum give a great insight into Rwanda’s history and make this an excellent reason for those sightseeing Rwanda to visit Nyanza. We recommend tourists to go on a guided tour around the museum as the guides will offer sightseeing visitors a glimpse into the traditions and the rich culture of Rwanda. The museum also has its own herd of long-horned Inyambo cattle, which in Rwanda are considered royal animals.

5. Inema Art Center (Kigali)

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Inema Art Center is an art institution set up by two brothers in Kigali in Rwanda. The objective of the Inema Art Center is to use art as a form of social development within the community. The centre specializes in contemporary African Arts. It has 10 artists working for it and it organizes many art workshops. Tourists are invited to go sightseeing around the Inema Art Center’s gallery and view the artworks. The art exhibitions are regularly changed, so there is always something new to see. Inema Art Center offers some of its artwork for sale, so if tourists want to bring a bit of Rwanda’s art back home this is a good place.

6. Lake Kivu (Gisenyi)

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Although Rwanda is a landlocked country it is still possible to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday there. All thanks to Lake Kivu and its expansive sandy beaches. Lake Kivu is great for sunbathing, relaxing, swimming and other water sport activities. Tourists can rent out kayaks or small sail boats and enjoy sightseeing Rwanda from a different perspective. By taking out a boat, visitors will also be able to go sightseeing on the many small uninhabited islands on Lake Kivu. Traditional Rwanda fishermen set up their fishing triple boats on the lake and this is very interesting to see. For those less keep on water activities, there are many bike and hiking trails around Lake Kivu.

7. Akagera National Park (Akagera)

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Akagera National Park is a park in the north-eastern Rwanda, on the border with Tanzania. The park takes its name after Rwanda’s impressive Akagera River. Akagera National Park is a great place if you want to see giraffes, elephants, hippos, lions, hyenas, leopards or hundreds of different birds on your sightseeing holiday in Rwanda. Tourists visiting Akagera National Park can go on a sightseeing safari in the park. The park also organizes special night-time safaris and fishing trips. Entry to the Akagera National Park is 35 US dollars per day for adults. Overnight camping in the Akagera National Park, Rwanda is permitted for sightseeing visitors.

8. Kimironko Market (Kigali)

Kimironko Market is a vibrant, enormous market in the heart of Kigali in Rwanda. It is a perfect place for shopping, sightseeing and people watching. You will be able to buy anything from fresh exotic fruits, through local colourful Rwandan clothes, to traditional crafts and anything in between. You can even have clothes made to measure at Kimironko Market in Rwanda. You can haggle a little, as it is part of the experience, but do remember that the merchants make their livelihoods of their stalls. Most sellers speak some English, but French and Swahili are the preferred languages.

9. Lake Muhazi (Gahini)

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Lake Muhazi is Rwanda’s second biggest lake and it is much less visited that Lake Kivu, but every bit as stunning. Lake Muhazi is easily accessible from Kigali. The historic Gahini Anglican Cathedral overlooking Lake Muhazi is worth sightseeing and visiting when there’s a service on. After sightseeing relax on the Jumbo Beach on the coast of Lake Muhazi. Those interested in sightseeing wild life will also enjoy Lake Muhazi as it is the home of the rare spotted-neck otter and many different bird species. We advise visiting one of the local restaurants and sampling some of Rwanda’s delicious dishes from freshly caught fish.

10. Huye Ethnographic Museum (Butare)

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Huye Ethnographic Museum is a museum that has been gifted to Rwanda from Belgium. The museum is in a beautiful building and it holds seven archaeologic and ethnological exhibitions. We recommend sightseeing in this museum to learn more about Rwanda’s geography, agriculture, artisan crafts such as weaving or wood carving and traditional clothing among many other themes. Each exhibition in this museum give a great insight into Rwanda’s identity and make this an excellent reason for those sightseeing Rwanda to visit Huye. Sightseeing tourists will able be able to enjoy a traditional drum concert and an Intore dance performance.

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As you can see there is much on offer in Rwanda. Visit Rwanda and learn about its history in many informative museums. Explore Rwanda’s beautiful natural parks teeming with wild animals or relax on the banks of spectacular Lake Kivu in Rwanda’s east. We highly recommend going to Rwanda for a wonderful sightseeing holiday, that will stay in your memory for a long time to come.