8 Spots That Show New Zealand Has the World’s Best Scenery

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8 Spots That Show New Zealand Has the World’s Best Scenery

New Zealand is an island nation located in the southwestern part of Pacific Ocean and home to some of the most fascinating sights of nature on earth, so incredible that the landscape is often used for movies such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, much of which was filmed on the islands. Here some of the amazing places you can visit when visiting New Zealand.

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8 Spots That Show New Zealand Has the World’s Best Scenery

1. Hot Water Beach

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A couple hours drive from Auckland, just as a spot to soak in the sun and relax this beach is beautiful enough, but there's more to it than what's on the surface, literally. This highly unique beach has a natural hot spring under its sands, which when you dig into the sand a pool of hot water will form for you to soak in. Make sure to visit the few hours around low tide however, during high tide the sea covers most of the hot spring area.

2. Lake Tekapo (Tekapo)

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Lake Tekapo is one of the largest lakes located on the South Island, with a picturesque backdrop surrounding by mountains and beautiful flora. The lake was formed by glacial melting, leading to the lovely turquoise blue waters. The area is known for having an abundance of lupins with their pretty purple and pink flowers that make the perfect photo opportunity.

3. Waitomo

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Known for it extensive cave systems that cut through the landscape around Waitomo, on the North Island. It's particularly famous for a few caves inhabited by glowworms which light up the cave with an ethereal blue light that makes for an incredible sight. Visitors can take a boat ride down the Waitomo River which flows down into the caves.

4. Arrowtown (Otago)

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Arrowtown was once a bustling gold mining town after the precious material was found around the Arrow River in the 19th century. Nowadays it makes for a wonderful trip while exploring the beautiful scenery of the South Island. Apart from the historic buildings and charm of the town, the nearby Lake Hayes and surrounding mountains make for some incredible scenery. It's also a popular base for people skiing on Coronet Peak, a short drive from the settlement.

5. Milford Sound (Te Anau)

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A beautiful representation of the numerous picture-perfect fjords located in the vast Fiordland National Park, Milford Sound is full of stunning natural wonders and scenery easily rivaling the well-known fjords of Norway. Be sure to take a boat ride down the fjord for the best way of viewing the amazing landscape, or for a truly memorable experience you can take a helicopter tour from one of the companies that operate around there.

6. Stewart Island

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Lying just underneath South Island, Stewart Island is relatively untouched with just a few hundred people living there. The island makes for a perfect escape to nature, with 85% of the park being covered by a national park. With a wide range of wildlife native to the island, many people come here for bird-watching and nature trekking, the island is covered in walking paths perfect for hiking around and enjoying the scenery.

7. Tongariro National Park (Whakapapa)

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Tongariro is one of the earliest established national parks in the world and one of the few that holds dual UNESCO World Heritage Site status for its cultural and natural heritage. Apart from the incredible scenery and active volcanoes dotted around the park, Tongariro has a huge cultural significance as the land of a Māori tribe called the Ngāti Tuwharetoa, with several sacred sites located in the area.

8. Mt Cook (Canterbury)

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The highest mountain in New Zealand, Mount Cook towers over the Southern Alps. At 3,724 meters, the climb to the top is only really for serious mountaineers with no easy route to the top, it can take several days and a lot of effort to reach. For those content with just a taste of the mountain however and the sight of its picturesque peak, head to Mount Cook Village. Around the small settlement you'll find plenty of things to do and hikes around the surrounding area.


With a number of fascinating museums, art galleries, relaxation spots and amazing natural beauty; these compose the overall image of the country. We also mentioned that the weather here is very changeable and can change in the blink of an eye. So take this into consideration, while packing your things for visiting to New Zealand.