Switzerland:Europe’s Mountainous Nation Full of Stunning Scenery

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Switzerland:Europe’s Mountainous Nation Full of Stunning Scenery

Well-known in Europe for its stunning scenery unparalleled anywhere else on the continent, most people come here to enjoy the incredible mountain views and the beautiful, crystal-clear mountain lakes, as well as the well-preserved historical towns and castles stretching back to the Roman era. Here are some places you can't miss when visiting.

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Switzerland:Europe’s Mountainous Nation Full of Stunning Scenery

1. Matterhorn (Valais)

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The Matterhorn is a huge, iconic mountain rising over 4,478 meters above sea level, and probably the most recognizable peak in Europe. Visible from all around the surrounding area, the mountain is distinctive for its four flat faces that each point to the four cardinal directions. Apart from the mountain itself, the region around it is also incredibly picturesque with glacial valleys and charming Swiss villages dotted around.

2. Aletsch Glacier (Valais)

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The Aletsch Glacier, is the largest glacier in Switzerland's entire Alps mountain range. It is made up of four different glaciers that converge at a point that has been measured to be as thick as over one half mile of ice. Take a short hike around taking in the astounding views of the lower glacier, or for something a bit more challenging you can get incredible panoramic views all around the glacier from huts located high up in the mountains.

3. Altstadt Bern (Bern)

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Built over 700 years ago, the Altstadt retains much of its medieval architecture, making it one of Switzerland's best preserved old towns. The area is a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site, which protects Switzerland's largest cathedral, a number of Renaissance fountains and other historical buildings as marvels for the whole world to enjoy. In addition to some of Switzerland's most famous churches and fountains, sightseeing visitors are also drawn to the Old City of Bern's clock tower and parliament buildings. The Altstadt Bern is a must-see for anyone who loves original medieval architecture.

4. Leisee (Zermatt)

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The Leisee is a beautiful lake located nearby the town of Zermatt. The Leisee is a famous spot for Swiss people and tourists alike to enjoy the pristine waters and inland beaches within sight of the breathtaking peak of the Matterhorn. The waters here are vast, but shallow, which makes it ideal for families with small children who want to relax while their children play in the water safety. The area surrounding the Leisee offers a number of resorts for visitors, as well as restaurants and various tours.

5. Gornergrat Observatory (Zermatt)

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Offering one of the best views of the famous Matterhorn mountain, the Gornegrat Observatory can be easily reached by a cable car from Zermatt. From the top you'll not only get stunning views across to the predominant peak, but also down into the valleys and mountains of the surrounding area.

6. Luzern

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Luzern is a beautiful lake town in the center of the country, located high in the mountains of Switzerland, most of the shoreline rises steeply into the mountains, offering breathtaking scenery for visitors. It is possible to take rail, road and boat sightseeing tours of the lake, as boats travel the waters regularly and there are both roads and rails that circumnavigate the entire lake.

7. Lauterbrunnen

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A perfect example of the beautiful Swiss towns dotted around the valleys of the Alps, Lauterbrunnen is a lovely village nestled between huge cliffs and incredible waterfalls. Surrounded by the mountains of the Alps, the town makes a wonderful stop for hiking and trekking through the nearby area, with some of the most picturesque scenery in all of Europe. Despite its seemingly remote location, the town is actually quite easy to get to, with a train station which has regular trains from Interlaken.

8. Lake Geneva

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At the foot of the dramatic Swiss alps, Lake Geneva is a vast body of water spanning the border of Switzerland and France. Due to its size, there's plenty of things to do around the lake such as water sports, cycling or hiking along with a range of sights and activities in the city of Geneva which lies on the south side. The area is also hugely popular for its health spas, some of which are often visited by famous actors and celebrities.

9. Mount Titlis (Bern)

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One of the highest mountains in the alps, Mount Titlis is one of the few towering peaks in the area that can be easily accessed without needing to be an experience mountain climber. A cable car takes people up and down from the summit where you'll get stunning views across the snowy peaks of the alps and the valleys below. There's also a number of ski resorts and other activities you can take in the area.

10. Chateau de Chillon (Veytaux)

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An impressive castle on the edge of Lake Geneva, the Chateau de Chillon started as a Roman outpost guarding important trade routes in Western Europe, and the area has been occupied ever since due to its strategic importance. An ideal destination for those in Switzerland who want to see a true medieval castle as it was originally built, the castle has undergone little change or decoration over the years.


Switzerland offers spectacular mountain views that are unlike any other place on earth. In addition, these destinations are well-developed and supported by an experienced tourism industry that ensures that all tourists visiting Switzerland will enjoy first class comfort and care.




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