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City CodeROK
Popular Airlines
  • Qantas Airways
Flight Time17~18 hours
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The flight time to Rockhampton is approximately 17~18 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Rockhampton.

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Rockhampton is a city located in the Rockhampton region of Queensland, Australia. With a population of 80,665 based on a 2015 estimate, Rockhampton is the fourth largest regional city in Queensland. Established in 1858, Rockhampton was declared a city in 1902. For most of the year, Rockhampton experiences sunshine making it a good destination for outdoor activities. Situated in the Tropic of Capricorn, Rockhampton experiences a humid subtropical climate. The economy of Rockhampton is backed by agriculture, military, and tourism, among others.

Voice of Travelers to Rockhampton

Going back in time in Rockhampton

My name is Adam from Mackay, but originally from Rockhampton. Last holidays, I planned to bring my girlfriend with me to visit Rockhampton and my family for the first time. She was nervous but excited as well. We booked a ticket from QantasLink. During the flight, we were feeling relaxed all the time because of the accommodating plane staff and crew. When we have arrived at Rockhampton, we went and met my parents. They really loved my girlfriend. She loved them as well. After our scrumptious lunch, I toured her around Rockhampton. She particularly loved Rockhampton Heritage Village. We bought an admission ticket to enter the place, but it was worth it once you have explored the place. Touring around the place is like taking you back in time. The staff are knowledgeable on a lot of things regarding the place. My girlfriend loved the place. We will surely visit it again the next time we book a ticket back to Rockhampton.

Exploring Capricorn Caves in Rockhampton

My name is Florence from Brisbane. An adventure junkie, I always love a little adventure when visiting other cities. That is why when I was planning to book a ticket to Rockhampton to visit my cousins, I came across the Capricorn Caves which was pretty interesting. I booked a ticket through Virgin Australia. On board the plane, I was accommodated well by the staff and crew of the plane. I could not ask from more. Upon arriving at Rockhampton, I first explored the city before heading to my cousins. I bought a ticket to be able to access the Cathedral Caves found at Capricorn Caves. The place was stunning. The tour guides were likewise interesting and knowledgeable. This was not your everyday cave experience. I enjoyed a good coffee after my tour around the caves. It was an interesting detour. The money I bought for my ticket was worth it.

Rockhampton Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I book a ticket to Rockhampton?

A. You can get a ticket to Rockhampton in a variety of ways. First of all, you may secure a ticket to Rockhampton by inquiring for an available ticket from airlines stationed in cities like Brisbane, Cairns, and Mackay. If you do not live from the aforementioned cities, you may have to inquire for a ticket for a connecting flight to Rockhampton from airlines near you. Additionally, you may seek assistance from travel agencies regarding the process of availing a ticket to Rockhampton. Furthermore, you may check for a ticket to Rockhampton online.

Q. Do I need a visa to enter Rockhampton?

A. If you live in New Zealand and Australia, you only need a plane ticket to fly to Rockhampton. However, citizens from New Zealand are required to apply for a visa once you have booked a plane ticket and have arrived in Rockhampton. Citizens from other countries may need to apply a visa from Australian embassies and consulates, together with securing a plane ticket to Rockhampton, and a valid passport.

Q. What are good things to do in Rockhampton?

A. The city of Rockhampton provides a lot of attractions to explore, enough to convince you to book a ticket to the city as soon as possible. For nature savvies, you may visit Capricorn Caves, Mount Archer, and the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens. For museum junkies, you may purchase a ticket to be able to visit Rockhampton Heritage Village, Archer Park Rail Museum, and the Rockhampton Gallery, among others. Mount Etna Cave National Park, Alkoomi Adventure Farm, and Dreamtime Cultural Centre are also interesting attractions in Rockhampton.

Rockhampton - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Rockhampton Airport ・Brisbane Airport (Queensland, Australia) ・Cairns Airport (Queensland, Australia) ・Mackay Airport (Mackay, Australia) ・Townsville Airport (Garbut, Queensland) etc.

Flight Routes to Rockhampton

When booking a ticket to Rockhampton, identifying the air routes available to Rockhampton is essential. For those who are planning to book a ticket for a direct flight to Rockhampton from Brisbane, you may avail of a ticket from QantasLink, and Virgin Australia. Furthermore, QantasLink also lets you book a ticket to Rockhampton from Cairns, Mackay and Townsville. Finally, those from Gold Coast may avail of a ticket to Rockhampton via JETGO Australia.