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Aberdeen (Scotland)

Aberdeen (Scotland)

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City CodeABZ
Popular Airlines
  • Klm Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Air France
  • Cathay Pacific
Flight Time8~14 hours

The flight time to Aberdeen (Scotland) is approximately 8~14 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Aberdeen (Scotland).


Aberdeen is also known as the Granite City Or Grey City because of the marvelous grey granite buildings. Aberdeen is Scotland’s one of the most beautiful city. It is also the third most populous city in Scotland known for its warm culture. The first economical development of Aberdeen was started by David I. He named the city as Royal Burgh. The city is also known to have won the Britain in Bloom competition over 10 times and is also celebrated to be the liveliest city in the world. Every year thousands of talented people book a ticket to Aberdeen to participate in the Aberdeen International Youth Festival. The two major universities of Aberdeen are University of Aberdeen & Robert Gordon University.

Voice of Travelers to Aberdeen

My official tour to Aberdeen was more fun and less work.

Hi, I am Eric from London. I am a wanderer and thankfully my job takes me many places of the world. I have been to many cities in the world for my office work but buying the ticket to Aberdeen was something different. I had a ticket for Aberdeen booked by my company. The ticket was of Flybe and the flight was smooth. I reached Aberdeen on Monday and started my work right away. I met a few clients and then went out in the evening. Trust me, it was so awesome. The environment all around was so happening that I forgot I am away from home. People were friendly and I had an awesome time eating and drinking in a local bar. It was a great & fun loving office trip. I must say I had enough fun on a single ticket to Aberdeen, Wish to visit the city again. Hpe I will book another ticket to Aberdeen soon.

I was in Aberdeen for the International Youth Festival.

Hey, Folks! I am Zack and I am a singer by profession. I am from Italy and I love traveling. My visit to Aberdeen was an eleventh hour program as me and my friend got to know about the Aberdeen International Youth Festival quite late. We two have a small band and we love playing and singing in public. As it was already late, the first thing we did was buying the ticket to Aberdeen. We took a ticket from Omega Holidays and I must say it was one of the best flights I have ever boarded. The staff was cool and we had a good time reaching Aberdeen. The concert was awesome, There were hundreds of young people like us coming from different walks of life and presenting their talent in front of the public. We had a great performance and people liked us. We will soon buy a ticket for Aberdeen again as last time we were not able to explore the city. Hope we get discount on the ticket price.

Aberdeen Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best time to visit Aberdeen?

A. Aberdeen is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you are considering visiting Aberdeen, you must buy a ticket of some famous airlines during the month of June to September. These months are warmer months of the year when Aberdeen is at its best. This is the peak tourist season when most of the tourists visit Aberdeen. It is recommended that you buy a ticket to Aberdeen in advance and enjoy a great time visiting the City of Granite.

Q. Do the airlines offer a discount on a ticket to Aberdeen?

A. It is always recommended to buy a ticket to Aberdeen in advance. There are times when the ticket counters experience the heavy rush and you might not be able to get any discount. Usually, ticket to Aberdeen is available at a bargain price during off season; this can be the month from October to May. Many airlines offer a discount on ticket seeking the slump in booking as tourist prefers visiting Aberdeen during summer. You may book a ticket on the airline’s online site or buy one at the ticket counter.

Q. What are the famous places to visit in Aberdeen?

A. Aberdeen is an architecturally and culturally rich city. If you have a bought a ticket to Aberdeen, you are about to unlock a beauty chest that has many places to visit. Some of the famous tourist places in Aberdeen are- Balmoral Castle, Duthie Park, Craigievar Castle, Aberdeen Maritime Museum, The Tolbooth, Satrosphere Science Center, St. Machar’s Cathedral, Sunhoney, Cruickshank Botanic Garden, Hazlehead Park, Seaton Park and more. While most of the places have free entry, you may have to buy a ticket for visiting a few of them.

Aberdeen - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Aberdeen Airport • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol • Cardiff Airport • Copenhagen Airport • Dublin Airport • Frankfurt Airport • Geneva Airport • Ibiza Airport • London City Airport • Heathrow Airport • Naples International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Aberdeen

There are many Air Routes that connect Aberdeen with the rest of the world. Aberdeen is well connected with the cities in Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Norway, etc. There are several airlines that ferry passengers to and from Aberdeen to the rest of the world. You can book ticket of these airlines viz. Ryanair, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Flybe, bmi regional, Thomson Holidays, First Choice, Eastern Airways, Lufthansa, British Airways, SAS, etc. You must buy a ticket in advance to avoid last minute rush as well as to secure some discount on the ticket price. Ticket to Aberdeen available online as well as on the physical ticket counter.