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United Kingdom Travel Tips and Information

United Kingdom Travel Tips and Information

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Official NameUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Population62.8 million
Country CodeGB
Country Code (international calls)44

The flight time to United Kingdom is approximately 7~8 hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of United Kingdom below. Wishing you pleasant travels to United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom is a sovereign country in western Europe, off the north-western coast of the European mainland. The United Kingdom includes the island of Great Britain, the north-eastern part of the island of Ireland, and many smaller islands.

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Visa and Immigration Procedures to United Kingdom

Although the U.K. is part of the European Union, the country does not fully implement the Schengen Agreement and the requirements to enter the country are slightly different from other EU countries. EU, EEA and Swiss visitors do not need a visa but are required to have proof of identity. For nationals of other countries, the visa requirement greatly varies so please check with your local embassy for further details.

Things/Items Allowed into United Kingdom

If you are traveling from a country within the EU, you can bring any fresh foods items such as fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and animal products. When traveling from outside the EU, the regulations are more strict and the products you can import are heavily regulated.

Things/Items Forbidden out of United Kingdom

• Illegal drugs • Weapons • Endangered Animals and Plants • Rough Diamonds • Indecent and Obscene Materials

Things/Items Forbidden into United Kingdom

• Illegal drugs • Weapons • Endangered Animals and Plants • Rough Diamonds • Indecent and Obscene Materials

Voice of Travelers to United Kingdom

Attractions in United Kingdom

I bought my ticket for a flight to the United Kingdom, a place with amazing attractions such as:
-Big Ben, which is the nickname for the Great Bell Clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster.
-London Eye, which is a giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in London.
-Stonehenge, which is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire.
-Buckingham Palace, which is the administrative headquarters of the monarch of the United Kingdom.
-Hyde Park, which is a Grade I-registered major park in Central London.
-Windsor Castle, which is a royal residence at Windsor.
-National Gallery, which is an art museum in Trafalgar Square.
-Tate Modern, which is a modern art gallery located in London.

United Kingdom Historic sites

I bought my ticket to the United Kingdom and I had to view the great historic sites in the United Kingdom. Windsor Castle is the oldest occupied castle in the world and the official home of the Queen. It ranks amongst the top United Kingdom historic sites. Among the top attractions in the United Kingdom, the Roman Baths in Bath is an Ancient Roman thermal spa. Probably the best-known tourist attraction in Britain, Buckingham Palace. Beaumaris Castle was to be the largest of King Edward’s iron ring of castles. It is one of the most awe-inspiring historic sites in the United Kingdom. A fun thing to do is to visit the Jorvik Viking Centre which recreates the Viking city of Jorvik. Caernarfon Castle is a stunning medieval stronghold in Wales. Corfe Castle is the stunning ruin of a castle which is a very picturesque historical place.

United Kingdom Travel FAQs

Q. What is there to do in London?

A. London is a major city in Great Britain and also the capital city. There is a wide variety of things to do from sightseeing and exploring the deep history to seeing the more modern aspects of London such as the London Eye. There are multiple museums all over the city for those looking to expand their knowledge of history. Additionally, there are monuments and famous sites like Big Ben that tourists can view for free.

United Kingdom - Direct Flights to Major Airports

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Flight Routes to United Kingdom

There are many airlines that offer direct flights to the United Kingdom. Airlines such as American Airlines offer direct flights from New York. Other airlines such as Air France, Aeroflot Airlines, Ryanair Airlines and Japan Airlines also offer direct flights to the United Kingdom. There are multiple major international airports in the U.K., along with domestic airports, allowing for travel within the country via flights.