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Exeter (UK)

Exeter (UK)

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City CodeEXT
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time8~13 hours

The flight time to Exeter (UK) is approximately 8~13 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Exeter (UK).

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Exeter is a Cathedral city with a population of 129,800. The name Exeter is derived from an old English name Escanceaster. It is located at the eastern Bank of the River Exe. It is one of the main city of Devon County Council. The city gained religious importance during the Tudor times. It is also a primary center for wool trade since the 19th century. The city is also the center of tourism and business in Cornwall & Devon. Exeter was majorly damaged during the Second World War after which it was built from scratch. With a ticket to Exeter, you get a chance to visit an amazing land of hot & cold climate and many amazing placed of interest.

Voice of Travelers to Exeter

Exeter, a place where I never get bored

Hi, This is Sherlyn from London. I am a law student and a travel enthusiast. I love visiting different places in the world. I love exploring different cultures, people, places, and food. My wanderlust once took me to Exeter and trust me, I have been to Exeter 5 times since then. In 8 years I have bought ticket to Exeter 5 times and each time I had the same amazing experience. The people in Exter is amazing. They are friendly, warm hearted and love to enjoy. There are many cultural fests organized in Exeter that make the best reason to buy a ticket to Exeter. Even the ticket is aptly price and you do not have to spend a fortune in buying a ticket. The trick is to buy the ticket in the off season and enjoy the ticket in the peak season.

I was there for office tour but soon planned a family trip

Hi, This is Jason from Manchester. I am businessmen and my trade is closely connected with Exeter. Usually, my subordinates do all the travel for the business needs but once there was this big meeting in Exeter so I had to buy a ticket to Exeter. As soon as I landed in this incredible city I felt the warmth in the air. It is a place of jolly, fun-loving people. There are many hot spots to enjoy. However, because of my meeting, I wasn’t able to explore the complete city. So, when I returned back home I caught ticket to Exeter for my family. We had a great family trip visiting the cultural places in Exeter. The museums here are great and offer knowledge for the kids. The decision of buying a ticket to Exeter was worth as my whole family liked it a lot.

Exeter Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best time to visit Exeter?

A. Exeter experiences rainfall throughout the year. However you must not buy a ticket to Exeter during December to February as the rainfall is maximum during these months. Summers here are great with temperature ranging from 5 degrees to 20 degrees. Typical summer months are June, July & August. In the months of September, October & November it is time for autumn and fall in Exeter. Even this is also a good time to visit the city. The best time to buy a ticket to Exeter is between June to August as Exeter is in its full glow at this time.

Q. How to get a discount on Exeter’s ticket?

A If you are wondering how you can buy a ticket to Exeter at bargain prices, the first thing you need to keep in mind is buying a ticket in advance. Usually, airlines offer a discount on the ticket price during off season. This is the best time to buy tickets for any future date. You can buy the ticket from the online ticket selling site or from the physical ticket counter of the airlines. The ticket will be significantly cheap than the regular cost of the ticket during off season.

Q.What are the major attractions in Exeter?

A. Exeter is a wonderful city with many tourist spots. When you buy a ticket to Exeter you get a chance to visit the best cultural and natural spots in the world. The main places to see in Exeter include- Crealy Great Adventure Parks, Crealy Great Adventure Parks, Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter Cathedral, Northernhay Gardens, Rougemont Gardens, Butts Ferry, Devon Wildlife Trust, Exeter's Underground Passages, National Trust – Killerton, Devon Archaeological Society, etc. Most of these places are free to visit however to visit a few of them you need to buy a ticket.

Exeter - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Exeter Airport • Alicante–Elche Airport • Rennes–Saint-Jacques Airport • George Best Belfast City Airport • Newcastle Airport • Dublin Airport • Manchester Airport • Charles de Gaulle Airport   • Glasgow Airport • London City Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Exeter

Exeter Airport is one of the major airports of the world with many flight routes. There are many airlines that offer a ticket to Exeter to people from across the globe. Major airlines offering a ticket to Exeter include Flybe & Thomson. The Exeter airport is well connected to the rest of the world. You can buy a ticket to Exeter from Manchester, London City, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Malaga, Paris CDG, Dublin, New Castle, Rennes, etc. It is recommended that you buy a ticket to Exeter in advance as for when the peak season approaches; there is a heavy rush on the ticket counter. The ticket can be bought through the online website or the physical ticket counter.