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Stanley (Falkland)

Stanley (Falkland)

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The flight time to Stanley (Falkland) is approximately ---- hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Stanley (Falkland).


Located in the island of East Falkland, Stanley is the capital of Falkland Islands. Also known as Port Stanley, the town has an estimate population of just more than 2,000 citizens. The town of Stanley has benefited from its fishing and tourism industries. It may have derived its name from Edward Smith-Stanley, the 14th Earl of Derby who have never visited Falkland Islands. The town of Stanley has a subpolar oceanic climate, which is characterized by even temperatures throughout the year.

Voice of Travelers to Stanley

A girl was my ticket to Stanley

My name is Lito from Santiago. I have recently met someone from Stanley in Falkland Islands. One day, I planned to surprise her by booking a plane ticket to Stanley and visit her. I availed of a ticket via LATAM Chile. Their services were good, and the staff was accommodating as always. When I arrived at Stanley, I went to her place. She was greatly surprised by the sight she saw. We were both crying with joy. She toured me around Stanley, taking me to different places there. I particularly enjoyed our visit at their museum. She bought an admission ticket for us. The place is quite small, but there a lot of interesting things to see there. It tells the story of the colonization of the islands. I particularly learned a lot about Stanley. Too bad I had to leave after a few days. Because of her, I will surely book a ticket back.

Exploring the hidden gem of Stanley

My name is Miguel from Punta Arenas. Lately, I was so invested with wildlife in colder ecosystems. The presence of penguins amaze me. So when I found out I only needed a one-way ticket to get to a place like this, I immediately looked for the place. Apparently, it was in Falkland Islands. I booked a ticket to Stanley via LATAM Chile. The crew and staff of the place were great, I had a resounding sleep throughout the journey. When I have arrived at Stanley, I was guided to proceed to East Falkland where the Volunteer Point is present.I love that there were a few people, but there was sure a lot of King Penguins there. Being able to walk around them was pretty exciting for me. Immersing with these penguins was worth all the effort and money for the plane ticket going to Stanley. I would surely book a ticket back to the place.

Stanley Travel FAQs

Q. How do I book a ticket to Stanley?

A. Tourists who want to visit Stanley may need to book a ticket from the available airlines that fly to Stanley. A ticket to the Falkland Islands capital may easily be availed by citizens from Argentina, Chile, and London. However, for tourists outside these nations, you may seek guidance from your local travel agencies for a ticket bound to Stanley. You may also seek online for any available ticket promos and cheap ticket prices to enjoy a discounted trip bound to Stanley.

Q. Do I need a visa to enter Stanley?

A. For British nationals, a visa is not necessary to be able to visit Stanley. Only a ticket set to Stanley via Chile is needed. However, you need a visa in order to transit Chile. This is also true to other countries who wish to book a plane ticket bound to Stanley. However, they need to avail of two visas: one for a transit to Chile, and another to enter Stanley. After doing such, you may be able to book a plane ticket to Stanley already.

Q. What are top destinations in Stanley?

A. Stanley, and the rest of Falkland Islands, offers a significant number of destinations which may attract tourists. Plan a trip in advance, book a plane ticket, and fly to Stanley in order to witness attractions such as the Christ Church Cathedral, Liberation Monument, and Philatelic Bureau. You may also buy an admission ticket to be able to enter historic attractions such as the Falkland Islands Museum, and the 1914 Battle of the Falklands Memorial. Environment junkies may also explore the Volunteer point for a view of a large colony of king penguins.

Stanley - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to RAF Mount Pleasant ・Piloto Civil Norberto Fernandez International Airport ・Presidente Carlos Ibañez del Campo International Airport ・Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Stanley

In order to avail of a ticket bound to Stanley, you may need to book a plane ticket from LATAM Chile, the only airline company that has plane tickets available for a Stanley trip. The scheduled trip usually flies to and from airports including those from Punta Arenas (Chile), Rio Gallegos (Argentina), and Santiago (Chile). A ticket for unscheduled trips may be availed via Hi Fly (for tourists from London), and FIGAS (for tourists from other settlements on the Falkland Islands.