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The flight time to Blackpool is approximately ---- hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Blackpool.


Blackpool, England is a resort town north west in Lancashire coast. Blackpool thrives on tourism. It is famous for its Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The beach offers a quick weekend getaway for Scottish and British tourists. Blackpool has a vintage amusement park and the Blackpool Tower. It's a tourist destination all-year round. Blackpool has a temperate maritime climate. So, it has cool summers and many overcast skies.

Voice of Travelers to Blackpool

Delta air ticket to Blackpool is more than worth it

Hi I am Luna May. I'm from the Philippines. I want to give a thumbs up to Delta Airlines. They provided me a very accommodating ticket and flight service. Their ticket selling system was very fast, efficient, and hassle-free. During the flight, I did not feel cramped and grumpy. The flight attendants were very attentive and polite. They were also quick to jump in and resolve any problem the passenger might have. I was comfortable the whole trip. Their in-flight food was great. Their entertainment system was up-to-date. I am very satisfied with Delta. I will be sure to book a ticket with them. I also recommend everyone to try and book their ticket with Delta. I'm sure they will find that flying with them is worth their money.

Excellent ticket and flight service to Blackpool, courtesy of Flybe

Hello my name is Amy from Australia. It's my first time to book a ticket flight to Europe. I booked my ticket to Blackpool with Flybe. It was a long connecting flight. Anyway, I want to commend the Flybe airline company. Their ticket and flight service was excellent, which I paid for a very reasonable price. Their ticket and communication system is very effective and efficient. I was comfortable and stress-free the whole duration of the flight. The flight crew made sure we are all comfortable and happy. I got hungry during the flight so I ordered food. Mind you, it was a few extra dollars, but it way more than worth it. The food was delicious. The price I paid for my ticket was worth it. I will suggest to everyone I know that they should try booking their air ticket with Flybe.

Best Blackpool Weekend Getaway

Hi, I am Belle form Ireland. My friends and I booked a ticket to Blackpool for a quick weekend getaway. I must say that I did love the place a lot. It has an old-school vibe to it. Blackpool's Pleasure Beach made me feel like I'm spending a summer day in the 90s. Especially, made complete by the vintage roller coaster. We enjoyed our stay so much. There was a lot of animal parks in there and they took care of those animals well. We would love to book a ticket back to Blackpool every weekend.

Blackpool Travel FAQs

What airlines offer ticket and direct flights to Blackpool?

Airlines that you can book a direct ticket from to Blackpool are Delta, American, FlyBE and British Airways.

When is the best time to book a ticket to Blackpool?

Blackpool is a year-round tourist destination. But, it is more famous during the summer in July. Thus, the best time to book your ticket to Blackpool would be in July. But, to avoid too much crowds, you can book your ticket between August-October. A tip: if you are looking into booking a better ticket deal, book your Blackpool ticket on a weekday.

I recently booked a ticket to Blackpool, what attractions can I see in Blackpool?

Blackpool is well-known for its Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The beach resort offers a vintage amusement park, complete with wooden roller coasters. Today, Blackpool is famous as a weekend getaway rather than a week long getaway. Other attractions to see in Blackpool are:
Blackpool Zoo,
Sandcastle Waterpark,
Blackpool Model Village and Gardens,
Sea Life Blackpool,
Farmer Parrs Animal World,
Genting Casino,
The Blackpool Tower Dungeon,
The Blackpool Tower,
The Regent,
and Comedy Carpet Blackpool.

Can you please recommend places to stay in Blackpool before I book an air ticket?

There are many places you can choose from in Blackpool, before you book your air ticket. Some of these hotels and inns are:
The Royal Alexandra Hotel,
The Royal Seabank,
Number One South Beach,
Number One St Luke's B&B,
Claremont Hotel,
Cliffs Hotel,
Sutcliffe Hotel,
Clifton Court Hotel,
The Argyll,
Viking Hotel,
The Beach House,
Ibis Styles,
Best Western Carlton Blackpool,
The Royal Carlton Hotel,
Sea-Cote Holiday Apartments,
Craig-y-Don Hotel,
and The Lawton.

Blackpool - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Blackpool Airport • Belfast International Airport (Ireland) etc.

Flight Routes to Blackpool

The Blackpool Airport is in the Flyde Coast of Lancashire, England. It used to be the Squires Gate Airport. It is the international hub for both local and foreign tourists. Some airline operators that offer a flight and ticket to Blackpool are: American Airlines, British Airways, FlyBE, and Delta Airlines.