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City CodeILY
Popular Airlines
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • British Airways
Flight Time7~14 hours

The flight time to Islay is approximately 7~14 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Islay.

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Islay is on the southernmost island of Southern Hebrides of Scotland (55 45N latitude and 06 16W longitudes). It has a population of 3228 people a census carried out on 2011. Islay covers the land areas of 600km2. Islay lies along Bute and Argyll neighboring the Northern Ireland, Kintyre peninsula and the Isle of Jura. Islay is also called the Queen of the Hebrides the five-star holiday destination with 8 working whisky distilleries, amazing wildlife and stunning scenery of the island.

Voice of Travelers to Islay

First class Experience

The first class experience with Flybe from Oban to Islay was exceptional. There were some slight delays, but the captain explained and made sure we arrived on time. The cabin crew was very professional, warm and friendly. They had great choices of drinks and food available but quite expensive. As we were waiting for the passport control, people were complimenting how the seats were very comfortable. The return flight was no different, and we arrived at the airport 30 minutes early. I would fly Flybe again and recommend them.

Meal service surprisingly good

I flew from London to Islay in an A319 then connected with Loganair Airline flight. It was my first time with Loganair flight. The check in was quick, and the process of ticket confirmation was great without delays. I booked the business class where the cabin was clean with plenty seating available. The cabin crew was very efficient and pleasant. They offered us with surprising meal services for the whole flight. The main course was roasted chicken, and chocolate cheesecake accompanies by Champaign. Overall the trip was good.

Islay Travel FAQs

Q. What are the activities to do on Islay?

A. The list of activities to do on Islay is extensive including visiting the eight whiskey distilleries, boat trips, fantastic beaches, magnificent caves, coastal walks outstanding wildlife, impressive heritage and spectacular waterfalls. Islay is the gateway to Jura where you can enjoy whiskey tasting. The museum of Islay life in port Charlotte that houses around 2000 museum items.

Q. Can I still fly if I lost my ticket?

A. If you have lost your ticket prior to departure time you can contact the booking agency to reissue a new one. However most airline today offer electronic ticket which are generated online. If you lose the ticket you can present your ID at the check-in counter to confirm the details of the ticket. Some airline don't issue a replacement ticket unless you convince them why. An electronic ticket is an entry in the computer system, you don't need to print out the ticket. But, it is important to ease the identification process at the check-in counter.

Q. How will I receive my ticket to Islay?

A. Choose the airline of your choice to make your trip. Visit their website and select the flight, the total amount for each passenger will be displayed based on the adult, child and infant fares. Make the reservation to get your ticket. The reservation will be confirmed by the airline and an electronic ticket will be sent through your registered email within 24 hours. You can print the ticket and present it at the airport check-in counter. Always retain a printed copy of the ticket throughout your flight.

Q. Can my ticket be refunded?

A. Depending on the airline service and the fare type, some tickets are refundable with a deductible charge, and some are non-refundable. However, if you want to change the name of the passenger on the ticket, this can only be allowed on applicable name change fee. Some airline doesn't allow the transfer of one ticket to another passenger. You can get a refund on your ticket by confirming the cancellation conditions. Always check with the rules applicable to your booking.

Islay - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Islay Airport ・Glasgow Airport ・Colonsay Airport ・Oban Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Islay

Islay Airport has daily flights from Glasgow to Islay, Oban to Islay, and Colonsay to Islay. Flybe airline recently launched new routes from Islay to Manchester, Islay - Lyon and Chambery. Hebridean Air Service offers regular flights to Oban, Tiree and Colonsay in the inner Hebrides. The top flight routes are London to Islay, Paris to Islay, Orlando to Islay, Brisbane to Islay, Islay to Los Angeles, Islay to Atlanta, New York to Islay Dubai to Islay, Sydney to Islay Las Vegas to Islay, Islay to Dublin.