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City CodeKOI
Popular Airlines
  • British Airways
Flight Time9~14 hours

The flight time to Kirkwall is approximately 9~14 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Kirkwall.


Kirkwall is one of the major cities of the Orkney Islands of Scotland. It also happens to the capital city of Orkney Islands. With a population of 9000 residents Kirkwall is a well establish commercial hub. There are many historical and ancient buildings in the city that describes the architectural richness of Kirkwall. The annual event of the town that compels thousands of tourists to visit Kirkwall is Ba Game. Kirkwall is a basically divide into two parts and each part of the town forma team to play Ba Game. Kirkwall is also home to the Orkney Library and archive and has an incredible collection of books. The place has inspired many artistic compositions including the character of Groundskeeper Willie in The Simpsons.

Voice of Travelers to Kirkwall

A business trip to Kirkwall I will never forget

Hi, I am Cody and I live in Edenburgh. I am business analyst and thus move one place to another helping people with their businesses. Recently I was called by one of the major businessman of Kirkwall to offer him some advice. He booked me a business class flight ticket and I had the best time travelling to Kirkwall. His representatives were there in the airport to attend me and I was escorted to my hotel, the next two days was dedicated to work. On my third day in the city I got a chance to visit the city and I was completely mesmerized to see the richness of Kirkwall. It was only then that I decided to buy a ticket for me and my family to fly to Kirkwall and get a dig into the history of this incredible place. My wife loved the idea of buying a ticket to Kirkwall I we had wonderful time here.

Kirkwall is my second home

Hi, I am Jessica from Inverness. I am an art student and to support my studies I work with a business firm as a marketing associate. I got this job in Kirkwall last summer. At first I was skeptical to join the firm because I have to relocate to an entirely new city which was a little overwhelming. But, my daddy helped me out; He bought me a ticket to Kirkwall and flew with me to ensure I do not get homesick. As soon as I was settled my dad bought himself a return ticket and left for Inverness. I must accept that the city is amazing and the people here are warm and friendly. I have faced no problem in this new city so far/. In fact people come forward to help me in arranging things for my new house. I love being in Kirkwall.

Kirkwall Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best time to visit Kirkwall?

A. The best time to Visit Kirkwall is during the months of July to September. During these months the city experiences spring and thus is at its best. You can visit the local gardens and explore the beautiful places in the city. You can also buy a ticket to Kirkwall during the month of December & January. This is the time when the city celebrated Ba Game, one of the most awaited events of the year. It is celebrated on the eve of Christmas and New Year. Book your ticket in advance as this time of the year brings heavy tourist rush to Kirkwall.

Q. How can I avail a discount on my ticket?

A. There are two major airlines offering a ticket to the airline that connects Kirkwall with the rest of the world. If you are looking to secure some discount on your ticket price, you must book your ticket in advance, preferably in the off season. During off seasons the airlines lower their ticket prices. It is the best time to plan a trip and buy ticket in discounted price. The ticket can be bought on the physical ticket counters or on any ticket selling website.

Q. What are the major places to visit in Kirkwall?

A. Kirkwall has many historic and cultural places that you must see. Many people buy a ticket to Kirkwall just to explore its historical richness. The main places that you must visit in Kirkwall include St. Magnus Cathedral, Earl’s Palace, The Orkney Museum, and Orkney Wireless Museum. Cuween Hill Chambered Cairn, Tor ness, Rennibister Earth House, Wideford Hill Cairn, and more. Most of these places can be visited without a ticket however for some you may have to buy a ticket to entry.

Kirkwall - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Kirkwall Airport • Sumburgh Airport • Inverness Airport • Bergen Airport, Flesland • Aberdeen Airport • Glasgow Airport • Edinburgh Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Kirkwall

Kirkwall Airport is a huge airport that connects Kirkwall with rest of the world. There are many air routes that take you to Kirkwall and several flights offer a ticket to complete your journey to Kirkwall. You can complete your journey to Kirkwall by buying a ticket of any of these airlines including Flybe, Loganair, etc is recommended that you buy a ticket to Kirkwall in advance in order to avoid last minute rush. You can purchase a ticket from the ticket counter of these airlines or buy it from their online site.