Khanarovsk : Explore the Blissful Modern and Classic Architectural City

Khanarovsk : Explore the Blissful Modern and Classic Architectural City

The city of Khanarovsk is the largest city in the country that is situated on the banks of the Amur River in the southeastern part of the country. There are number of museums that not only give an insight about the rich culture and history but displays number of natural history items like precious stones. It is slightly an offbeat destination but has number of hidden gems to explore and experience. The ice sculptures, vibrant nightlife, amazing landscapes, riverside setting and boulevards with pretty tsarist era buildings make the soul of the city. Here are ten amazing places to visit in Khanarovsk:

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Khanarovsk : Explore the Blissful Modern and Classic Architectural City

1. Spaso-Transfiguation Cathedral

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The cathedral is one of the prominent and iconic landmarks of the city that overlooks the Amur River and stands at a height of around 96 meters tall. The church was built in 2001 to 2004 and reflects the exquisite Konstantin Thon’s work. The façade of the church is decorated with four golden colored gilded domes. The church looks more like straight out of fairytale with its beautiful architecture. It is the third largest church in Russia that gives stunning view of the river. There is a small chapel present on the left of the cathedral.

2. Muravyov Amursky Park

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The park is a great place to enjoy the sounds of nature and relax. It is a beautiful park spread across acres of land and is full of trees, flowers and grounds. The park is built centrally overlooking the Amur River and is named after Eastern Siberian Governor who contributed largely to the expansion of Russia in 19th century. The park has a 16 ft large bronze statue of the governor and has number of events and shows. There is a stage for orchestra and summerhouse for wind bank performance.

3. Khabarovsk Regional Museum

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The regional museum is the trail of history and events that gives an overview of Russian and Soviet history. The red-brick building was built in the year 1894 and the galleries take you into the intriguing past and history. The regional museum has number of audio snippets, pictures, periodic furnishing and film clips that gives a taste of the past. The museum is divided into number of section where it includes clothing, carvings and artwork. The new building has more of fascinating things that is dedicated to the Amur River.

4. Memorial of the Eternal Fire

It is a war memorial that is located opposite to Cathedral of the Transfiguration and gives stunning views of the Amur Views. It is a memorial and tribute to all the soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for the country. This reminds of all the sacrifices the soldiers made for keeping Russia united and as a country that is strong. The memorial is a good place to spend some time and is one the iconic landmarks, perfect for paying a tribute to the brave hearts.

5. North Park

The North Park is one of the popular parks among the university students and is always a place of commotion and hustle. It is also known as Severny Park and is around 5 to 7 km from city center and it has been restored and expanded for better enjoyment. The park also houses an international celebration hall for organizing and celebrating different events. The best thing is it is located very close to even the Church of Saint Seraphim of Sarov which is definitely worth a visit. It is a perfect place for outing with family and kids.

6. Amur Cliff

The cliff gives outstanding view of the river. The place is of historical significance and geographically surrounded by verdant nature. The cliff was majorly used by Russians previously to explore the Eastern part of the country and is sort of the border between Russia and China. The cliff also overlooks the Siberian railways and bridge over the Amur River which is around 1.6 km in distance. It offers idyllic view of the hills, river and the overall surrounding.

7. Temple of Seraphim Sarovsky

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The temple is one of the most stunning architecture with hues of white and golden domes. The elegant and beautiful temple is something that one must not miss while on their trip to the city. The church is located in the North Park and reflects modern architecture topped with a golden dome. The roofs of the temple are golden which adds contrast to the building. The interiors of the church is simple and classic and there are number of wood statue around the church.

8. Grado-Khabarovsk Cathedral of the Assumption

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The church is an example of excellence of architecture that is reflected through its stunning design and baroque appearance. It is perched on a hill that overlooks the Amur River and the view around it is elegant and breathtaking. The cathedral is walking distance from Lenin square where the church is mix of white and contrast of brick red. The domes are golden that is topped by the electric blue layers of roof. The combination of the color and the interiors make the church absolutely stunning and gorgeous.

9. Church of St. Innocent of Irkutsk

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It is the oldest temple of the city and is around a century old. The church was initially destroyed by the communists and it was restored and rebuilt many times. The church is a mix orange and grey bricks that makes the design aesthetically pleasing and appealing. The green roof on the church makes it stunning that is amplified by five numbers of small golden domes with small crosses. It is a quaint church that breathes it beauty through the lanes of history and through its stunning architecture.


The city of Khabarovsk is known for its gorgeous architectures and buildings on the banks of the Amur cliff. It is indeed one of the most stunning places to explore if you love history and landscapes as it is perfect mix of everything that appeals to the eye.